B&B Thursday Update 11/2/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/2/17


Written by Anthony

Liam tells Steffy in her office that he is doing it. It is the right thing to do. Steffy feels it is over the top and ridicules. Liam believes that when someone without the resources gets wronged you help them. Steffy will not let Liam do it. Bill is demolishing the building today. Liam doesn’t think that it will if he is with them.

Bill asks the wrecking company if they are ready. The man says that the explosives are loaded. The building is ready to go. They will make sure that the building is ready to go right before. It will fall on the east side of the property. Bill wants them to demo the building so hard there is nothing left but dust and memories. Bill feels that Skye is going up and nothing is going to stop her.

Sally, Saul, Darlita, and Shirley all walk into their office. Sally knows her family has a history of sneaking into places. She just never thought it would be her own office. Darlita asks what they did with all their stuff. Saul guesses Bill moved fast. Sally still cannot believe Liam agreed to do this with them. With Liam by their side, there is a chance Bill might change his mind.

Steffy is concerned about Liam. She wants to know how Liam could tell Sally about the fire. Liam didn’t exactly tell her. She figured it out. Steffy feels he could have denied it. Liam was not going to deny it for Bill. Steffy wonders if he knows that Sally has a picture of him in her office. Liam feels that is Shirley being silly. It is supposed to be like a wall of fame or something. Steffy thinks that Sally has a crush on him. Liam has his principles. He knows Bill doesn’t change. Not this time though. He has a way to stop Bill. Liam kisses her goodbye. Steffy begs him not to leave her.

Saul sees that everything is gone. He guesses they are really going through with this. Sally doesn’t want them to feel obligated. They could be arrested. Saul doesn’t think they are going to leave her. Darlita will sit as long as it takes. Sally feels they are the best. It may be a long shot but maybe this will work.

Wyatt goes into Steffy’s office. He was with Katie. He wonders if she has seen him around. Steffy has not. Wyatt thinks she seems down. Wyatt assumes she heard about Bill’s plans and Liam is not happy. Steffy thinks that Liam is to involved and reckless.

Justin assumes it feels good with nothing standing in Bill’s way. Liam walks in. He would like to talk to Bill about the Spectra building. Bill will hear what he has to say. Liam thinks they know he can find a better solution to this. He is begging him not to destroy their building.

Steffy doesn’t think that Liam is involved with Sally on an emotional level. It is just the length he has gone to. It is inappropriate. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam can save Spectra. Steffy explains that Liam has formed a sit in. Wyatt cannot believe he convinced those people to stay in a building about to be blown up. Steffy says that Liam is joining them.

Sally reminds them that they are going to be sitting around live explosives. Shirley feels it reminds her of the sixties. They are peaceful protesters. Saul thinks they are in it for the duration. Sally never wants to know what they would do without them. The recking crew walk in. They inform Sally they need to get out now. They are demolishing the building today. Sally thinks she is looking forward to the show. They are not leaving.

Liam understands how much this building means to Bill. He can have his skyscraper. Just give it a year. Give Sally that much. A year is nothing to Bill. Bill doesn’t think he has listened to him at all. Bill has been more than generous. Bill will move Sally. Liam thinks this is about family legacy. Liam wants Sally to have her building. Bill thinks Sally can design anywhere. The location belongs to Skye. Bill will sweeten the pot again. They will give Sally all their support. He will have Jarret write a glowing article. They will do whatever they can. Bill will put it in writing. Bill thinks the subject is closed. Skye is going to overlook all of LA from that location. Liam tried to reason with him. He would be in prison if anyone found out what he did. Liam guesses he can do whatever he needs to do but he is going to take him down with it. The Spectra’s are staging a sit in and he will be joining them. Bill starts laughing.

The recking crew doesn’t think they understand what is going on. Darlita says they are having a sit down. Saul tells her it is a sit in. Sally tells them they are not leaving. Shirley says hell no they won’t go. Darlita even brought frozen dinners. Shirley asks why she brought frozen food. Darlita thought it would last longer. The recking crew says that Bill wants the building gone by the end of the day. Sally is not going anywhere.

Wyatt cannot believe Liam is staging a sit in. Steffy wants to support Liam but he is taking things way to far.

Bill asks if Liam is going to tattoo a peace sign on his ass while he is at it. He asks if he is living in a tie warp. Liam thinks that people do this all the time. Bill assumes he is the oppresser. Liam thinks he is. Bill hasn’t always been king of the mountain. There were sharks trying to eat him alive. He better believe no one showed him any mercy. He will do it for Sally. He is because he hears Liam. Bill doesn’t owe her that much. Liam asks what he expects him to do right now. He wants him to know what he is supposed to do. Bill wants him to remember who he is. Bill feels they are loyal to one another. Liam asks what he expects. Liam doesn’t agree with that. He never has. Liam doesn’t want to be at war with Bill. Bill thinks they should be past this. Bill wants him to stop putting so much focus on Spectra. Skye will bring them legacy. Liam will not let him destroy Sally anymore. This is not fair. Liam will be in the building today standing up for what is right. Bill doesn’t think there is anything he can do to stop them. Liam guesses he will have to blow him up as well. Liam leaves.

Outside the Spectra building. Justin asks if Bill has any word yet. The building can blow up any minute. They can celebrate. He should be happy. Bill would like to enjoy it but road blocks keep getting in his way. Liam had the brilliant idea to stage a sit in. Bleeding hart son is in there.

Steffy loves Liam. He is kind and generous. Those are wonderful qualities. Sally though he has done way to much. He is taking part in a sit in. It is his idea. He is doing this for her. For Sally Spectra.

Darlita wonders what they do when they make them leave. Shirley wants them to hold their ground for as long as they can. If they try to carry them out then so be it. Saul wonders where Liam is. Sally has no texts. Darlita doesn’t think that Liam will abandon them. Liam shows up. Liam says they are just checking explosives outside. Liam told Bill what they are doing. Sally doesn’t think that Bill would blow up the building with Liam inside.

Bill wants to show Liam they mean business. He wants the power cut.

The power goes out. Darlita wonders what just happened. Liam thinks Bill just cut the power. Darlita doesn’t like this so much. Sally thinks they are giving them a message. Sally doesn’t believe Bill would blow them up. Sally doesn’t think Bill would hurt them. He asks what they do.

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