B&B Monday Update 10/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/23/17


Written by Anthony

Bill understands Liam’s frustration. He is supposed to lead by example and he has failed with his obsessions to win. He has been driven to do things that no father ever should. He thinks that Liam exploited him though. Bill wants things to get better though. He wants to be more like Liam. He wants to be more sensitive to people. He lost his wife and son though and he wants his son back. Liam wants him back too. Steffy smiles.

Wyatt guesses he should call Allison and see if she has heard anything. Katie knows that Bill is not one for turning the other cheek. Wyatt doubts that Bill is going to let Liam off the hook. He might need to go over there to make sure nothing happens.

Mateo runs into the Forrester house while the smoke alarm is going off. Quinn doesn’t know what happened. She doesn’t think there is a fire because she doesn’t smell any smoke. She is trying to turn this off and it won’t turn off. Mateo will handle it for her.

Sheila is at work folding napkins. She thinks about having Mateo get the job done and promising to reward him very handsomely.

Mateo explains that he is having the alarm company come and fix the system. He was outside over seeing the sprinklers get installed. He is sorry for what he looks like right now. Mateo is grateful for him right now. Mateo wonders if there is anything else he can do. Quinn was going to take a nap. She hasn’t been sleeping very well. Every time she closes her eyes she sees the cougar with her son and it makes her sick. Mateo suggests another massage before her nap.

Wyatt suggests they call security. Katie wants him to entertain the idea that Bill might not react the way they think he will. Wyatt asks like forgive and forget. That is not Bill. Katie thinks it might have changed him a little bit.

Bill asks if Liam wants to be his son again. Liam could never not want to be his son. Liam is a Spencer. That is not going to change. Bill thinks they are family and shouldn’t be at war. Liam guesses they shouldn’t get out of hand. Bill promises not to. He thinks instead of a disagreement from now on they will do what is best for the company. Liam guesses he could have destroyed his whole life. Bill thinks it was tempting. Liam wonders why he didn’t. Bill says that Steffy got through to his big skull. He would be without his family. Bill will always be grateful to her for that. Liam will be as well. Bill cannot learn from Liam if he does not stay on at Spencer. Bill needs Liam as his right hand.

Quinn asks if he really wants to give her a massage. Mateo doesn’t mean to assume. He just thought she might need one. Quinn is worried. Quinn thanks him but she thinks she is just going to lay down. Mateo is always here for her. Quinn thanks him.

Wyatt wonders if Bill and Liam’s relationship will come back. Katie thinks it can happen. If two people love each other enough then it can happen. Wyatt guesses like her and Brooke. Katie is sure that people must think she is crazy that she talks to Brooke still but she is her sister. She loves Brooke. She cannot help it. Katie doesn’t want to live her life in anger. It turns you into something you don’t recognize. Katie will not live with the resentment. It took a lot of work. Hopefully, Bill and Liam will be able to let the dust settle. Wyatt asks what happens if Bill and Liam cannot move past this. Katie thinks that Wyatt cannot let that happen.

Bill will confess he felt hatred for his own son. Probably, a lot like the hatred his own father felt when he displeased him which was every day. He was reacting the same way that he would have. It took Steffy to help him see what he was doing and made him realize they could get through anything so long as they remembered the love and ties that make them Spencer’s. He appreciates the man Liam is. Maybe, some of his compassion could rub off here if he helps him. Liam could use Bill’s help too. Liam just didn’t expect this. He couldn’t see him as anything but a corrupt and narcissistic man. Liam can see these are not just words for Bill. He sees that he wants them to be father and son. Liam believes him and forgives him. He is sorry for this. He hugs Bull again. Steffy is crying.

Mateo gets out his phone and calls Sheila. Sheila thought he was supposed to keep her posted. Sheila asks if he is worried about Eric. Mateo explains that Eric is not here. She is still upset about her son and Katie. She is in her room. Sheila says he should go up and join her. Mateo doesn’t want to push this. Sheila thinks he needs to get this done.

Quinn is in her room and Mateo walks in. He says he might know the issue with the alarm. He just needs to check the access panel in her closet. Quinn cannot get comfortable. Mateo thinks that he could help. Quinn guesses she does need a massage. Quinn thanks him.

Bill thinks that this is all Steffy’s doing. Steffy admits there was time she didn’t know if they would come through. She thinks it is amazing that Bill and Liam forgave each other. She thinks what Liam did was wrong. She is happy that he knew it was wrong. Liam didn’t even want to be at odds with them. Liam thinks that Steffy wouldn’t accept this. She wouldn’t give up on Bill. Bill thinks she wouldn’t give up on their relationship. That made the difference. Wyatt walks in. He asks if things are ok in here. Liam says that things are ok. He forgave him. Bill says they forgave each other.

Mateo rubs Quinn’s back He starts to get lower. Quinn thinks the way he is touching her is very inappropriate. He asks if she wants him to stop.

Wyatt asks if he didn’t kick him out of here. Bill asks if that is what he wanted. Steffy asks whose side he is on. Wyatt is just walking in here. Bill wants too run Spencer with his boys at his side. Liam can be annoying but he is even worse. They have forgiven each other. There is one more person he needs to forgive him. He is not going to lose Brooke. Steffy will stay out of it. Wyatt wonders about the changes Liam made. Liam thinks the changes he made are really making a big change. Bill will review each of them with an open mind. Liam didn’t think this was possible. He didn’t think Bill was capable of it. Liam is still going to make him listen to him. Bill thinks they owe Steffy a tremendous debt of gratitude. Liam thinks that Bill is his dad and he is enjoying not being at odds with him right now. He wants to keep it right now. Bill says that they are back and going to burn this house down. Liam and Wyatt say no to that. Bill guesses that was to soon. Wyatt doesn’t think he can say things like that.

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