B&B Friday Update 10/12/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/12/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke doesn’t know why she came here. She just didn’t want to go home. There was so much good in Bill that other people didn’t get to see. Ridge thinks that she brought out the best in him. Brooke cannot go back to Bill.

Katie thinks that the grapes Wyatt got are delicious. Wyatt plans to show Katie all the good takeout places in LA. Katie has to get back to work though. Katie doesn’t want Liam to go out the front door because Quinn might see him. Wyatt asks if she really has to go to work. They start kissing.

Quinn is sketching on the living room couch while Eric and Mateo are in the foyer. Eric isn’t sure if it is the wiring or the switch that needs to be repaired. Eric asks if he can get an electrician around here. Mateo can do it himself. Quinn is in awe that he can fix pretty much anything. Eric thanks her for taking such good care of his wife. Quinn smiles. Eric thinks some people are born with a good sense of direction and others are born with a good sense of how things work. Eric wants to keep Mateo happy. Quinn asks how they will know that. Quinn knows he spoke a little about his family, he is eco-friendly, and single. Quinn wishes that Wyatt would find someone.

Katie tells Pam on the phone she wants to work from home. Wyatt likes this. He just hopes that Eric doesn’t say anything. Katie is sure that nothing will happen. Wyatt wants to be prepared. He wonders if Brooke walks in. Katie doesn’t think that will happen. Wyatt thinks that Brooke will dump Bill. Katie sees that this happen to many times. The men in her life are a foot note to Brooke and Ridge.

Ridge asks if he should take her home. Brooke has her car. RJ walks in. He is sorry to interrupt. He thinks that something has changed. Ridge says that Brooke has something to discuss with him. RJ asks if she is going back to Bill’s house. RJ is sorry. Brooke thinks that it is ok. She just doesn’t know what the future holds. She had to end her marriage though.

Eric doesn’t think it was a bad quarter for them. Quinn wonders about Charlotte for Wyatt. She is nice. Eric hasn’t said much to her. Quinn thinks she always seems to perk up a bit with Wyatt. Eric thinks that Ridge has had to speak to her about office romances. Quinn doesn’t think it be an issue because Wyatt doesn’t work there. Quinn knows that Wyatt is not even dating anyone. It isn’t good to have nothing but work.

Wyatt asks what they are going to do. Katie guesses cards. Wyatt guesses they could continue speaking about Brooke. Wyatt thinks all the talk about destiny is making him think. Wyatt asks if there are any physical non-talking games they could play. Katie can think of three or four.

Brooke had to make a choice and she did. RJ thinks that Bill was always like an alien to him. Ridge thinks that he has failed Brooke many times. He doesn’t want Brooke to have to go through this again. RJ once heard Bill say that getting even is the thing he is best at. He thinks that Brooke would be safer with them. Brooke is alright. Somethings make her feel better to talk about. RJ doesn’t even remember why he is here. He wants them to just stay and talk. He leaves. Ridge thinks that RJ is here for her. They all love her. They hug each other. Ridge thinks that when friends don’t see each other they pick up where they left off. It brings them back to when they were strong and young. Brooke cannot do this. Ridge thinks that she is saying not yet. He knows that Bill will not leave her without a fight. Brooke doesn’t think that there will be a fight. Ridge assumes it was worse than falling out a helicopter. Brooke thought he had changed. Ridge knows what it is like to keep promises you cannot keep. Ridge hopes that he didn’t raise a hand to her. Brooke says never. He did hit Liam though and knocked him to the ground. Ridge is not shocked. He asks what set Bill off. Brooke is not really ready to talk about it. Ridge is just hear to be leaned on.

Quinn puts some flowers on a table. Mateo tries to help her. Quinn doesn’t think they are heavy. Mateo says that the wires could have started a fire. He wants Quinn to tell Eric and Wyatt to not touch the wiring until he gets back from the store. Quinn tells him that Wyatt doesn’t live here anymore Mateo saw him visiting next door. Mateo thought he saw him go through the gate. Quinn guesses he dropped off a present for Will. Mateo says it was a couple of hours ago.

Wyatt and Katie kiss each other passionately.

Ridge asks if Brooke is ok. Brooke thinks so. Ridge thinks that they need to keep an eye on RJ. He has high hopes. Brooke knows how Ridge is. When they are not together he wants to but when they are he is not sure. Brooke didn’t say that to be mean. Ridge wants a second or twenty-second chance. Brooke says that people think they have grown a part. Brooke admits that when he lived overseas she would check every room and see if he was there. The surprise was that he was still gone. Ridge is sorry for hurting her. Ridge would like to make things up to her if she would let him.

Eric walks back into the living room and asks Mateo where Quinn is. Mateo thinks she went next door. Eric doesn’t think that is likely. Eric doesn’t think that the two of them get along. Mateo says that Wyatt was there so it should be ok.

Wyatt and Katie start to undress each other. They kiss each other as they do this.

Quinn walks into Katie’s living room saying the door was unlocked. She asks if everything is ok. She calls out for Wyatt. Quinn doesn’t think that Wyatt is here. Mateo must be wrong. She calls for Katie asking if everything is alright. She walks into Katie’s room and asks who is there. Katie says for her to get out of her house. Quinn asks who is with her. Katie doesn’t think it is her business. Wyatt sits up from under the sheet. Quinn says no. She screams.

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