B&B Wednesday Update 11/8/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/8/17


Written By Anthony

Liam is standing next to Sally in the hospital. The doctor comes in and asks if they had Liam on the other side of the privacy curtain. Sally promises it is ok. Anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Liam. Liam thinks that the same goes for him. The doctor tells them that Sally is insanely lucky. There is a crowed waiting outside for the good news. Sally is not sure how to be alive now. Liam suggests staying away from fallen concrete. Sally means going back to the lives they had. Liam thinks about kissing Sally passionately. Steffy walks in asking what the doctor said. Liam tells Steffy he is all good.

In the waiting room, Saul wonders if the patients really want to see Bill. Shirley suggests Bill blow the place up if they don’t. Bill was told they were out of the building. Shirley knows it is never Bill’s fault for anything.

At Forrester, Brooke cannot believe that Liam and Sally were in the building. Katie tells her that Bill didn’t know this. Katie is sure that Bill is devastated. She wonders if she should go and check on Bill. Brooke assumes he is at the hospital. Katie is not sure how long he will be there. Brooke wonders how she figured out this. Katie says that she was at the office and Wyatt told her. Brooke wants to know why Bill needs to have things right away.

Bill hopes that none of them never has to know the fear of knowing that they might have caused the death of killing their own child. He thinks if he was a heartless killer, then Brooke wouldn’t have married him. Coco thought he wasn’t married to Brooke anymore. Bill explains that his people have found a new place for Spectra to operate. It will work for them. Saul doesn’t think that anything is more compact than their current location. Bill will cover the relocation cost and pay their first years rent. Shirley thinks he can buy off everyone, but he cannot buy off them. They do not want his help.

Steffy is crying with delight that he has no injuries. Steffy asks about Sally. Sally is the same. Steffy is just glad they are both alive. Bill walks in. He just spoke with the doctor. He wanted to see for himself they were alright. Liam doesn’t think any of this is alright.

Katie says that Wyatt thought that things were better for Liam and Bill. Brooke wonders if she heard all of this from Wyatt. Katie has. Brooke guesses Wyatt must really trust him. Brooke thinks that is a good thing. She knows Katie is on Bill’s side. Brooke feels the same way.

Bill assumed that Shirley got the same news. She is out there with her friends and Coco. Liam doesn’t think the concept of other people is a thing for Bill. Bill thought they were out of the building. Liam thinks they would have known had the checked. Steffy thinks all that matters is they are ok. Bill wants to help Sally. He thinks he found the perfect location. He thinks that Sally has her team and can be put back together. Sally doesn’t think it can. Spectra has owned the building for generations. It is where they had their family reunions, where her aunt gave motivational speeches, and where they were measured for Christmas presents. She can accept he didn’t want to kill her. Just her future and past. Steffy just wishes that he saw Bill’s face when they went inside the building. Liam has seen this before. He has fallen for it a million times. Liam suggests he keep setting fires and blowing things up. Liam thinks he almost killed them. He can go home and say that he tried. Bill suggests they pick up this conversation when they cool off. Liam will not. Bill leaves.

Shirley asks the nurse if Sally can go home. The nurse says that she already has a prior visit to the hospital so they don’t need anymore information. The doctor is writing her discharge right now. Saul asks if Shirley tried the fake credit card thing again. Shirley explains that Bill took care of the bill. Shirley wants to take Sally home. Saul thinks he should have been there with Sally. Sally thinks he has the hands of an artist. She didn’t want them getting crushed. Saul is just glad she had someone with her even if it wasn’t him. He kisses her on the head. Sally thinks about kissing Liam.

Liam and Steffy walk into their house. He wants to know how come he couldn’t drive. Steffy thought that he said his leg hurt. Liam assumes if it was her in the building he would have had the same reaction. Steffy wouldn’t be in that situation. Liam can only hope. Steffy wouldn’t have put herself in that kind of a problem. Liam thinks he is Sally’s problem. He swore that the Spectra building belonged to Sally, and she cannot pay the banks back now. He has some responsibility to make amends. Steffy doesn’t think he has to do anything. Steffy doesn’t think what Bill did was personal. Liam thinks it is personal when it is all directed at one person. Steffy just hopes he doesn’t have to see the terror Bill went through when he found out he was still inside the building.

Brooke finds Bill in his living room. She asks if he is ok and if Liam is ok. Bill says that things are fine but they are not good between them. Brooke would imagine not. She wanted to make sure things were ok. Brooke is shocked he blew up a building with Liam in it. Bill was told the building was empty. Brooke assumes Bill did this for honor and not a tantrum. Bill got that. Bill thinks before the sit in and everything, Liam forgave him. They forgave each other. They had a clean slate. Bill wants to know why he and Brooke cannot have a clean slate. Bill loves Brooke and it will never change. Brooke doesn’t think love is their problem. Bill has accomplished some extraordinary things in his life. Brooke thinks that leads a violent life. Bill has never been cruel to her. Brooke has seen how he treats Liam and speaks to him. Bill thinks that Liam doesn’t see the world how it is. He doesn’t know better. Brooke feels that Liam is a gentle and compassionate young man. Bill has done a great effort to see that. Liam almost killed himself. He ran back into a building that was set to implode. Brooke thinks that way to many accidents happen around him. She doesn’t know if they are that accidental. Bill thinks that Brooke has no understanding what he has been through. Brooke feels if he lived his life with a little more compassion he wouldn’t feel cheated. Brooke was going to honor her vows for the rest of her life. She says goodbye to Bill.

Steffy thinks this day is dead to her. She is ready for bed. Liam wants to know why she is mad at him. Steffy was scared to death. Liam asks if she thinks that there are people worth fighting for. Steffy thinks that there are people like Sally and people like Liam. Liam asks what people those are. Steffy doesn’t think he has discovered it yet. People who use others. They have to fix themselves. Liam thinks they have more than their fair Share of criminals. Steffy has dealt with enough of Sally. She does wonder if Liam has a thing for Sally. He needs to get off this marry go round with Sally. She is just glad that Liam is ok. Liam once again thinks about kissing Sally. The two hug each other on the couch.

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