B&B Thursday Update 10/19/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/19/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy wonders if Bill is serious about this. Bill wants his son back. He knows that Liam doesn’t want him back. Steffy knows that he will though. Steffy just needs some time. Bill is losing his patience. Steffy thinks he needs to hang on. He is the leader of this family. She will get this together and be his advocate. No more threats against his son. Steffy hugs him and Bill smiles.

Justin tells Liam that that there is no use for what he is doing. Liam doesn’t think that is an excuse. He needs to deliver his message. Justin guesses he will. Liam thinks that his arguments are sounding similar even to another person. Justin asks if he needs to alert security. Liam is taking care of that. He knows that Justin was Bill’s right hand man. Justin is loyal to the paycheck. He should never doubt that. Liam wants him to make him believe that otherwise he needs to go.

Wyatt and Katie are kissing. Wyatt wonders how her arm is. Katie says it is fine. She thinks that if Quinn wasn’t his mother though… Wyatt doesn’t need to stop Katie. She will do what she needs to do. Katie cannot believe that Quinn yanked her out of bed. Wyatt is more worried about Bill than Quinn. He will probably have his head. Wyatt feels that is when the real fun will begin. Katie doesn’t know. She thinks he has a lot on his plate. Bill has a lot of spare time. Wyatt thinks he will end up back with Brooke though. Katie doesn’t think so. Brooke is filing for a divorce.

Liam thinks that Bill is dangerous and is coming after him now that Brooke has left him. If Justin gets any information and doesn’t come to him. Liam is taking him at his word. If he finds out that he is working with Bill then he will be fired right away.

Steffy thinks that if he wants Liam to know that he wants to make things right then he needs to tell him now. Bill cannot do that. Steffy suggests writing him a letter. Steffy will plead his case. Bill thinks that if they don’t get through to him though… Steffy asks what he is going to do to him then.

Justin wonders why he suspects him. Liam knows he makes business calls on his private cell and constantly questions his construction plus Bill not going nuts. Justin thinks that he is making rash judgements. He is not Liam’s enemy. Liam thinks that is wise. If it ever gets to a point where he needs to tell the police about the fire then Bill is not the only one going down. Justin wasn’t involved. Liam thinks that the recorded confession says otherwise. If Bill attacks him in anyway then he goes to the authorities. Justin thinks that Liam is becoming more and more like his father every day. Justin leaves.

Wyatt feels for Bill. He hates to see him like this. Katie guesses that Brooke just couldn’t get past this. She guesses that Brooke didn’t know what she was getting into. Wyatt guesses for better or worse. Katie thinks so. He could have killed someone. Wyatt thinks he covered his basis. He is not defending him though. He has a dysfunctional family. He wonders how he turned out so normal. Katie doesn’t know and kisses him.

Steffy doesn’t agree with Liam’s blackmail tactics but he doesn’t like Bill’s threats. Bill thinks that Liam needs to delete the files. If not then… Steffy doesn’t think that there is an if not. Justin is outside and listens to them. Bill appreciates Steffy’s determination some problems cannot be so easily be solved. If he has to force himself back into his company then Liam will not have a place in his life. Steffy promises to get through to Liam. He needs to rise above this for the families sake. Bill will be back in control of his company again. Time is running out. Bill doesn’t know how he would get through this without her. Steffy leaves. Justin walks in. Bill asks what he is doing. Bill walked in through the back just in case Liam has eyes on the place. Justin asks if Bill wants to make amends with Liam after all he has done to him.

Katie suggests that Bill learned his lesson from the fire. Wyatt doesn’t think that he learned anything. This is all going to be directed at Liam and he will probably start acting on his threats. Wyatt is not going to try anything. Steffy is probably trying right now. Bill will get his pay day. Katie asks if Liam is as certain of this as Wyatt is. Wyatt feels if he isn’t then he is an idiot.

Liam informs security that Bill is banned from the building. Liam says that if he threatened him then he needs to take it seriously. He knows he can do this. Liam says that he can go. Steffy shows up. Liam thinks the one person he needed to see and here she is. Steffy spoke to Bill. He wants to make up with Bill. Liam asks if it is before or after he hands the keys to him. Steffy wants the war to be over. Bill wants peace just like she does.

An IT person is looking through Liam’s devices including his phone. He will be in the work room. He asks if he can have his tea. Bill asks if he can get him some lemon. Bill tells him to get this done. Bill cannot believe this. Bill thinks that this guy is a bunch of talk with no proof. Justin promises that Kenny comes highly recommended. Bill thinks it looks like a hackers paradise in there. The only question he is asking is how much. Justin feels that Liam is getting squirmy. Bill is not shocked that Liam is paranoid. Justin thinks it sounds like Bill is trying to work things out peacefully. Bill wishes this never happened. Bill is not going to give up on Brooke. He will have Spencer back whatever it takes.

Katie thinks that there is a lot of chaos for stuff like this. Wyatt wonders if the two of them are good. Katie thinks better than good. She kisses him. The two look at each other and smile.

Steffy believes that this has gone on long enough. She wants to end this. Bill doesn’t want to be at odds with him. Liam thinks he vowed revenge. Steffy thinks he loves him and means it. Liam just doesn’t like him anymore. Steffy thinks that Liam has done questionable things. Steffy thinks that this is torture. She needs Liam to do this for her before this gets serious. Liam thinks that Bill should be in prison. He stopped that. He gave him an out. Steffy thinks that Liam has proved his position. He can make peace. Liam wouldn’t even know where to start on that. Steffy suggests he delete the file. Liam will not delete it because then there is no proof. Liam will regret this for the rest of his life. Liam doesn’t think that Bill feels horrible. He can feel it. Liam appreciates what she is trying to do but just not now. Steffy wants to know when then. He has already lost Brooke. He needs to delete the recording and just end this feud.

Bill needs the recording deleted. Justin needs Bill to be careful considering Liam’s IT background. Bill doesn’t want excuses. He wants this deleted from his cloud. He needs to be eliminated forever.

Steffy begs him to delete the recording. Liam will not do it.

Bill will get rid of Liam one way or another. What he does with Liam after that he doesn’t know. First thing they need to do is get rid of the audio file. He wants the recording eliminated. That includes the power move that Liam is trying. Bill demands he find the recording.

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