B&B Friday Update 10/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/20/17


Written by Anthony

Liam sighs at his desk. He take s a drink and throws it on the ground. He cannot find his trash can and then finds it. Liam gets on the phone and asks Allison if they hired a new cleaning crew. He sees they didn’t. That is really weird. Steffy walks in and asks if he is busy. Liam is really busy. Steffy will not take to much of his time then. Steffy asks if he is busy for his father. Steffy thinks that he really does want to make things right. He will meet him halfway. He just has to delete the recording.

Bill sees that Sleeping Beauty has returned in reference to Justin. He thought that he was going to stay up with him all night. Justin was snooping around Liam’s office. Bill thinks that it is his office. Justin found this. Bill hopes that they have something on this. Justin already checked. This is a copy of the conversation. Justin thinks it is a start. Bill is going to do this and they will do this today.

Wyatt walks into the design office at Forrester. He hugs Katie and she asks what he is doing here. Wyatt thinks the correct reaction is what is this stud doing here. Katie thought that he was on his way to word. Wyatt was. Somehow he ended up here though. Wyatt would rather be with a beautiful woman than deal with Liam.

Liam thinks that if he deletes the recording then he loses all his leverage. Bill committed a crime. They need to stop siding with him. Steffy doesn’t want to see the Spencer family torn apart. Liam thinks that he is threatened by Bill. He had Sally’s building set on fire. He is out to get him.

Bill wonders if there is any word from Kenny. Bill has heard nothing. Well not that. He filled him in on his favorite flavors of tea. Kenny walks back in. Bill asks if he needs more tea. There is going to be nothing until he gives him what he hires him for. Kenny is done. His kid must be a bit of a computer nerd. It has all been deleted. The only thing he might need to worry about is if Liam made any physical back ups off line. Bill asks like this. Bill says that Justin happened upon this. Kenny says that he is all set then. Justin guesses it is his word against Liam. Bill thinks that Ken was worth every penny and he doesn’t say that often. Bill wants to do this.

Katie hopes that Bill appreciates Wyatt’s support on this. He might be a little easier on them. Wyatt doubts it. Wyatt doesn’t condone what he did. It was wrong. What Liam is doing is not any better. They are both making bad choices. It will only get worse when Bill strikes back. He doesn’t want Liam in charge but he doesn’t want him hurt either. Wyatt thinks that Bill comes down hard. It will be very bad for Liam.

Steffy suggests talking to Bill. That is all she is trying to say. This could all go away if they would just have a normal conversation. Bill and Justin walk in. Liam asks if Steffy wanted him to come. Steffy didn’t. Justin promises he is very loyal to one man. Bill Spencer. The CEO of this company. Liam is CEO. Bill says not anymore. Bill is reinstating himself. Liam doesn’t think he can do that. He will go to the police. Bill says he can go ahead. Liam doesn’t think that Bill wants to call his bluff. Bill suggests that he call Baker right now. Nothing would make him have more pleasure than watching Baker chew on his ass for wasting his time. Bill did nothing. He never broke a law in his life. Liam has it on tape. Liam looks through his phone. He sees that it is gone. Liam guesses he wiped it. Justin suggests he check his digital backup. Liam asks how he did it. Bill is him. There are computer nerds even more nerdier than he is. Liam guesses he is clever but even his computer nerd cannot delete everything. Bill shows him the flash drive. He breaks it in half. He had to know that he would be working on this. It is over. He tells Liam to get out of his chair.

Wyatt asks Allison what is going on. If Liam or anyone leaves she needs to call him. Katie asks what is going on. Wyatt says that Bill is back. He told her that he is back as CEO. Wyatt has no idea how it happened.

Steffy wants to know what Bill is doing. Bill is taking back what is his. Steffy thought he wanted peace. Bill did if Liam would have listened. He wasn’t smart enough. Liam will go to security. Justin informs him that they don’t answer to him. Bill thinks he used his apology against him. That was a stupid mistake. Liam doesn’t think that standing up to what is right is a stupid mistake. Bill doesn’t think that anything does. There is only one thing that comes first. One thing only when you are family. They need to be loyal to one another. He is still his father. That should have mattered. He made a mistake and said sorry but it didn’t matter to him. He guesses that Liam will pay. Bill wonders if Liam cares now. Something tells him he probably does.

Katie suggests that Wyatt go over there. Wyatt will when the dust settles. Katie thinks that Bill can go to dark places. Wyatt thinks that Bill has never felt more betrayed in his entire life. Bill will do whatever he wants to Liam.

Bill did nothing to the Spectra building. If he thinks his word is enough then he can call the police. Bill will call Baker and order hot dogs. Steffy thinks that what Bill did was wrong and he knows. He crossed lines he shouldn’t have. They are father and son. Steffy thinks that Bill started this with his obsessions to destroy Spectra. Steffy thinks that Bill wanted Liam to thrive. They need to collaborate. They are going to come together today. This company belongs to both of them. They will find away to run the company together. Liam is crying. He knows the recording was not his best move. Bill thinks he deserved this but it was a mistake. Bill knows that he should have done certain things differently. He is a man of his word though. Liam knows he said he would get back at him and he assumes he still intends to. Bill asks if he knows how betrayed he felt. Bill has punched more guys than he can remember. The anger he felt. He wondered how his father would get regents if he has hurt him. He would disown him or kill him. He cannot look shocked. That is the Spencer way to eliminate their enemies. He should thank Steffy. Steffy has a way of calming him. She was his voice of reason. She might even say that she became his confidant. Steffy made him realize that there is only one thing he wants. One thing and he is going to give it to him. His forgiveness. Bill wants his family back. He wants his son back. So if he can forgive him then he will forgive him. He loves Liam. The two hug each other. Liam loves him too.

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