B&B Thursday Update 10/26/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/26/17


Written by Anthony

Quinn is not leaving. Sheila is. Sheila wants Eric to tell her. Quinn assumes she thought she was moving in here and going to replace her. She is Mrs. Eric Forrester. She will be forever. Sheila wants Eric to say something about how he knows about her affair with Mateo. She begs him to say something. Mateo walks in. Sheila is glad he is here. She needs him to tell them how Quinn and him had sex. Sheila begs that he tell them the truth. Mateo told them the truth that she paid him to break up their marriage. Mateo admits he should never have agreed to it. He is so sorry. Sheila thinks that he doesn’t want to be honest because he doesn’t want to lose his job. He told her… Quinn made Mateo tell her that. They didn’t though and they never would. Quinn assumes she thinks she got her but she didn’t. She is the one who got played.

Wyatt admits that he spoke to Quinn. Katie cannot wait to hear what she had to say. Wyatt admits that she was not happy they were together. She was going to try and accept it. He also told her that she has to respect his boundaries. Katie is not going to keep her guard down anytime soon. Wyatt doesn’t think she even has to worry. Apparently, there is someone else that she dislikes even more than her. Katie asks who she has to thank for that. Wyatt explains it is Sheila. Katie thought she left town. Wyatt says she is very much still around and trying to destroy Quinn’s marriage.

Sheila guesses Eric knew all along. She was lead to believe they would have a future together. He was just playing her too. Eric thought that it was the only way to get it through to Sheila. She tricked him. He cannot believe she did something like this. She actually thought this would work. Eric is in love with Quinn and is in love with her more than any other woman he has ever been with in his life. She tried to manipulate them which proves she has not changed a bit. He wants Sheila out of his life and house. This is his wife. Someone she will never be again.

Katie guesses it makes sense that Sheila would do anything to get Eric back as hers. Wyatt guesses she went as far as paying Mateo to be with Quinn. Katie has to get her a massage therapist. Wyatt thinks that she already has one for free. Katie guesses they should stop talking then. They run up stairs.

Quinn wonders if Sheila really thought this would work. She could never hurt Eric like that. Sheila thinks that he deserves so much better than that. Eric cannot believe that Sheila would come up with this whole thing and drag Mateo into it as well. Mateo hopes that they can forgive him. He thought he was helping them. He should have known better. He cares about them and doesn’t want to lose his job. He tells Quinn he is sorry. Quinn tells Sheila that is what real regret looks like. Quinn will consider it. Eric tells tells Mateo to come back in a few minutes to put Quinn’s portrait back up. Sheila was looking out for him. Eric has given her chance after chance and she has proven him wrong time after time. She is the same person she was years ago. Quinn thinks he has been trying to get rid of her time and time again. Eric tried believing Sheila but she is the same woman she has always been. He wants her to leave right now.

Wyatt tells Katie that when he got into Bill’s office, Liam and him were hugging it out like best friends. Katie finds that interesting. Wyatt guesses they are a family again. Bill is running the company again but he doesn’t know what that means for him now. Wyatt gets a text that Bill is calling a meeting. He needs to be back at the office later. Katie thinks first thing is first. She walks out in heals and lingerie. Wyatt asks if she is a model. Katie begs him to stop saying that. He takes off his shirt.

Sheila knows he is angry but she had Eric’s best interest has heart. She guesses that Quinn proved her wrong. Quinn tells her to stop pretending to know her. She doesn’t and she cannot even pretend. Sheila is wrong and she is working on herself. Quinn is sick of hearing from Sheila. It is time she leaves and never come back. Sheila asks for a moment alone with Eric. Just one last time. Eric grants her wish. He says that it is alright. His eyes are wide open. Sheila put Quinn to the test and she passed. Quinn is a better woman than she is. She is committed to him and she does wish them the best. She cannot say sorry enough for her actions. She screwed up. What they were building though, it meant a lot to her. She thinks he is an incredible man. She was just hoping she could be a part of the family again. Eric says she was years ago. Sheila acted so shamefully. Sheila is working on being better. She came to LA to tell him that she loves him and she was hoping he could forgive her for her past. She never thought she would get stuck in all this mess. She never would have shot at Quinn. Even when they arrested her she was there. Sheila feels that being here today, shows how extraordinary he is. He truly deserves the best.

Katie feels they always have a good time. Wyatt thinks this is his favorite part. All the stuff leading up to it he can keep it or leave it. Wyatt and Katie kiss. Wyatt doesn’t want to leave her but he has the meeting with Bill. Katie suggests he come over after. Wyatt will. There is no place he would rather be than right here.

Sheila guesses it might be silly to say but she is hoping that one day she can be a part of this. She knows that it won’t happen. Eric begs her to move on with her life. He doesn’t think it can happen here in LA. He really does believe that. Sheila appreciates her honesty. Sheila is not ready to let him out of her heart. She needs him. His kindness. She commissioned the portrait hoping one day that it would hang above his fire place. She knows it didn’t mean anything to him. It meant everything to her though. She will always cherish the memory of the two of them together. Even with their short comings, she knows that there is still a part of him that still likes her. It will have to be enough for now. She will miss her husband. Her ex-husband. Sheila cries and walks out. Sheila looks back and smiles. Outside, she looks at the door. She turns around and Quinn is there. Quinn tells her to get the hell off her property. She had her fun and tried to ruin her life. It is never going to happen though. She will never be a Forrester. She never wants to see Sheila’s face again. She says goodbye forever. Quinn leaves. Sheila smiles and gives an evil laugh.

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