B&B Wednesday Update 10/25/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/25/17


Written By Anthony

Eric shows up to Sheila’s work and says he is here. He is doing this against his better judgement. If she is going to disparage his wife then she can. He will walk right out of here if she is. Sheila thinks he is going to thank her for this. She ran into Mateo. He has been seeing a woman. Eric thinks that is good for him. Sheila explains that it is Quinn. They are having an affair.

Wyatt reprimands Quinn for dragging Katie out of bed. Quinn admits that she could have shown a little bit more self-control. Wyatt thinks she could have. She cannot and will not do anything like that again. If she chooses not to approve of someone she needs to respect his boundaries. Quinn hears him. She doesn’t want to waste her time with him talking about disgusting Katie. She is already hearing it from Eric. She has Sheila trying to undermine her marriage.

Charlie walks into the design office and asks Pam if anyone is causing trouble like Sheila Carter. Pam is not sure. Pam cannot stop thinking about the talk she had with Sheila. Charlie asks if he should be worried. Pam thought she was a gal pal. Charlies doesn’t think there is anything pal about Sheila. This is one serious nut job. He is not telling her anything she doesn’t already know. She is charming and convincing. She is straight up crazy though.

Wyatt wonders if Quinn is really certain that Sheila is trying to ruin her marriage again. Quinn asks if he knows Mateo. Wyatt assumes she means her estate manager. Quinn explains he is also a license massage therapist. She found out that Mateo was helping out Sheila. He was trying to seduce her into betraying Eric.

Eric doesn’t think that Quinn would do that again to him. Sheila guesses some of the massages were not so innocent. Eric guesses that she really did speak to Mateo. He cannot believe that happened in his home on the table he bought them. Eric cannot hear anymore of this. Eric cannot believe this. First she betrays him with his son and then Mateo in his house. Sheila felt that he needed to know the truth. Eric didn’t know why it was so hard to believe that she was the one person who has been honest with him. The one person he could trust. Sheila feels that he can trust her always. Eric cannot believe he trusted Quinn again. She already showed him her true colors when he got with Ridge. This is to much. Sheila guesses that he sees the best in people and that is not a bad thing. Quinn instead of accepting the love of a wonderful man threw it all back in his face. Sheila doesn’t take pleasure in being right. Eric thinks that she is the only one who has been truthful to him. Sheila thinks that his eyes are open and that is all that matters. Eric sees the portrait of Quinn and it doesn’t deserve to be in Stephanie’s place of honor. That picture comes down today. He is better to be alone. Sheila says that she is here. Eric guesses that she has proven that over and over again. Sheila thinks this might sound a little strange but she has a portrait of herself. It is something she has always wanted. She guesses she thought why not. She feels it is pretty good if she says so herself. Eric tells her that Sheila’s portrait goes up today and Quinn’s goes down. Sheila wonders if he is serious. Eric is. It has been a long time coming. Sheila thinks it is so quickly. Eric doesn’t want her to be long. He leaves.

Wyatt cannot believe that Sheila paid Mateo money just to seduce her. Quinn guesses if you need money badly enough you will do just about anything to get it. Ever since Sheila came back to LA she has been actively trying to get back with Eric. It drives her crazy how much leeway he was giving her. Wyatt wonders if something is going on. Quinn is not going to let Sheila sabotage her marriage anymore. It is something that Sheila will never expect. She didn’t have to resort to desperate measures. She simply told Eric the truth. Wyatt wants to know what she is planning. Quinn feels that Sheila really under estimated her bond with Eric and Sheila is going to regret it a lot. Wyatt wants to know on a scale of one to ten how concerned they should be. Sheila is nuts. He thinks that Quinn is dealing with a nutcase. Quinn feels he is sweet to worry. Quinn is not handling Sheila. Eric is once and for all.

Sheila walks into the Forrester living room and Eric welcomes her into the house as Mrs. Forrester. Sheila is startled by being called this. Eric wants to call her the name from time to time to see if it still fits. Eric would like to see the portrait. First he wants to thank her for being so supportive. She is very special to him. Sheila thinks that it means a lot to her. Eric offers her a martini. Eric wonders if she still thinks so. She takes a sip. Sheila thinks that it is perfect. Eric toasts that what goes around comes around. He wants to see the portrait. Sheila unveils it. Sheila feels he is being quiet. Eric feels it is a wonderful likeness. He asks her to help him take the portrait of Quinn down.

Charlie asks how he stops Sheila Carter. One thing is for sure he has to get her before she sees it coming. Pam wonders if he has had some sort of contact with her that she is not aware of. Charlie feels the woman is everywhere. If she comes on all sweetness and light then she has served her purpose. If she does anything to harm her. Pam promises that nothing will happen to her. She just wishes that they could get back to normal. Charlie wants this era of Sheila to end.

Eric and Sheila admire her portrait above the mantle place. Sheila never dreamed this day would come. She has always loved and admired the Forrester family. She almost didn’t dare think it would happen and now it is. Eric wants to open up a bottle of champagne. Eric never wants her to forget she is getting everything she deserves. Sheila thinks he has made this the happiest day of her life. Sheila thinks she is home. She takes out her phone and takes photos of herself with the portrait. Quinn walks in. She asks what she is doing here. She tells Sheila to get out. Sheila informs her that she is the one who is leaving. Eric wants nothing to do with her. Sheila informs Quinn that Eric knows that she was unfaithful again. Quinn wants her to leave. Sheila informs her that her secret is out. She threw out the lottery ticket. She is going to take Quinn’s place and not disrespect and abuse him. She will be the new Mrs. Eric Forrester. It is time for her to leave. Quinn asks what the hell the portrait is. Quinn wants to know why she happens to have a portrait lying around. Quinn tells her she is not going anywhere not ever. She on the other hand can leave right now. The door is right there and she can use it. Eric walks back in. Sheila tells Eric that Quinn needs to leave. Sheila demands he say something. Quinn gives her a dirty look.

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