B&B Tuesday Update 11/7/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/7/17


Written by Anthony

Liam and Sally continue to be stuck under the unstable structure of the remains of Spectra.

Shirley wonders if Justin sees anything. She knows that Bill and Steffy are still inside. Darlita starts punching Justin. He murdered them. Shirley doesn’t know what she will do if she doesn’t see Sally again.

Bill and Steffy call after Liam and Sally. Steffy is coughing. The building starts to collapse a little near them. Bill moves Steffy away. He has her. Steffy finds a body under the rubble.

Wyatt is on the phone at Spencer. He would assume that someone has to know something. He hears the rescue team is there. He feels that is something. He needs to be called when they have an update. Katie cannot believe this. She is freaking out. Justin texts Wyatt to stay at Spencer. He will update them soon. Wyatt screams that Allison get the fire cheer on the phone. He wants answers now.

Shirley wants to know how Bill could blow up the building with Sally and Liam inside. Justin explains they didn’t know they were still in there. Darlita says that they didn’t want to give up. Shirley guesses it didn’t matter to Bill. She wants to know who does that to his own son and her grand daughter.

Bill moves a cinderblock to reveal it is only a wig stand. Steffy thinks they have to find the two of them.

Sally wakes u again. Liam starts to wake up as well. He tells her not to move. Something could come down on them. They start to scream for help. He asks if anyone can hear them. Sally wonders if anyone knows they are in here. Liam has to assume Bill wouldn’t have blown up the building with them in here.

Bill and Steffy start to hear Sally and Liam’s voices. They run to find them.

Sally thinks they might not make it out of here. Liam promises they will make it out. Sally wants him to know that if they don’t that she loves him. He is the best thing to ever happen to her. She doesn’t regret any of it. Bill and Steffy scream for them. Liam says they are over here.

Wyatt is shocked that Bill and Steffy are in the building. Justin explains that they are in what is left of it. Katie thinks that this is to dangerous. Justin doesn’t think any army could stop them. Justin says that the Spectra crew is all here and threatening to take Bill’s head off. Wyatt thinks this is insane. Justin tells him that Katie is right. No one should be in the building. Wyatt is coming down.

Saul wants to know what they do if she doesn’t make it. Shirley knows she is coming out. Justin tells Wyatt that he cannot come down. He realizes that he wants to come down but he is more affective there. If word gets out that they have a situation here, and Liam is inside then this will look bad for the family. Wyatt can do this all down there. Justin thinks that Wyatt needs to there if anything happens. If anything caves in then Bill is going to count on him to handle things. Darlita wants to know why they ran back into the building. Shirley is sure that Sally will make it out. They will all see. Otherwise, Bill Spencer will pay.

Liam and Sally scream for help. Bill and Steffy are coming for them. Steffy trips. Liam tells them they are trapped. Steffy finds them and she starts crying. Bill tries to move the rock on them but Liam says that if it moves then they might die. Bill tries to move it. Bill tells them they have a rescue team close by. He is going to get them over. Bill pages that they have found them.

One of the rescue team members tell Justin and the others they have to move back. Darlita says they are family. Justin tells him they will move back. The member tells them that they are doing their best. They get a page that they found them. They need help they are trapped.

Wyatt looks out the window as he takes a drink. Wyatt thinks that Liam needs to make it through this. He cannot lose Liam right now. Katie wants Wyatt to have faith. Wyatt is trying. He guesses it is all they have now. If something happens… Katie doesn’t want him to think like that. Wyatt gets a call from Justin. They found them and they are alive. Wyatt wants to talk to them. Justin says they are trapped. It is hell in there.

Sally begs to be gotten out of here because she cannot feel her legs very much. Bill wonders if he can feel anything at all. Liam cannot feel anything below his waist. Bill promises to get them out Liam wants Sally to get out first. Bill tries to move something. Liam says that if the beam is moved then they all die. Steffy helps Sally get out and she is freed from the rumble. Steffy grabs hold of Liam next. He tells them to stop. It is going to take more than two of them. They are really wedged in. The crew show up. The beam starts to move.

Wyatt tells Justin to let him know when they have more news. Wyatt guesses they pulled Sally out. Katie wonders about Liam. Wyatt guesses it is more complicated. He is still stuck. They are all with him but he doesn’t know for how long. They may have to get out. The rubble can only hold for so long.

Shirley says Coco is beside herself. She will let her know when they hear anything. One of the crew tells them that Sally was pulled out. She hugs him. Justin wants to know about Liam. He is still trapped. The pile of rubble is so instead that it will collapse on itself. They are working as fast as they can.

Bill promises that they will get Liam. Liam wants them to get out. Steffy is not leaving them. Bill tells Liam they are going to die together if they have to. Bill manages to move the rock and drag Liam out. They get out of the way before the beam crashed them. He asks if everyone is alright. Steffy hugs Liam. Liam and Sally look at one another. Bill can tell in his eyes what is going on.

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