B&B Wednesday Update 10/18/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/18/17


Written By Anthony

Bill sits in his living room. He remembers telling Liam that there are changes coming. His life is about to go up in flames. He remembers thanking Steffy for being there for him. Steffy walks in. She wonders if he is ok. Bill says he is fine. Steffy knows he wants this to end as much as she does. She wants him to find a way to bring peace to her and Liam.

Liam says hi to Ridge in his office. Ridge admits that this is the first time he has ever walked in in here and not wanted to throw up on him. Liam admits that Bill has that affect on people. Liam says that Bill is not around might lately. Ridge thinks that Liam has a big responsibility. Liam has been made some much needed changes. Ridge asks why he did. That is the question.

Katie thinks about Quinn walking in on her. Brooke walks into the design office and wonders if she wants to grab a cup of coffee. Brooke wonders if Katie is ok.

Ridge knows that Bill is a lot of things but he is not a quitter. He wants to know what the real story is. Liam thinks that he is going to have to ask him. Liam appreciates him coming by. Ridge has always wanted Liam to do well. Liam heard that Brooke and Bill ended things. Ridge is giving Brooke space. He doesn’t want to pressure her. Liam has to imagine they are getting back together though.

Brooke wants to know what is wrong. Katie is fine. Brooke wants to help. Katie thinks that it is fine and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Brooke guesses that is ok. Katie wants to talk to her instead. She asks if Brooke knows what she is going to do. Brooke ended their marriage. Katie is shocked. Brooke had no other choice.

Bill thinks that Liam is a little coward. He is blind to the fact that he is driving his company into the ground. Steffy gets it. She knows how he feels. Bill is disgusted with him. Steffy wants him to handle things the way she knows he can. She doesn’t want him to threaten Liam. There is going to be no revenge.

Katie knows how much Brooke wanted her marriage to work out but Bill ordered that fire. Brooke doesn’t think it matters how much he says sorry. He could be loving but there is a dangerous side and she cannot live with that. Katie wouldn’t be lying if she wasn’t nervous about Will. She thinks that Bill is a good father but he can be dangerous. Katie probably understands that better than anyone. She knows how important it is to have her family together. She wonders if she has spoken to Ridge. Brooke explains that he made it clear that he wants to have his family. Katie wonders what she wants. Brooke doesn’t know. She adores Ridge and always will. Brooke cannot just rush. Katie thinks that is a good idea. Katie know she has a connection with Ridge though. She would predict that they end up together.

Ridge doesn’t want to talk about Brooke. She has a lot to get through right now and has to heal. Liam wishes them the best of luck. Ridge thought he would be on Bill’s side right now. Liam thinks that would be wildly wrong for him to be ok with anyone being his father’s wife right now. Ridge asks why Bill hit him. Liam thinks that Bill brought it on himself. Ridge wants to know why.

Bill wanted to meet Liam half-way. He wants to keep squeezing her. Bill knows that Liam has his hands all over his company. He loves having his hands all over big daddies chair. Steffy thinks that Bill would do the same thing. Bill has done everything he could for his boys since he showed up. Liam wants to rip him a part and make him suffer. Steffy is not going to let this happen. She will do everything she can to make sure that the Spencer family doesn’t destroy itself.

Ridge will find out sooner or later so Liam might as well tell him now. Liam doesn’t think it is his place. Ridge wonders if he is afraid of him. Liam doesn’t think he has any power over him. Ridge admires Liam for standing up to him. Liam doesn’t think anyone has really held him to his actions before. Possibly his father but he never talks about it. Ridge is sure that Bill senior probably smacked him around a little bit. That could be where his issues come from. Liam explains that in Bill’s world he is the bad guy.

Brooke thinks it be easy to run back to Ridge. Brooke needs to mourn the loss of her marriage together. Brooke still cares for Bill but he crossed the line. Bill has a history of violence. She kind of knew what she was getting into. She just thought she could be a woman who could stand by him. She cannot thought. It is not her. She wonders if he will ever find his match.

Bill has had his own reasons for the things he does. He hopes that Liam realizes how lucky Liam is to have Steffy in his life. As of late that has not been the case. Spending time with Sally and giving her millions of dollars. Steffy wishes Liam would compromise instead of going to Sally. It just seems like everything is escalating. Steffy thinks underneath the anger is pain. It is because he is hurt. Bill is hurt. Losing Brooke is killing him. Liam has responsibility in this as well. Steffy gets that but he needs to get away from this blackmail and become close again. Bill wants that too. He doesn’t like being at odds with his son. Bill thinks that they might be to far gone. Steffy will not let him give up.

Katie knows what it is like to love and lose Bill. Brooke thinks it is very painful. She has no idea how to move on. Katie thinks that life happens. If she is lucky then it will steer her in the right direction. She will be fine. Katie is here for her. She wants her to be by herself for a while. Happiness will find her. She knows. She will be happy again.

Ridge wonders if Bill really vowed revenge. Liam cannot be thinking about that. Ridge suggests he stay away from helicopters. Ridge asks how he likes his job. Liam likes it. He is trying to move the company in a more responsible and compassionate direction. Ridge thinks if anyone could do it, it is him. Liam knows if he has Steffy then that is all that matters. Liam has the upper hand and he knows it.

Bill hates feeling this way. He wants his son back. He wants to be father and son like they used to. Steffy wonders if he means that. Bill does. The tofu eating boy scout is his boy. Bill has to find a way to make things right. Steffy will help him if he really means it. Bill does. Steffy is here for him. Bill thinks the clock is ticking. Bill is going to be back in his office one way or another. If there cannot be a peaceful resolution then so be it. He will not be blackmailed his entire life. It is up to Steffy and Liam

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