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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/10/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy thinks that Bill has a chance to pull his family back together. She wants to help him. Bill doesn’t think he wants him in his life. Steffy knows that Liam will come around. She can count on his sense of loyalty and commitment.

Liam cannot lie to his wife. Sally doesn’t think that Steffy will understand this. She doesn’t understand how afraid they were. Liam has to tell his wife he kissed her.

Wyatt and Katie kiss in Bill’s office. Katie thinks that kissing her in Bill’s office is a little risky. Wyatt tells her he is at home. Katie was afraid that Bill would push people to their edge. Wyatt wants to know why Brooke couldn’t forgive him. Katie knows he needed to have his tower. No matter what the cost was. Wyatt knows Liam doesn’t want anything to deal with him. Wyatt wonders if Bill thought this was all worth it. He is going to do everything he can to help him through this. He doesn’t want Bill to think no one likes him. Katie realizes that Wyatt has always felt second best to Liam but Bill does rely on Wyatt. Wyatt does have similar view points on things with Bill. Katie wonders if things would change for him if Bill found out about them.

Steffy reminds Bill that he has Will and Wyatt. Bill knows that Wyatt has always be loyal to him. Steffy doesn’t think that loyalty means anything to putting the family together again. Bill shouldn’t have to say it but he wants her to hear it. He never intended to hurt him. Steffy knows. Bill feels that sometimes Steffy understands him more than he could ask for.

Sally points out that Steffy is happy that her husband is safe. Liam is not though. He will not be until he is honest about what happened at Spectra. Liam doesn’t think it was just a kiss. Sally knows she said she loved him. She will not say sorry for that. He is insisting upon the truth. He needs to be honest though. Steffy hates her. If he tells her then she could end up hating him too. Liam has to tell the truth. He has to actually adhere to his principles. This cannot be a secret. Steffy has too know what happened between them and she has to know all of it.

Wyatt guesses that Bill has been on edge but he is not going to throw out what they have, and watch Bill go crazy. Katie thinks that Bill doesn’t go crazy but gets even. Wyatt guesses that Spectra has shown him how to react. Katie knows he is in Bill’s corner. He has earned it. Katie suggests they put this on hold or end it. Wyatt asks if this is what she really wants. Katie wants him to have what he wants. He has made her an equal here at the company. Wyatt knows that is all important to him but so is Katie. He will respect and support him but he is not going to give up on what he has. Bill walks in. He wants to know what the hell this is.

Coco walks back into their apartment. She wonders where Liam is. Sally mentions he left. Coco wonders if everything is ok. Sally promises they are fine. He just wanted to talk about everything that happened and she thought it was best to not discuss it. Liam wants to get things out in the open. She doubts it is a good thing though. Coco knows she is worried about something. She knows that look. Sally is just concerned about Liam. They kissed.

Liam shows back up at his house. He tells Steffy they need to talk. There is something he needs her to understand. He needs to say this right. Steffy gets it. He can take his time. Steffy knows this is hard for him. Steffy wants him to know that she saw his father. Liam wishes she wouldn’t do that. Steffy cannot cut him off. She is determined to bring peace to this family. He needs to realize that Liam has value to this family. It is a trait she loves most about him. She wonders what is on Liam’s mind. Liam thinks that there is something important she needs to know.

Bill wants to know if Wyatt touched any of his stuff. Wyatt says no. Bill wonders what Katie is doing here. Katie wanted to check to see if he was ok. Katie is concerned about him because she thinks he has been through something horrific and she is sorry. Bill thanks her. Bill saw Brooke. He got Liam to forgive him. He thought that Brooke would be next in line. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam forgave him for long. Liam found out that his forgiveness didn’t extend to his red headed pet project. Katie doesn’t think that Sally is to blame for any of this.

Coco is shocked that Sally and Liam kissed. Sally kissed him after the explosion. It was dark and they couldn’t move. She thought they were going to die. Things kept inching closer and closer. Liam was lying next to her. She thought this was it. She wasn’t thinking about right or wrong. She kissed him and he kissed her back. Nothing else mattered. She told him she loves him. Coco knows it was just the fear. Sally really does feel that way but she doesn’t want to ruin his marriage. Coco doesn’t think she can tell anyone else. Sally guesses Liam has to be honest with her. He is telling her right now.

Steffy knows something is wrong. He didn’t sleep last night. She thought she lost him. Liam promises she will never lose him. What happened at Spectra, they were he took on Sally’s cause because Bill was bullying Sally. He has to show him he wasn’t going to back down. He feels like he is nothing if he doesn’t live how he thinks he has to. Liam tells her the building came down and they thought it was over. They thought they were going to die. Sally said some things she doesn’t think Sally would say in any other context. She said she loved him and then kissed him.

Bill guesses Liam was going to risk his life for that woman. Bill wasn’t going to do it if Liam was in it. Liam doesn’t want to hear it. It doesn’t matter to him. He only wants to talk about Sally. Steffy told him to stay out of the building. Sally had to be protected though. Bill has to wonder… Steffy is a proud woman.

Steffy is shocked Sally kissed him. Liam says it was a tense moment. Steffy guesses she said she loved him. Liam thought it was an emotional moment. Steffy wonders if it was a goodbye kiss. She wants to know what kind of a kiss it was. Liam wanted to be honest about exactly what happened. Steffy guesses he let her kiss him. She wants to know what he did after. Liam kissed her again. Steffy cannot believe he kissed her back. Steffy knows everyone warned her. He thought he was going to die and was making out with Sally. She cannot believe this. Liam knows she is shocked and hurt. He made vows to her. He screwed things up. He didn’t want to lie to her. Liam is so sorry. Liam loves her. Liam loves her so much. He loves her more than anything. He just needs her to understand what it was doing to them. Liam needs to be forgiven. He needs that from her. He begs her to do it. He asks if she can do that for him.

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