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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/3/17


Written by Anthony

Darlita doesn’t like this. She suggests that maybe they should leave. Saul agrees that if Bill wants to demolish the building then he doesn’t think the sit in will stop them. Shirley doesn’t think he would kill them with Liam right here. Sally asks if he knows what Bill is capable of. Liam does but he doesn’t think that Bill would kill them.

Bill cannot believe this sit in. He asks why they cannot protest something that matters. Bill offered to relocate Sally and her band of idiots. He will not be stopped. The building is going to to be demoed today.

Steffy believes that Liam is putting his life at risk. Wyatt thinks that this is ridicules. Steffy doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

Bill states that Liam is on his last nerve. He loves his son. Part of him admires him. He is a Boy Scout rooting for the underdog. Liam knows how important this is to him. Justin feels it is misplaced devotion to Sally Spectra. Bill thinks that sooner or later it is going to come back to bite him in the ass.

Steffy is not sure how much more of this she can take. Wyatt suggests she try him again and maybe he will pick up. Liam picks his phone up. Liam is here now. The place is already wired with explosives so it is really fun. He is fighting for a cause Steffy begs him not to do this. Liam wishes she felt a little more supportive. Steffy demands he get out. Liam promises that everything will be just fine. He hangs up.

Liam looks at Sally and she smiles.

Steffy feels that Liam is risking his relationship with Bill and maybe his life all for Sally. Wyatt wants to know how long he plans to do this demo thing. Steffy guesses as long as it takes. Steffy thinks that the building is wired with explosives. Wyatt thinks that Bill is trying to call Liam’s bluff. They are both trying to see who will back down first. Steffy is afraid about this. Wyatt points out that this is his son. Bill will not put Liam’s life in jeopardy. Wyatt thinks they will all have a good laugh about this at Thanksgiving. Steffy wishes she had his attitude on this. Wyatt knows they will get this taken care of.

The demo crew wonder if they need to forget this. Bill tells them no. They are doing this today.

Liam gets a phone call. It is Bill. Bill asks if they can work this out. Liam says sure but Spectra stays where it is at or no deal. Bill has offered to relocate them at a much better building. Liam is not going to let him do something bad to their building. Bill points out the building is falling apart. Liam thinks there is history here. It is a legacy. They are staying. If he is determined to bring down the building, he better be prepared to do it with him inside. Sally assumes he is not backing down. Liam says they aren’t either. Sally wants her to stay calm. Darlita loves them but there is still a whole bunch of things she wants to do. Saul thinks if he is going to die today then he needs to delete his internet search history. Sally doesn’t think they are going to die. Liam feels they can leave at any time. He is going to stay. He believes in what they are doing. He wants to make this point peacefully. Greed and power have limits. This is their history. He will be damned if he sees it turned into a graveyard. Sally tells them they can leave if they are scared. She is more scared of what will happen if they don’t stand up to Bill. She is staying until the end.

Steffy asks what happens if one of the explosives accidentally goes off. Wyatt doesn’t think it is going to happen. If it did then it wouldn’t do much damage. Steffy doesn’t know what to do. Wyatt knows her. She is going to worry. Steffy thought Liam and Bill were finally getting along. Wyatt thinks that Bill has been considering this building part of his family. Steffy has a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

They can get the police over here. Bill thinks that there has to be a better way to do this. Justin thinks they need to get Liam out safely. The crew suggest they could get started on the warehouse. Bill tells them to blow it up. No one will get hurt but it will be enough to scare them out of the building. Bill wants Justin to let them know when they come running out of the building.

Darlita starts eating her frozen food. Shirley thinks it is quiet. Sally doesn’t think it is time to give up. Darlita assumes they did it. Saul thinks that Spectra survives again. Shirley tells Darlita to break out the box of white cinnamon dough. They are going to have them a party. An explosion starts. Liam says that it is over. The building is still standing. Saul thinks they need to go outside. Liam thinks they were trying to scare them. Saul, Shirley, and Darlita run out. Sally tells her aunt she is sorry. She did what she could. They realize the power is out and run for the stairs. Sally thinks about her aunt and when she first walked back into the office. When she met Saul. When she used the loud speaker. Their first show. Shirley demands Sally get moving right now. Liam suggests they go. Sally and Liam leave.

Bill doesn’t think it will be long now.

Justin watches as they run out of the building. Justin gets on his phone. He says they are coming out now. Justin says that Liam and Sally just ran out as well. Justin tells them they are good to go. Bill tells them to do it.

Liam doesn’t want to leave. Someone has to stand up to Bill. Sally will come back in with him. Liam tells him to go. Sally will not let him do this alone. Liam doesn’t tell her no. They both run back into the building.

Saul asks where Sally and Liam are. Shirley thinks they are still in there. Saul says they cannot go back. Justin’s orders where Liam is.

The crew tell Bill to put the earmuffs on.

Justin tries to get Bill to pick up.

The crew let Bill press the button. Steffy walks in as he is about to do it. Bill presses it. Spectra blows up.

Justin is crying as he watches. Shirley, Saul, and Darlita drop to the floor.

Bill thanks the crew Bill gets a text. He sees that Liam and Sally were still in the building. He screams no.

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