B&B Monday Update 11/6/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/6/17


Written by Anthony

Bill blows up the Spectra building as soon as Steffy shows up. He starts screaming no. Steffy asks what is wrong. Justin walks over. Bill wants to know if Liam was out of the building. Justin doesn’t know. Steffy realizes what is going on and cries.

Inside, of the Spectra building Liam is trapped under much rubble.

In Bill’s office, Wyatt sits in Bill’s chair. Katie can see that everyone is getting along. Him and Liam. Wyatt guesses more or less. Wyatt does have to admit that their sense of unity will fall apart when Bill finds out about them. Katie doesn’t know. Wyatt likes to see himself as the future of the company. Liam is to busy putting on his cape and saving kittens. Katie guesses he has a hero complex.

Steffy demands to know where her husband is. Justin doesn’t know. Bill thought that Justin gave the all clear. Justin was trying to call him. The crew thought that no one was in the building. Steffy asks why they didn’t double check. The crew thought that there was no one supposed to be in the building. Steffy wonders if they know what they have all done. Saul, Darlita, and Shirley march over. Saul screams they hardly made it out of there. Shirley wants her granddaughter. Shirley bangs on Bill’s chest that he killed them. Bill is going in. The crew cannot promise his safety. Bill doesn’t give a damn. His son is in there. Steffy is coming with him.

Liam moves around under the rubble. He coughs. He looks around and calls for Sally. He is able to stand up. He finds Sally under more rubble.

Bill crawls around in the rubble. He tells Steffy to be careful. They call out for Liam and Sally. They both continue to do so. No one says anything. Steffy is coughing. She says she is ok. The head of the crew calls for them. Bill says he is coming. He told him that he is not going to stop him. The crew gives him a hard hate and flash light. Bill hands Steffy one. Steffy suggests they split up. Bill doesn’t want to lose her. They will find them.

Liam is coughing and begging for Sally to wake up. She wakes up. She cannot feel her legs. She cannot move. Liam cannot move either. Liam thinks that they are lucky. They are alive right now. If this slab moves then they will die. They scream for help. The slab starts to move.

Katie feels that it is really dangerous to lock yourself into a building with explosives. A lot can go wrong. Wyatt says that is what is freaking Steffy out. Wyatt gets a text. It is from Justin. Wyatt says that Liam is still in the building. Katie guesses he must really want to save the building. Wyatt tells her that the building was brought down with Liam and Sally still in it.

The rescue team shows up. Shirley and Darlita point to where they went in.

Bill calls for Sally. Steffy calls for Liam. They find a picture of Sally the first in the rubble. The rescue crew tell them to get out. Bill is not leaving until they find his son. They give Steffy a mask to help breathe.

Liam feels they are in shock. Sally doesn’t think anything about this is normal. Liam thinks that Sally has this. They are fighters. Sally has to believe they are getting out. She has to be the woman she has always been. Sally will be a fighter to the end. Liam has faith. He is glad he stood up to his dad. He might not see how unique she is but she does. She will and she will make sure of it. He sees it even if Bill doesn’t.

Katie doesn’t think this can be right. Bill would never do this if he knew they were in the building. Wyatt says he didn’t know they were in the building. He thought they were safe. Katie cannot believe this. Wyatt holds Katie.

Saul finds Darlita and Shirley. Darlita promises that Sally is alive and Spectra will be too. Saul doesn’t think that there is a Spectra without Sally. Darlita thinks Sally will tell them what to do. She needs her to be ok. She believed in her when no one else did. Shirley knows that Sally will be ok. She knows they need her to be. She is a Spectra and Spectra’s never give up.

Bill and Steffy call for Liam and Sally. Steffy asks what happens if Liam is… Bill will not let her say it. Steffy screams his name.

Rubble starts to drop on Liam and Sally. They scream for help. Sally thanks him for being with her right now. Liam is sure plenty of guys would love to trade places with him. He gets to spend the day under concrete. That is cool. Sally thought she could take on Spectra and win. Liam thinks she did win no matter how this ends. Liam asks if he thinks his dad can go forward with this project now. Bill is not going to go out of this looking like a hero. Sally thinks Liam is a hero to her. To all of the Spectra’s. She thought she knew what it was to be a good person. She thought she knew what love was. She guesses it goes deeper. She is not hitting on him. This is about kindness and dedication and all he has done for their cause. He was willing to die for her. She wishes she could tell him what he has shown her. She wants to be a good person if she somehow gets out. Words cannot express how much she appreciates him and what he has come to mean to her. Maybe they can though. Sally loves Liam. In an innocent way for all he has done. She will never meet anyone like him ever again. She gives Liam a kiss. The two start kissing more passionately. The plank starts to unravel more.

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