B&B Tuesday Update 11/14/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/14/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy cries in Eric’s guest house. She thinks about the situation with Liam in her head. She gets a call from Liam and ignores it.

Liam leaves her a message. He needs her to come home or just call him back. He is so sorry. Liam loves Steffy. He only loves Steffy. She has to know that.

Wyatt tells Bill as soon as the zoning commission gives their final approval they will be good to go. They can break ground. They will get a huge tax break because they are going green. Plus, they get to implement both helicopter pads, the pool, and the gym with wall to wall mirrors. Wyatt calls for Bill’s attention. He is talking about his sky scrapper and he isn’t even listening. Bill is just thinking about Liam. Wyatt finds it ironic that Liam and Sally’s protest is bringing in so many problems.

Coco still cannot believe that Sally and Liam made out. Sally cannot let her tell anyone. Coco won’t. She does wonder if Liam has told Steffy if it really matters. Coco wants to know what happens if they cannot work through this. Sally cannot even go there. They are husband and wife. They made vows. She doesn’t want their relationship to be ruined because of her. Sally is not doing this. Coco is not saying that she wants this to happen but this could open the door for her and Liam.

Liam sits down in his living room. He looks at his phone and throws it on the table. He remembers telling Steffy that he wants to work through this. Steffy told him that he disgusts her.

Wyatt knows that Steffy brought him and Liam together once. She will do it again. Bill hopes she is right. Bill calls Steffy. She picks up. Bill wonders how their choir boy is doing. Steffy thinks he should ask him. She is not in the mood to talk. Bill wonders if something happened with Liam. Steffy got into a fight with him. She doesn’t want to go through this. She doesn’t want to talk right now. Wyatt asks what she said. Bill says that Steffy and Liam got into a fight. He doesn’t know where she is but he is going to find her. Bill leaves

Coco knows she is not wishing for Liam’s marriage to fall apart. Sally will feel horrible if they did break up. Coco wants to imagine being married to Liam. Sally imagines walking into Liam’s house saying she is home. Liam kisses her asking how work was. Sally thinks that it was another successful day at work because of Liam. Liam thinks that is all on her. Sally was able to hire all her successful friends. Liam has always believed in her. Sally thinks that Liam is running Spencer now. Liam thinks it is because she believes in him. Sally thinks that his dedication and support means so much. Now he is her husband. She could not be more thankful for that. Now they are looking out on those waves on the beach. Sally never imagined she would live here with him. A man with such warmth and integrity. Liam doesn’t think she is bad. Sally can be bad. The two kiss… Coco thinks she would be so happy. Sally cannot be happy when Liam is going through such a difficult time.

Someone knocks on Liam’s door. He assumes that it is Steffy. It is Wyatt. He wanted to come by and check on him. He wonders what Liam did. Liam doesn’t want to talk about it. He can tell that Liam did something. He wonders if it has to do with Sally. Wyatt knows something happened. He wants to know what Liam was thinking.

Steffy sits on the couch and someone knocks on the door. Bill tells her to open up. He knows she is in here. He is not leaving. Steffy opens up. He was worried about her. He thought he would find her here.

Coco can see that she is worried. She suggests calling Liam. Sally thinks that they need time to deal with this. She doesn’t want to make this worse for them. Coco grabs Sally’s phone and calls Liam. She hands the phone to Sally. Sally was just calling to make sure that everything was alright. Liam told Steffy everything and she got upset and is pretty upset. Liam doesn’t think he should get into it right now. Sally understands. She is sorry. She should let him go. She hangs up.

Wyatt guesses he is taking calls from Sally now. Liam doesn’t know. Wyatt wonders what happens if Steffy walks in. Liam hopes she does. Liam couldn’t just let things happen. Wyatt doesn’t think there is anything he can do to fix things right now. Liam cannot lose Steffy.

Steffy just wants to be alone. Bill wonder what happened. Bill doesn’t like taking about his feelings either but she got him to open up. He wants to return the favor. Steffy doesn’t think that there is anything he can do. Bill doesn’t think they will ever know if she doesn’t tell him. Bill wants her to remember that they are friends. He wonders if Liam did something to hurt her. Steffy admits that Sally was spending to much time with Liam. She wonders about her and their marriage. Bill thought that Liam was into Sally. Bill asks if that is true…

Sally wants to know what she was thinking. Coco is sorry. She didn’t want her to be miserable all night. Sally says that Steffy left. She doesn’t know if it was for good. She could tell Liam was heartbroken.

Liam thinks that Steffy is the best thing in his life. He is neglecting her. He put Sally first. He wants to know how he could do that. Liam was blinded by justice that he didn’t listen. Liam never let it stop him. Liam had to be about the cause. It isn’t even like helping Sally is bad. Liam just lost perspective. The greatest thing to happen to him was suffering and slipping through his fingers. He didn’t even see it. Liam wants to know how he could let this happen. Steffy could forgive him any minute now. Wyatt guesses. She will come back and give him another shot. She loves him. Nothing is going to keep them apart.

Bill asks about Liam and Sally. Steffy says it was when they were trapped. She said she loves him and then kissed him. Steffy explains he kissed her back and didn’t stop. Bill thinks she deserves more. Liam should be treating her like a queen. Steffy knows he wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t have feelings for her. Bill thinks that he put Sally ahead of everyone else. Steffy wants to know how Liam could do this to her. Bill sits down next to Steffy. He hugs her. Bill thinks she deserves so much better.

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