B&B Wednesday Update 10/11/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/11/17


Written By Anthony

Mateo continues to rub Quinn’s back. She moans in delight.

Bill wants his life back. His company and wife. Justin wonders if he has heard from Brooke if she has changed her mind. Bill would change it for her if she would let him. He knows that she still loves him. He said sorry to that over and over again. Bill thinks that they are more likely to stay together if they are a part longer. Justin asks if Ridge has listened to him or if he is in pursuit of Brooke.

RJ asks if Ridge has heard a word he has said. Ridge claims that he has. RJ guesses they both agree then. He is moving to Europe with Coco. Ridge is not letting him do that. RJ has been trying to sell Ridge on hiring more interns and his mind has been somewhere else. RJ knows he has been distracted with Brooke. He asks if Brooke is divorcing Bill. Ridge honestly doesn’t know.

In the design office, Brooke tells Katie that this is really impressive. Katie thanks her. Brooke feels she will drive a lot of interest with this new campaign. Brooke asks why she has been smiling for days. Brooke asks what is going on. She wonders if there is a man in her life

Mateo rubs Quinn’s back and hears Sheila demand he get the job done. Mateo asks if she feels good. Quinn feels very good.

Charlie sees the portrait of Sheila. Sheila walks back in with ice. Sheila reminds him that he saw it when it was just a sketch. Sheila promises that her portrait will hang above the mantle of the man she loves.

In the Forrester living room, Eric asks if Rick is still in the dark about why Brooke left Bill. Rick has not heard anything. Maya is definitely shocked. She does have to say that she never heard a man more in love with Brooke. Rick has to say he is torn on Bill or Ridge getting with Brooke.

Katie thinks that just because she is happy doesn’t mean she has a man in her life. Brooke knows Katie better than anyone. She asks who she is with. Katie asks where things stand with her and Bill.

Justin suggests that they get pizza and wings for Thursday night football. Bill thinks it was too hard watching Brooke take her ring off the finger. He will not let Brooke do this to him.

Rick asks Eric how Quinn’s back is. Maya heard that Quinn hurt it moving furniture. Eric promises she did. She was in a lot of pain but Mateo has magic hands.

Mateo rubs Quinn’s back. She wishes that she had known he was a certified massage therapist a few weeks ago. They had an unwelcome guest who had her tied up in knots. They could have used him to help her relax.

Charlie thinks that Eric is happy as a clam with Quinn. She is just setting herself up for heartbreak. Sheila thinks that Eric is the great love of her life. Eric will see how amoral Quinn is. Charlie thinks that the Quinn and Ridge merger is off. Ridge is spending a lot more time with Brooke.

RJ is not a kid. He thinks that Ridge can be straight with him. He asks if the reason that Brooke married Bill is behind them. He asks if he is still worried that he might disappoint him again. Ridge promises that Brooke will always have his love.

Brooke doesn’t know where things stand for her and Bill. Katie knows she doesn’t like to be in limbo. She is at her house and separated. She is not saying she needs a man in her life to be happy. Brooke needs to clarify things. Brooke thinks it is time. Katie asks if it is time for her to end her marriage or go back to him.

Bill receives a text from Brooke. She is on her way over. Bill thinks that his wife is coming back. Justin hopes so. He wants him to give her time. Justin guesses she could realize that he would never do what he did to Sally again. Bill promises that if Brooke does leave him then he will strike Liam so hard or he will feel paint like he cannot even imagine.

Rick is intrigued that Mateo is a certified massage therapist. Maya will have to take that in mind the next time her neck hurts. Rick thinks her only massage therapist is him. Eric surprised himself a little bit with this. Eric arranged Mateo to do this. Eric thinks that this is fine. He spoke to Mateo about loyalty.

Sheila admits that she wanted Quinn and Ridge to get back together but it is Quinn they are talking about. Someone will get their hands on Quinn.

Mateo stops rubbing Quinn’s back. Quinn doesn’t want him to stop. Mateo tells her to turn over. He thinks it is getting hot in here. He takes off his shirt to reveal he is all sweaty. Quinn thinks he is so handsome. She cannot believe he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Mateo guesses he hasn’t met the right woman. Quinn thinks his hands are like magic. She can go on like this for hours. Quinn rubs his shoulder. She tells him that she is all his. Every inch… Mateo wakes up from his day dream.

Katie walks into the CEO office. She can come back if they want. Ridge says they are talking about Brooke. RJ asks if Brooke has spoken to Brooke. Katie thinks that she has made a choice.

Bill was happy to get Brooke’s text. He hopes that this means she is ready to talk. Brooke knows that being in limbo has not been fair to either of them. She made a choice.

Eric walks into his bedroom. Quinn tells him to look at her. She thinks that Mateo is really gifted. Quinn didn’t need meds or anything. Eric guesses she just needed massages from a young and attractive man. Quinn promises that Eric has nothing to worry about. He is the only man she wants. Quinn thinks that she can walk and hike. She can be ready for all sorts of activities. The two kiss.

Mateo is on the phone with Sheila. He gave Quinn another massage and she enjoyed it. Sheila asks where she is now. Mateo says she is upstairs with Eric. Sheila thinks the sooner she exposes Quinn the better. She knows it will happen. Mateo promises that he knows what he is doing. He looks at Quinn’s picture.

RJ will see Katie and Ridge later. Ridge asks if he spoke to Brooke. Katie says that she said see Bill. She has no idea what she plans to do.

Bill needs Brooke to know that he has never loved a woman the way he loves her. It took them forever to get together. Bill though this was it. He found a woman who gets him. Complications and all. Bill thinks that wedding vows talk about for better and worst. This is the biggest test they will ever face. Bill is left with anger at himself and Liam and the world. He doesn’t know how to fix it. Bill feels like he is losing himself. He needs Brooke. He made a horrible mistake. Bill lost his head and judgement. Bill swears that he will never do anything like that again. Bill will be the husband she expects and counts on. He will regain her trust. Bill takes out her ring. He wants to put the ring on her finger again so they can get on with the rest of their lives. He begs her to come back and his wife and partner.

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