B&B Tuesday Update 10/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/17/17


Written by Anthony

Mateo promises Quinn that everything will be ok. Quinn doesn’t see how. Her son is being manipulated by Katie Logan. She cannot believe that Eric would walk out when she expressed her concern. Quinn admits that things got a little physical with Katie. She still cannot believe that Eric didn’t tell her.

Eric looks at Katie’s wrist. He is shocked his wife did this. Katie explains that she burst into her house, found her and Wyatt together and then attacked her.

Sheila is at work and spots Charlie with Pam at a table. Pam tells Charlie to look over there. She cannot believe that Sheila Carter is working here. She should have listened to him when he said they shouldn’t go here for lunch. Sheila spots them and pretends she doesn’t know who they are very well. She is a bit surprised. She will be their server. Pam finds it a bit odd that she just so happens to work this close to Forrester. Sheila guesses it happens to be a happy coincidence. She is trying to jump start a new life. She is calling a bluff on her happy coincidence. She just happened to find a job only a few steps from Forrester. Sheila promises it is true. She asks if her presence bothers them. Sheila likes it here and is not going to quit. She wonders if she can get them anything. Charlie gets a text. He has to go. He has to put out a minor Forrester fire. Sheila can keep Pam company. Charlie asks if she wants to come back with him. Pam is fine. She is a big girl. Sheila explains that there are a couple of things she wants to say. Sheila did some terrible things but she is not the same person anymore. She is the best person she has ever been. Eric will agree with that. She knows that they both want what is best for Eric.

Katie realizes that he has invested a lot in the new and improved Quinn but she is as unstable as she has ever been. Eric will admit that she has been pretty intense these days. Katie explains that she came into her house clearly uninvited and came into her bedroom and went crazy. Eric asks what happened. Katie thinks that he married a crazy person.

Mateo gives Quinn a massage. She cannot un-see what she saw. Her son in bed with that cougar. She doesn’t like Katie and doesn’t trust her. Everyone knows that. She asks how they could do this. Eric told her that Wyatt wanted to tell her himself. Mateo thinks that sounds reasonable. He thinks she is to wound up to see it. He wants her to focus on her breath. She breathes in and out. He wants to her stop thinking.

Katie was with Wyatt in the privacy of her own bedroom. She was spending some time together. Quinn then comes in from the doorway. She screamed like someone was being killed. Then she demanded that Wyatt get out of the bed. Then she dragged her out of the bed. She said she wasn’t even aloud to lay eyes on Wyatt ever again. Eric couldn’t believe this. He knew it would upset her but this was to much. Katie thinks that Eric has invested in this image that she would change but she hasn’t. She hurt Sheila in her home. She asks if this is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Pam has to admit that Sheila has been shooting it pretty straight since she got back to LA. Sheila thinks that it means a lot to her that Eric thinks well of her. She loves living in LA. It is her home. So are the Forrester’s. Including her. They have so much history. She admits that it wasn’t all good but everyone who know loved and feared Stephanie. Pam misses her so much. Sheila admits they had their differences but Quinn… She cannot imagine that Stephanie would approve. She is Stephanie’s sister. She asks if Stephanie would honestly approve of Quinn.

Quinn says that this hurts. Mateo wants her to breathe through it. Quinn so needed this. Mateo thinks that she is very tense. She wonders if he thinks that she over reacted. Mateo understands a mothers instinct to want to protect her son. Quinn thinks it is good to be understood. Mateo is here for her whatever she needs.

Eric admits that Quinn’s behavior lately distresses him. Katie thinks that it should. She attacked her in her bedroom. There is no justification for this. She asks if this is how he wants to live his life. She wonders what happens when she seriously hurts someone or worse. She cares about Eric. She doesn’t want him to get hurt because a nutcase fell for him.

Pam will admit that Quinn is not the best partner for Eric but neither is Sheila. Sheila just wants his happiness regardless of how he gets there. She bets that Quinn will hurt him again no matter how she gets there. Pam tells her that he disowned the family when they told him that it was a mistake to marry her. Sheila imagines that it is hard to accept anyone after Stephanie. Pam thinks it is so nice to hear someone give her sister the respect she deserves. Sometimes it just feels like she is gone for everyone. Sheila doesn’t think it is true. Life goes on. Pam wishes it didn’t. She does wonder where her sister is. Sheila is sorry. She had a difficult loss. Pam thanks her for noticing. Sheila has enjoyed this girl time. She has to get her order in. if she ever wants to pick up where they left off she knows where to find her. She is not going anywhere.

Quinn is getting her head massaged. She wonders why it feels so good. Mateo thinks that it induces relaxation. Quinn is having a hard time focusing on her breath. Quinn guesses she might have overreacted seeing Wyatt and Katie together. Mateo thinks she has fire and determination. She is a passionate person. He is too. Mateo wonders how Quinn feels. Quinn is so much better. His hands are a national treasure. Thy know exactly where to go. Eric walks in. He needs to talk to her. He wants to know what is going on. Eric just came from Katie. She attacked her. He wants to know what is wrong with her. He asks to speak with Quinn alone. Mateo leaves. Eric explains that first it was Sheila and not once but twice in this house. Katie has marks on her arms. He cannot keep defending her. He is so disappointed.

Sheila hopes that what Mateo is saying is true. Mateo tells her it is. Sheila wonders why on earth she would do that. Mateo says that Quinn saw Wyatt with Katie in bed. Sheila thinks that Quinn has to know how Eric feels about Katie and yet Quinn attacks her. There is a pattern of violence. Sheila hopes Mateo took care of the situation. Mateo doesn’t think it was a chore. Sheila wonders about Eric. Eric was pretty angry. Sheila feels that they have him positioned perfectly. Mateo better go. Sheila wants to be kept posted. Sheila thinks about spending time with Eric when they were married before and their wedding together. She tells herself that they will be together. Together at last.

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