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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/12/17


Written by Anthony

Bill knows he disappointed Brooke. He went too far. He promises that he will never do anything like that again. He hopes that she sees that. Brooke does. Bill wants to stay married to her. He wants to get on with their lives.

Ridge asks if Brooke didn’t say anything one way or the other. Katie explains that Brooke needed to clarify things with Bill. She guesses the question is if she plans to end or fix things.

Steffy walks into Liam’s office while he is on the phone. Liam thinks that this is how they should be doing business all along. Steffy seems scared for Liam as she remembers all that Bill said in threats. Liam asks if Steffy is team minion. Steffy is team Liam. She is concerned. Liam asks about what. Steffy says his father. He needs to be ready. Bill will fight back.

Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke is going back to Bill. Katie knows she has gone back before. Ridge thinks that enough is enough. Katie reminds him that he has hurt Brooke on multiple occasions if he is keeping score. Ridge is not keeping score. Katie thinks that Bill can be very persuasive. Especially, if you are in love with him.

Bill knows he let her and everyone down. He would change things if he could but he cannot. Bill needed a wakeup call and he got one. Bill doesn’t think that giving up on them is an option. Giving up will never be an option. They will get through this together.

Katie is glad that Ridge is confident. Katie doesn’t want to see him get hurt. He is being realistic. Ridge doesn’t think that Bill and Brooke are a realistic pair.

Liam thinks that fighting back sounds ironic. Liam is not stupid. Fighting is how Bill does and it changed their relationship permanently. Steffy is not excusing Bill’s behavior but he did hit Bill too with the way he changed things. She wants him to see her point of view. She has to admit it is weird seeing him behind Bill’s desk. Steffy wants him to see that Bill has a side. She doesn’t want the family to fall apart. Liam reminds her that he had Spectra burn to a crisp. He regrets losing control. Steffy thinks that if Brooke leaves him then Bill has vowed to make him pay.

Bill knows he will be making things up for Brooke for a long time to come. He will make it right with everyone. With Liam and Sally. He needs Brooke at his corner. Bill needs her. Brooke reminds him that people could have died. Bill has said sorry again and again. Brooke doesn’t think that he felt sorry for Sally. He only felt sorry for himself. Brooke appreciates the time they had together but as husband and wife… Bill tells her to put the ring back on her finger. Brooke thinks that Bill only cared about what he wanted. He risks going to jail. She doesn’t want to risk anything. Brooke calls this growing up. She wants to stand up for what is right. Bill thinks that she promised she would love him. Brooke always will but not as his wife. Bill is not going to do that. She is not leaving. This is her home. He is her husband and she is never walking out the door again.

Ridge is going to text Brooke. Ridge has to actually get to a meeting. He wants her to let him know if she hears something. Katie is rooting for her.

Bill will not let her leave. He promises to never let her down. Brooke knows that this is what he says. Brooke remembers he dumped Ridge into the ocean. Bill reminds her that he crashed their wedding. It was a different situation. Brooke thinks that it is the same kind of behavior. He does something and doesn’t regret it. Brooke wants to believe him but this is not the only incident. Brooke knows that Bill is going to take what he wants whenever he wants whenever he wants to do it. That scares her. He scares her. Bill thinks he deserved it. Brooke asks if RJ did something like that to him. Bill thinks that is her son. Brooke cannot put this ring on. She trusted Bill. His reactions don’t make her feel safe. Bill asks what he needs to do. Brooke doesn’t want to stay married and have to explain away his behavior. Brooke cannot do this. She has to end this marriage. Bill doesn’t think she wants this. Brooke will always see the good in him. She wishes this could have lasted forever. She will always have the memories. This is hard for her. She really loved him. She starts to cry. Brooke leaves. Bill has tears in his eyes.

Steffy feels that in Bill’s eyes this is all Liam’s fault. Liam thinks that this is on Bill. He is not going to feel guilty because he lost his wife. Steffy guesses that he has no sympathy. He lost his company and marriage. Liam thinks that is all Bill’s fault. He needs to face consequences like a big boy.

Bill looks at a picture of him and Brooke along with her ring. He remembers Brooke asking to have the ring on her finger and getting married to Brooke. He remembers Liam threatening him and taking his job. He then remembers promising Steffy that he would come after Liam if he lost Brooke.

Brooke walks into the CEO office. Ridge walks in. He says that Katie said she went to see Bill. Brooke says that it is over. She doesn’t think that it means… Ridge knows he is here for her. He is sorry.

Liam gets a call. Liam asks who let him in. Liam thanks them for letting him know. Steffy thinks that this will be good for them. Bill walks in. He asks if he is satisfied yet. He took his company and his wife. Steffy asks if Brooke left him. Brooke is divorcing him. Steffy is so sorry. Liam asks if he is really shocked that Brooke doesn’t want to stay married to a person who punches his son. Bill tells him to get over it. Steffy wishes he wouldn’t do this. Bill thinks that Liam doesn’t understand family comes first. Bill rips his sword off Liam. Bill wants long lasting consequences. Bill blames Liam. Liam is blaming him. Bill thinks today is about change. He thinks that burning down a rat infested building is bad but Liam’s life is going to go up in flames.

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