B&B Tuesday Update 10/31/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/31/17


Written by Anthony

Bill wants the three of them working together side by side. It isn’t a Spectra property. It is his. Spencer Publications owns the building that Sally occupies. Wyatt points out that Bill will relocate Sally. She will come back from this. The tower is going to be built regardless. Liam asks what will happen if he doesn’t.

Sally is working in her office. Saul and Darlita walk in wearing costumes. Saul asks what she thinks. Darlita likes them. Saul means Sally. Sally thinks they are adorable. Saul knows there is a lot of work to do but they made Sally a costume too. Darlita tells her to close her eyes. She needs to take off her blouse. Darlita tells Saul to turn around. Darlita tells Saul to turn around. She asks who is the scariest burnet she knows. Sally asks if they want her to go as Steffy for Halloween. Darlita puts a tiara on her head. She needs to open her eyes. She is dressed a princess. Steffy walks in. She thinks they are all festive. Sally says Happy Halloween. Steffy has to admit that the two of them look good. Sally says they were just trying things on. Sally wants them to get back to work and they will go to the party later. Steffy can see they have made progress since the last time she is here. Sally thinks that she has impressed her. Steffy feels that a fashion house is more than a house. She needs inspiring designs. Sally is not showing her designs. Steffy wants to know when the relaunch is happening. Sally is not sure. They are moving along a lot sooner than they thought. Sally really admires Liam for this. Sally admits she knows about the fire. She knows that Liam must have told her about it already.

Liam thinks it sounds like a threat. Bill doesn’t think anyone is threatening anyone. Bill is open to compromise. Liam doesn’t think that relocating Spectra is that easy. Relocating would just be another huge disruption. Wyatt begs Liam to work with Bill. Liam is but so is Sally. She plans to pay back every cent. That means the property is an investment not a gift. They could go in business with Spectra. That building is not coming down.

Steffy asks if Sally really has known about the fire and kept her mouth shut. Sally has ever since she stumbled upon the truth. Steffy asks how you stumble upon something like that. Liam didn’t want his father going to jail. Steffy wants to know how she found out. Sally claims he figured it out. Liam is the most honest man she has ever met. She heard that Bill is back at Spencer. Steffy bets she heard it from Liam. Sally asks if she has a problem with that. Steffy has an issue with someone who steals and uses people to get ahead. Sally feels that sounds like Bill. Steffy doesn’t condone what he has done. It was wrong. So much of what she has done is wrong too. Sally appreciates what he has done for her. Steffy wants to know why she has a picture of Liam on her wall.

Bill asks Liam if he has any idea how much time and effort has already gone into the property. He has had to finesse the property. Sally has to throw three sewing machines into a back of a van and she is on her way. Liam asks if what Bill said actually meant anything to him. Bill thinks he knows it did. Liam thinks that what is important is he is using power and money again someone with no defense. He knows he wants to be a more passionate person. Bill does. He is not delaying this any longer. Liam wonders if this is what learning from him is. He has Wyatt. Justin walks in. Liam tells him to say what he has to say. Justin just spoke to the demo team. They can have Spectra flattened whenever they are ready.

Steffy demands to know what that is doing there. Sally claims that Shirley did it. Steffy asks shy. Sally says she did it out of respect. She was just goofing around. Steffy doesn’t want her to get any ideas. The only thing that can get between Bill and Liam is Sally. This is over now. She is not the underdog any longer. Sally thinks that this building would be duets if Liam didn’t rescue them. So excuse her for being grateful. Sally thinks she is married to an honest to goodness prince.

Justin says that they are waiting on the go head from Bill. Bill thinks they can talk later. Justin leaves. Liam isn’t shocked he has a demo crew on standby. Bill will also give Sally a team to pack up all her junk. That is a good compromise. Liam doesn’t think he is hearing him. Liam thinks that the building is the heart and soul of Spectra. Bill feels that Spectra has been a bottom feeding rip off shop. Liam thinks that Sally was changing that. He asks if Bill really wants to take that away. Bill reminds him the building is his. She can produce the line anywhere. He picked his property for very specific reasons. He is sorry but Liam needs to learn to compromise.

Steffy agrees Liam is a prince but he is a prince to everyone. She knows it was hard for Sally after the fire. He got her back in the game. She knows that Sally wants what she has. Sally assumes she means money. Steffy believes someone special. Somethings will never happen. Liam is not going to spend more time with her. Sally asks if she is insecure. Steffy has no insecurity for her marriage. If she has more feelings than gratitude she is going to be disappointed. The photo needs to go and she needs to move on with her life. Sally looks at the photo as Steffy leaves.

Bill wants to know what it is going to be. Liam offers to go to Sally and give her one year in the current building to get Spectra back and running. After that they talk relocation. Then they will pay for the relocation. If it goes well they get a new building and then it is a win-win for everyone. This is the bare minimum. Bill wants to take a vote. Bill asks what Wyatt thinks. Liam has made huge moves here. He wants to know who they are if they cannot help Spectra. Bill asks who Wyatt supports. Wyatt has to support Bill. He knows what he is doing. Liam wants to take responsibility. He cannot believe this is happening right now. Bill tells Liam to go tell Sally she doesn’t own the building and then it is going down. There is nothing Liam can do to stop him. Liam will stop him.

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