B&B Monday Update 10/16/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/16/17


Written by Anthony

Quinn demands that Wyatt leave. Wyatt does not want Quinn to freak out. Quinn asks how Katie can do this and to her son.

Eric wonders if Mateo is sure that Quinn is at Katie’s house. Mateo is sure. She is looking for her son. Eric asks why she would be sure that Wyatt is there. Mateo saw his car pull in there. Eric guesses he has been there for hours.

Rick doesn’t want Brooke to worry at all. They love having her back at the house and the family dinners are the best. Maya thinks that Brooke has just been a little quiet. Brooke is just trying to sort things out. Rick hopes that Ridge is not pushing. Brooke feels that he is being understanding and not pushing. It is her. She just wants to be perfectly aware of what she is doing and how it will effect the family. Brooke is just thinking of Katie and how it will effect her. She is not sure what this will do to Katie. Rick asks if Katie will be upset that she broke things off with Bill. Brooke really hopes not. Maya wonders how things are going with her. Brooke just doesn’t know. Rick feels that Katie seems to be in a good mood. Brooke guesses that is Katie. She has a very positive attitude. They both have a lot going on in their lives and she wants them to be able to share it.

Eric would like to know if Quinn seemed uneasy before she left. Mateo guesses that she wanted to see her son. Eric explains that Katie and Wyatt are in a relationship. Quinn doesn’t know this.

Quinn demands that Wyatt get out of the bed. Wyatt cannot do that. Quinn thinks that this makes her sick. Katie wonders how she got in here. Quinn drags Katie out of the bed. She tells her not to move. If she does this again with Wyatt then she will tare her apart.

Rick thanks Pam on the phone. He tells Maya that it is so hard to work in all these different time zones. Maya is sure that it is. She was just talking with Brooke about her conversation with Bill though. Brooke didn’t stop loving him. She just couldn’t agree with some of his choices. Rick feels she did what was best for her. Brooke has to remember that she broke up Bill and Katie’s marriage. Maya doesn’t think that Katie would want her to be unhappy. Brooke feels guilty if Katie is lonely. She wonders if she is seeing a man though. She could just be excited about her new marketing campaign. If she is seeing a man then she wouldn’t feel so bad about how everything turned out. She wonders if they think she is seeing someone.

Mateo assumes that Wyatt doesn’t want Quinn to know about his relationship. Eric guesses that Wyatt wanted to be the one to tell her. Eric feels that as close as they are they might have been able to make that work. Eric thinks that he might have even been able to bring him around to his point of view. Eric thinks that Katie and Wyatt are both incredible people. They deserve to be as happy as both he and Quinn are. He assumes that Quinn would be happy with anyone other than Katie. He shouldn’t have kept it a secret. If Quinn doesn’t get back here in few minutes then he will have to go figure out what is going on.

Wyatt wants to know if Quinn is out of her mind right now. Quinn knew that Wyatt was lonely but not desperate. Quinn was so afraid that he was alone not with this. Wyatt begs Quinn to go. Wyatt thinks that she is acting psycho right now. When Eric found out he didn’t act this way. Quinn wonders if Eric knows. Katie tells her to get out. Quinn thinks that this is over. Wyatt feels that Quinn cannot do anything to stop him if he wants to be here. Quinn will say this one more time. She needs to stay the hell away from her son.

Maya is shocked that Katie doesn’t talk about her relationships. Brooke is not really sure how many she has had since Bill. Brooke thinks that she is such a wonderful person and that anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. Maya has not heard her speak about anyone like that. Rick believes that Katie seems more focused on work these days. Brooke knows she has been wonderful but there is more than just work. Maya points out that she has Will. Brooke knows that and she has a good relationship with Bill as well. She doesn’t want her choice to affect that either. Rick cannot say a lot of bad things about Bill but he isn’t going to let his relationship with Will get hurt. Maya suggests that Brooke talk with Katie.

Wyatt thinks that next time they are going to lock the door. Katie wants to know what is up with people barging into her house. She wants to know why she was creeping around. That was psychotic. This was terrifying. They are two adults. Wyatt will make it clear that they are together.

Quinn storms back into the house. She wants to know how he could keep this from her. Wyatt is with Katie Logan of all people. Eric explains that Wyatt wanted to be the one to tell her himself. Quinn is shocked he would keep this from her. She doesn’t think they are supposed to keep secrets. He is her child and son. Eric wanted him to have the chance to tell her. He was as shocked as she was. Quinn highly doubts that. Eric guesses she is right. He thinks that there is a great deal of tension between her and Katie. Quinn walked in on them in bed together. It made her sick. Mateo is listening to all of this and texts Sheila that Eric and Quinn are having an argument. Quinn thinks this is over. Quinn was just talking to Eric today about finding someone and he said nothing. Eric knows he should have said something. The two are adults though and can make their own choices. Quinn asks how she is supposed to react to finding out that her son is in bed with Katie Logan and her husband has been lying to her.

Brooke feels that Katie knows she worries about her. Rick is sure that after all these years Katie is used to it. Maya doesn’t think that this has to be complicated. Rick knows that the situation with Bill is a tricky one. Brooke feels that they managed to work around it. They have a lot of practice. Maya believes that her relationship with Nicole works because they discuss their concerns with one another. Rick would assume that Katie should be happy. Brooke guesses she is upbeat and confident. Brooke is struggling to make this choice about her marriage. It impacts everyone. Rick agrees that it affects everyone who cares about her. They want her to be happy too. Brooke thanks her. Maya thinks that it is sweet how much she cares about her little sister. Brooke guesses Katie will be just fine. She doesn’t think that anything will keep her from getting what she wants.

Katie is shocked that she was dragged from her bed. Wyatt should have dragged her down to the living room the moment he saw her. Katie doesn’t think he knew that she would be this way. Wyatt should have been honest with her from the beginning. He didn’t want this to happen to her. He thinks that Katie is amazing. Wyatt just didn’t want to get into an argument with her. Things have been so good between them lately. Quinn has this way of complicating things for her. Katie was threatened by her. Wyatt feels that they will be fine. Katie hates to say this but that was the old Quinn coming out with that temper. Katie promises to talk with her. Katie is afraid of talking. She totally lost control.

Eric doesn’t think he lied. Wyatt wanted to be the one to tell her and he was respecting his wishes. Quinn wants to know her wishes. She doesn’t like Katie. She cannot just shut her eyes to this. Eric thinks they are consenting adults. They have a great deal in common. Katie took advantage. Quinn feels that Katie tried to destroy their marriage. Quinn was worried about Wyatt and he didn’t say a work. Quinn feels that Katie has caused her so much pain. She is only doing this to get back at her. Eric feels that Katie appreciates Wyatt. Eric thinks that they could say that about them. Quinn is not in this for revenge or perverted thrills. She asks what happens if she is pregnant. She could be holding her grandchild. Eric thinks that Quinn is out of control. Eric thinks that Wyatt is an adult and it is his choice. Eric doesn’t want anything said that they will regret. Eric leaves. Quinn holds her head and then holds on to the fireplace. Mateo walks over. He couldn’t help but overhearing. She asks what happens if Eric doesn’t come back. She cannot be alone again. Mateo doesn’t think she is alone. She has him. He hugs her.

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