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Written by Anthony

Steffy notices that Liam didn’t say much on the drive home. Liam guesses that he is still shocked. He honestly thought that Bill would crush him. Steffy thought that too. Liam is shocked he forgave him instead. He opened up to him in a way that he has never done before all because of Steffy.

Eric sits down for lunch and the chef asks how his meal was. Eric thought the meatballs were fantastic. Sheila pours him some more water. Eric forgot she was working here. Sheila asks if he is shocked that she can hold down a job. Eric just forgot. It is a change of pace for her. Sheila thinks the work is solid. Eric is sure that she is doing a great job. Sheila wonders how he is doing. She does worry about Eric. Eric doesn’t think she has to worry. Sheila asks if Eric really thinks he can trust Quinn.

Quinn wants to know what Mateo is doing. Mateo will stop if she wants but he doesn’t have to. She is an attractive woman. No one else is around and they are all alone. Quinn knows they are and she wants him to stop. Mateo is sorry. Quinn cannot believe he would do this. Her husband promoted him because he trusted him and she trusted him. Quinn tells him to get out of here now.

Steffy believes that this was a hundred percent Bill. He reacted in a way that she never has seen before. Liam was shocked to see him that way. Steffy is sure he wishes he recorded that. Steffy asks if that was to soon. Liam just hopes he actually respects his choices. Liam just doesn’t want him to unravel all he has done at Spencer. Including, the Spectra fashion deal. He really thinks that Sally deserves a second chance.

Eric wants them to have a civil conversation. Sheila just worries about him. Eric doesn’t think she has to. Quinn is not keeping secrets. He has forgiven her for the past. Sheila knows not unconditionally. If Quinn should ever do anything again… Eric doesn’t want her doing this. He will not listen to her trashing his wife.

Quinn wants Mateo off her property. Eric and her hired her because they thought they could trust him. Mateo thinks it was a mistake. He didn’t mean anything by it. He asks if she can forgive him. Quinn cannot do that. He is fired.

Liam would like it if Steffy got where he was coming from. Steffy feels it has been such a good day that they don’t need to go there. Liam just hopes that Bill honors his deal with Sally. Steffy explains that Bill thinks he made that deal to spite him. Liam wonders if that is what she thinks. Steffy says it was wrong and they forgave each other. Steffy feels that Sally now has a multi-million dollar building. This was to much for her. She thinks that Liam has given her way to much.

The chef wants to tempt Eric with the house special dessert. Eric is stuffed. The chef guesses next time. Sheila should get back to work. Eric thinks that is a good idea. Sheila doesn’t want Quinn to come between them. Eric thinks that if she cannot be more respectful then there might not even be a place for them to have a conversation. Sheila wonders how he can even trust her after what she did with Ridge. Eric doesn’t think that it is her place to ask that. Sheila assumes that he has doubts. Eric doesn’t. Sheila asks if Quinn says that these things just happened and he trusted her. Quinn craves attention and will get it no matter what. Sheila is sorry but it is only a matter of time before she goes to another man.

Quinn doesn’t want to hear it. She wants him to go. Mateo claims it was a mistake. Quinn thinks his behavior crossed the line and he cannot work here anymore. Mateo thinks that this job is to good. Quinn loved having him here. He was a valuable employee. She loves her husband to much. She doesn’t know why he would do this. Mateo says it wasn’t his fault. Quinn didn’t provoke him. Mateo says that it wasn’t his idea. Quinn asks whose idea it was then. Mateo says that this lady offered him a lot of money but the money was so good. Quinn asks if someone really paid him to set her up. She needs to know her name. Mateo says it was Sheila.

Sheila doesn’t think that Eric can be sure of what Quinn is up to. Eric doesn’t think that she is up to anything. Sheila thinks that he wants to believe that but Quinn is not loyal. Eric is not going to listen to this. Sheila doesn’t want to hurt him but he needs to listen to this. Sheila wants him to ask what he really knows about this woman. She has a powerful position in his heart and home. He needs to ask if she is worthy of it.

Mateo says that Sheila would pay him to tempt her. She said that Quinn had done it before, with Ridge. Sheila came by here one day. She asked what he did and said they could help each other. She said that Eric deserved better and then offered to pay him. All he had to do is tempt her and it would be easy. Quinn is not about to throw her whole marriage away. Mateo is sorry. Sheila says that they were married before. She has a picture just like Quinn’s. Quinn asks if she has one of her. Mateo says of her. She wants to be his wife again. Quinn promises that Sheila will never be Eric’s wife ever again.

Liam didn’t get the building just to tick off Bill. Steffy feels that he knew it would. Liam still thinks it was the right thing to do. Steffy doesn’t think he can just give a way a building. Liam just wanted to do the right thing. Spencer owed Sally a building. Steffy doesn’t want him to get his hopes up. Bill doesn’t want to lose him but he is not going to change over night. Bill is never going to be like Liam. There is only one Liam in this world and he is all hers. The two start to kiss passionately. Liam lays on the bed and Steffy starts to undress. She gets on top of Liam and the two start to make love to one another. Liam thinks that Steffy knows that she likes him just the way he is. Steffy doesn’t know. She hardly recognize him when he was angry with Liam. Liam knows how annoyed she was trying to keep peace between him and Bill. Liam put her in an uncomfortable situation. Steffy knows that Ridge and Eric went through the same thing. They got through it though. Steffy wasn’t going to make them go through this. Steffy wasn’t going to make them go through that. Liam thinks she is an extraordinary woman. Marrying her was the most genius idea he has ever had. Steffy loves him. Liam loves her too.

Eric hopes she does well here but he wishes that she could be a bit more compassionate towards his wife. Sheila is not bad mouthing her. Eric thinks that she is questioning her commitment towards him. Sheila asks if she never brings up anything about her and Ridge. Sheila is sorry. She cares about Eric. Whatever, happens with Quinn he wants him to know that he is not alone. He can come to her as a friend. Sheila is here for him.

Mateo explains that Sheila said that Quinn couldn’t be faithful. Quinn cannot believe that he fell for it. Quinn asks if this was all a scam. Mateo is not a bad person. He values his job here and cares about her. Quinn believes him. If he has any chance of keeping his job here then he has to do something for her. He can help her.

Sheila gets a text message. Mateo says the job is done. Sheila assumes kissing. Mateo claims much more. Sheila thinks she has Quinn. Sheila smiles.

Quinn tells Mateo he did a good job. Quinn got Sheila.

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