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Written by Anthony

Liam thought they are all equals. Bill thinks they are Him, Liam, and Wyatt. Liam asks why it feels like he is out of the loop then because he clearly is. Bill points out he left the office and now he is back. This is what is going on. His building will be built. Liam guesses they can find a property for her. Bill already has a property. Skye will be built on the Spectra lot.

Shirley heard that Sally’s guardian angle left a while ago. She wants Sally to look at the invoices. Sally already did. She needs to just pay them. Shirley asks what happened to her boy. Sally tells her that Liam is not her boy. He just stopped by to give them some news. Bill is back at Spencer.

Brooke looks at Zende’s work. She thinks he has gotten better. Steffy agrees. It really had a European flair. Brooke assumes that he and Nicole are having a great time in Paris. Steffy assumes it must be pretty quiet at the house. Brooke thinks it has been difficult lately. Steffy thinks that she has two terrific men that love her. Brooke thinks almost as much as they love themselves. Steffy knows that Bill is hurting. Steffy would like to see Ridge and Brooke back together though. She asks if Brooke has made a decision.

Shirley is shocked the evil prince is back. She wonders what they do now. Sally tells her nothing has changed. Bill cannot touch them. They own the property. Shirley thinks he will find a way. Sally thinks that things will be fine. Shirley can tell she is crushing on Liam but he is married to Steffy. She wonders how long.

Steffy knows that Brooke is filing for divorce but she hasn’t yet. Brooke cannot stand by Bill after what he has done. Even though she loves him and probably always will. Brooke loves her son and has been a Forrester most her life. Steffy says that there is something she needs to know. Liam and Bill have forgiven each other.

Liam tells Bill that the building belongs to Sally. He signed it over to Sally and she has the deed now. Justin tells him that only Bill can sign things over. Spencer owns the building not Sally.

Sally doesn’t have a crush on Liam. He is a wonderful man who saw her through some difficult times. Liam helped her get past things. He is a friend and is trusting. Shirley thinks that she is speaking of him as more than a friend. Sally reminds her that Liam is married. Shirley feels that Sally needs Liam. Steffy will bounce back. Sally has no great love for Steffy but she isn’t a home wrecker. Shirley needs her to stop thinking of Steffy as anything other than a rival.

Steffy tells Brooke it was tense. Brooke can imagine. She asks what happened. Steffy says that Bill got someone to delete Liam’s recording and he was so upset. Then Bill approached Liam and they didn’t know what would happen. He hugged him just like that. It was a beautiful moment. They are working together with no blackmail. All three of them are running the company. Bill made the choice. It was important. Not as important as having Brooke back.

Liam thought they just came to an understanding. They signed documents and have this in writing. Bill meant every word he said. He is keeping a lot of his programs. Skye is not going anywhere though. Wyatt feels it is a compromise. Bill believes this is a monument to each of them. Liam asks what happens to Spectra. Bill thinks they can relocate. Wyatt doesn’t think it is the end of their company. Liam asks how Wyatt can be ok with this after all he did to Sally. He wonders if anyone cares about fairness and decency. Bill is working on it but gifting a prime piece of real estate. Sally didn’t earn that. Liam reminds him that he set her building on fire. That is how confident he was that she did earn it. He goes on and on about he built this empire but if someone had sabotaged him then no one would be here right now. He owes Sally and he will not let him do this.

Brooke sees that Steffy was instrumental in bring Bill and Liam together. She is impressed. She is also very grateful. Steffy had to stand in. Brooke thinks she should have done it since she is married to him. Steffy believes she is until she signs papers. Brooke feels that Bill is very stubborn. She hopes that there is peace between Bill and Liam that lasts.

Liam knew he shouldn’t have trusted Justin. Bill doesn’t think that Justin is the issue. He wants them as a family to focus on important issues. Liam asks like the skyscraper. Bill agrees. Liam thinks his love affair is obsessive. It is weird. Wyatt agrees that it is weird. Bill believes that this building will make them a major player in downtown real estate. They will be hiring hundred of people and increasing the business of many stores and restaurants. They will contribute to downtown LA. Liam doesn’t think it is important to the people they hurt. Bill will set aside some funds to relocate Sally. Bill meant what he said about Sally. Liam doesn’t think he has to do this. He can build it elsewhere. Liam mentions all these other places. Bill thinks that the perfect spot is on the Spectra site downtown. He promises years from now he will beam with pride. Liam is not letting him do this. He is not building it on the Spectra lot. Bill says that he and Wyatt are standing firm on this. Wyatt loves Liam but he only ran the company for a short time. Bill is completely right. He gifted a building that is way to much plus he knows how Steffy feels about her. Liam asks if this is how he is going to handle things from now on. Wyatt thinks it is a legacy. It should be impressive. Liam thinks that this is about ethics. Wyatt reminds him that this is an international business not a charity spot. Liam asks if majority really rules. Bill states it does. Liam is not letting him take Spectra Fashions down.

Brooke feels it is hard to imagine peace between Bill and his sons. Steffy seems to think that Bill has done growing. She has challenges with Liam due to Sally. Brooke thinks he looks to root for the underdog. Steffy feels he went to far this time. Steffy knows they are working together now and Sally’s influence is finally gone.

Sally asks what Shirley is doing. Shirley found a picture of Liam online. She pins it on the wall. She thinks that he deserves to be on the wall of fame. Sally admits Liam is the greatest man she has ever met. Shirley think she deserves it. She has met a kind and decent men who treats her with respect. Sally thinks he helped make her dreams come true. Sally knows the building is theirs and Spectra is back. It is all thanks to Liam.

Bill doesn’t want to fight with Liam. It is time for respect. Wyatt thinks that this is respect enough with keeping his programs. It is time for Liam to do the same. This building is his life’s work and he knows what is right for it. Liam thinks that he has admitted that he hurt Sally. Bill feels that Sally will thrive where she lands. Bill tells him he is fighting for a girl he doesn’t even know. He is standing in their way because he is obsessed with this pretty little redhead. Liam says she is a person and a human being. He is treated her with disrespect. Bill can agree with hat. He can learn from him. He has agreed to help relocate her. He thinks that there is a limit though. He is asking or demanding that as he has learned from him that Liam will learn from him. They need to accept this. Bill wants Liam to be part of this. He needs to be a part of this families history. They just got through a miserable time. He needs to accept this. Sally and her group are going on and this beautiful office is going up. They have to be smart about this. He needs to be done with Sally and be a Spencer.

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