B&B Friday Update 10/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/27/17


Written by Anthony

Bill sits in his chair. He thinks that Liam messed with it. Liam says that it kept throwing him back. Wyatt thinks that should be a lesson to him. Bill doesn’t think that there is any problem to him. It knows its owner. Bill says that Will is going to need a job here one day. Until, they go any further he wants to give Liam his sword back. He is sorry he yanked this off him. It would mean a lot to him to have it back. Liam says hello to his old friend. Bill guesses all is right in the world. Bill hands them both agreements. They are going to run Spencer together. Each, with their own contributions. They better get their own chairs though.

Ridge is shocked that Bill is running Spencer again. Steffy thought it was a special moment for him and Liam. Ridge wants to know why he hit him in the face though. Steffy thinks that he knows how families are. Steffy asks if there are two R’s in embarrassment. Ridge asks why she is asking that.

Shirley tells Sally that there is something from the title company. She thought they were done with them. Sally sees that they want them to refinance. The ink from their loan is not even dry yet. Shirley wants to know how they even got the loan. Her credit is horrible. Sally had the property as collateral. Shirley knows that CJ didn’t give her the property, so it must have been Liam. Shirley thinks that Liam is perfect for her. Sally asks for what. Shirley doesn’t want to get graphic. Shirley wonders if Liam made her give him a dollar so this building would be a sale and not a gift. Sally knows she would love it if she had a sugar daddy but he is married. Shirley thinks that when someone who is wonderful is married to someone awful they classify it as someone not yet divorced. Shirley asks how dumb she would have to be not to know who did this for them.

Ridge thinks that this letter is a little much. Steffy guesses he can write it then. Ridge thinks he is better at criticizing. Ridge asks why she is using the word units though. She sounds like her in laws. Steffy is Mrs. Spencer. She has been a good influence and Liam is working with Bill again. Ridge thinks that is good for Bill but not Liam.

Bill promises he is full of surprises. Liam wants to keep his programs in place. Bill says that the three of them will review all of them. They will keep what works and trash what doesn’t. Liam likes looking up to him. Liam has to go. He grabs his neck less on the way out. Bill is sorry to see that go. Wyatt has to say sorry. He felt like he got caught out he thought that he might have got a little angry. Bill doesn’t think they have to worry abut Liam anymore after today.

Ridge thinks that this company works because the employees are happy. He imagines that doesn’t happen over at Spencer. Steffy knows that Bill would tell everyone to stop whining where as Liam would give everyone a bonus. Ridge thinks she is starting to talk like Bill. Steffy thinks that Bill and Liam both have good points. Liam is stubborn and thinks he is right when he is not and extravagant all like his father. Ridge thinks he is kind unlike his father. Steffy doesn’t think Ridge would believe what Liam has given Sally.

Shirley thinks that Sally and Liam are in a relationship. Sally says no. He has been good to them but that is it. Sally thinks that Liam is kind and gentle and generous. She can appreciate someone without wanting anything from them. Liam walks in. Shirley says that Sally is being relentless. Sally doesn’t want him to believe anything she says. Liam has some news so she should hear it from him first. Liam says that Bill is back at Spencer. He, Wyatt, and him, are all going to run the company together. She shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Wyatt thought that Bill said it was going to be the three of them. Bill did. He would say or do anything to fix what he broke. All the days he spent by himself. Wyatt assumed he wanted time for himself. Bill thought that was what he wanted before he was married and without children. He cannot go back. The three of them are running Spencer together but, he asks how much he enjoyed taking marching orders from Liam. Wyatt felt like he wasn’t right for the job. Bill thinks they saw a side of Liam they didn’t need to see. Bill thinks that there is only one him. Liam’s issue is his goals. He wants to give money to everyone everywhere. This document is a system of checks and balances. If two is majority that means the two of them. That is as long as he can count on each other. Wyatt thinks that Bill put himself back in charge. Bill thinks in the right time. They are about to have a tall problem. Justin and Allison walk in with Skye the tower… Bill welcomes her home.

Ridge cannot believe that Liam would give Sally the Spectra building. It was worth millions. Steffy explains that Liam thought she deserved it. Liam gifting her with the building, flying her to see architects, she is worried about Liam. He is not the unfaithful type though. She knows Liam is a good guy. Maybe too good.

Liam doesn’t think that Sally looks reassured. Liam reminds her that it is still her building. He wants her to trust him. Sally thinks that he is the only one she does trust. Liam feels that she is going to be big.

Wyatt thought that Liam got rid of Skye. Allison had it moved for safe keeping. Bill thanks Allison. He wants all this stuff out of his office. Wyatt asks if this is the tall problem he was talking about. Wyatt asks where he is going to build the building. Liam paid out the wazoo for the building. Wyatt says that he gave Sally the deed. Bill will let Justin earn his money. Justin says that all things that Bill acquires is put inside a trust and only Bill can opportune it. Which means that Liam’s gift is invalid without his signature. Wyatt thought she already borrowed against it. Bill can finally give his Skye the home she deserves.

Ridge asks why the CFO insists on submitting things this way. Steffy will talk to him. Ridge will talk to him. He thinks that Steffy is being a peace maker. She did it with Phoebe, Thomas, and now the Spencer family.

Bill doesn’t want to turn this into something ugly. Bill did everything legit. Liam made the purchase so it is still their’s. Bill doesn’t want to flush a a purchase down the drain. Wyatt feels that Liam doesn’t know that this whole agreement keeps him in line. Bill thinks it keeps them all together. Bill wants to achieve together. He meant every word. If he could count on it, then he could see a bright future. He thinks that Skye is the limit. Liam is a bright guy but doesn’t have a business mind. Instead, together they can save his money and build a beautiful skyscraper. He asks if Wyatt is with him. Wyatt is in. Bill wants to be clear, he appreciates many of Liam’s qualities but he is going to have to deal with this; Spectra is going to have a quick fall. Liam walks back in and asks what is going on with Skye. Bill assumed he thought she was gone. Bill says that this is his office. Liam wants to know why Wyatt is looking at the floor. Liam demands to know what the hell is going on here.

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