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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/13/17


Written by Anthony

Liam is so sorry. He knows it is impossible to understand. Steffy doesn’t get it. Liam thought they were about to die. Steffy asks why he didn’t scream for help. Liam knows she can be angry but he does love her. Liam begs for forgiveness.

Sally wonders if Coco thinks any less of her because of what happened with Liam. Sally couldn’t exactly shout it from the rooftops. Coco cannot believe she told him and they kissed. If it were any other man they could put this behind them but Liam is his truthful and moral self. Sally imagines this is going to end badly for Liam.

Bill tells Wyatt that he saw Steffy earlier. She still thinks that he and Liam can rise above all that has happened. Wyatt knows it will keep her busy. Bill honestly thought they were done. Bill knows they have been through the toughest times and it makes him a believer as well. Wyatt doesn’t think that he and Liam can hug this out like it didn’t happen. He and Liam have been at serious odds with each other for such a long time. Steffy cannot fix all this. Bill thinks if Liam had stayed away things would be fine. Liam had to have a sit in. He had to do it. Bill thinks that Liam should have stayed out of it instead of falling for Sally.

Sally was just grateful for Liam’s lifeline. CJ wanted an easy out after the fire so he sold to Spencer. Liam felt so bad that he gifted the building to her. That is when she started to fall for him. She has never felt like that ever.

Liam is so sorry. If he had to do it again… Steffy asks if Sally says she loves him. She wonders if he told her he doesn’t. Steffy knows he didn’t do that. That is when they started kissing each other. Liam admits he kissed her back. Liam has never stopped loving her. Steffy doesn’t know what to believe in anymore. She knows he loves her but he has feelings for Sally too.

Bill feels the best thing to happen to Liam is for Sally to leave town. Wyatt wonders about him and Liam. Bill guesses that Steffy can salvage their relationship. They were hugging each other. Wyatt is glad he had witnessed it. Bill cannot believe Liam had to throw this all away again for Sally.

Coco thinks that Liam giving Sally the Spectra building is huge. He cares about her. Sally knows he is an amazing friend. His loyalty is like nothing she has ever had before. Sally has strong feelings for Liam. Coco doesn’t want her to pretend with her. She is clearly in love with Liam.

Liam has feelings for Steffy. He just made a mistake. Steffy reminds him that he kissed her. Liam knows he made a mistake. It was a life or death moment. Steffy doesn’t think that makes things ok. Liam knows there is no excuse. It is just what happened. Bill is the only reason they were under the rubble in the first place. He wanted to comfort her. Steffy wants to know about her. She wants to know if he even spared a thought for her. Liam doesn’t even understand what happened. He just loves her and wants a future with her. Liam just wants them to be together. Steffy always counted on him to not betray her. She is second to Sally Spectra her worst enemy.

Bill thought it was the worst moment of his life to realize Liam was in the building. Wyatt reminds him that Liam is fine. He thought they would be closer but instead he wants nothing to do with him. Steffy tells him to be patient but he hasn’t been wrong so far. The lengths Steffy will go to save his relationship. She is incredible.

Sally has never been more scared in all her life. Sally remembers being knocked out and the Liam calling her name. Sally remembers it being dark and the water was dripping. She could smell the dust and smoke. She thought she was going to hell. Then she knew she was alive. She hurt everywhere and was panicking. She was talked out of her fears by Liam like how she is talented and a fighter. Sally was honest that she loved him. He didn’t say anything. Not with words. That is when she kissed him and he kissed back. She forgot about dying. There was a moment and she was in it. Now they are back to reality and she just wants to get past this. Coco assumes that she wants them to be ok. Coco knows if Steffy forgives Liam that Sally will not be allowed anywhere near Liam. She may never see him again.

Liam feels that Steffy is second to no one. Steffy remembers competing with Hope and nothing was ever good enough. Hope won every time up until she left for Paris. She could deal with that because Hope is a decent human being. Sally is not. She told Liam to stop fighting for Sally. Apparently her feelings don’t matter to her. Liam thinks that Sally was a victim. Steffy cannot believe he is still trying to help her. Liam promises he never was in love with her. Steffy knows he has Sally. Liam thinks she is acting like he was having an affair. Steffy wonders how long he has been unhappy with her. Liam let one moment get away from him. Steffy knows he is in denial. She wonders if he is going to buy her another building. Liam will put an end to it. Steffy knows that Sally has been his passion and cause. He should just go and be with her.

Sally knows that Liam will be kept away from her and she will feel terribly. She knows she will not get to see him ever again. Steffy is who Liam wants to be with. She is willing to pay for Liam to be happy.

Bill thinks that Steffy never judged him. He wants to know why Liam is putting all his time and effort to Sally instead of his incredible wife.

Steffy knows that Liam has spent all his time with Sally. He should be spending his time with Sally instead of her. She isn’t an underdog. She doesn’t need saving. Sally is out there all confused. She needs his help. Liam knows he got to involved. The man who she married would be screaming her name. The thought of all this disgusts her. He should be tender with her not someone else. She cannot believe he cheapened what they had. Liam knows he screwed up. He knows that. He wants to fix it and he can change. Steffy thinks there will be a lot changes. Until she believes he is ready to do that she needs time. She loves him but she doesn’t deserve this. She has been nothing but loyal. Steffy needs time to think if she wants to be with him. He needs time to think as well. Liam wants to work through this. Steffy never thought she would say this but he disgusts her. She grabs her purse and leaves. Steffy walks outside unable to breathe.

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