B&B Tuesday Update 10/10/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/10/17


Written by Anthony

Bill thinks about complimenting Steffy earlier in his living room. He shrugs it off. He gets out his phone.

Steffy is in the CEO office and gets a call from Bill. Bill wonders if his son has returned. Steffy confirms that he came home last night. Bill is shocked. Steffy says he didn’t spend the night. Steffy thinks that this happened to stop. She doesn’t want him to threaten Liam if Brooke leaves him. Bill doesn’t think that Liam deserves her. He doesn’t appreciate her the way he should. Steffy has to go. Liam walks in. The two kiss each other. Liam asks what is going on.

Eric is sketching. Quinn walks downstairs. Eric thinks that she is moving a lot better. Quinn’s back is feeling a lot better. The massage really helped. Quinn thinks that Mateo is really good. Eric thinks that Mateo is young and attractive.

Sheila thanks Mateo for coming by again. Sheila remembers that he is the estate manager. She bets that they don’t pay as well as she does. She thinks that he is going to use his incredible talents to prove Quinn is not a loyal wife. It is going to help his family and she will be Eric’s wife again. He better not even think about backing out. He can trust her on that.

Quinn doesn’t think that Eric is serious. Quinn thinks that Mateo is very good but that only benefits the only man she has eyes for. If her back feels better then it feels better for all those other activities. Eric texts Mateo to continue to work his magic so she can continue to work hers.

Mateo thinks that they have a deal but he doesn’t know. Sheila asks what he means that he doesn’t know. Mateo reads a message from Eric. He thinks he is getting fired. Sheila reads it. She doesn’t think so. Mateo reads that Eric wants him to buy a massage table. Sheila thinks that Quinn will cheat with Mateo.

Justin tells Bill that Liam went on a trip with Sally. Bill already knew about that. Justin says that Liam has a loose wallet. They have to figure out how to stop him. Bill figures to do just that.

Liam asks if Steffy is surprised she came home the same day he left on the trip with Sally. He wants her to know that he does respect her feelings. He doesn’t want her to doubt his commitment to her. He loves her. Liam gives Steffy a hug.

Mateo shows Quinn and Eric the massage table. He explains that it folds up if they want to use the room for something else. Eric wants to make this the official massage room. Quinn likes that. Eric wants to thank Mateo. Mateo wants Quinn to take it easy. Quinn will be better in a few days. It just hurts when she does something. Mateo tells her not to do that. Eric guesses she should not be twisting and turning. Mateo will get her on the table.

Sheila looks at her portrait and smiles. Someone knocks on the door. She covers the portrait with a sheet. It is Charlie. He wants her out of town. Sheila doesn’t think he should use that tone with her. Charlie asks if she threatened the owner of that restaurant. Charlie hears that he is pushing pasta over there. He knows she is an RN ex-con who should still be in the slammer. Charlie knows she has not given up. He doesn’t think that Eric and Quinn are breaking up. He wants her out of LA. Sheila laughs like a witch.

Bill asks how many meetings Liam and Sally have had. Justin thinks that every time he turns around Liam is either there or she is at the office. He sees her as an investigation. Bill thinks it is more than that. Steffy asked Liam not to go on the meeting in the first place. He ignored her and went anyway. Justin has to wonder why he did this. Bill doesn’t. He sees all the signs. Justin asks if he really thinks that Liam has the hots for Sally when he is married to Steffy.

Steffy still wishes he had not gone on the trip with Sally. Liam kind of thought they agreed to disagree on that. Steffy never said that. Steffy guesses it was his call to make. Liam appreciates that. Liam doesn’t like when things come between them. That is marriage. They listen and communicate. Steffy doesn’t think he listens when it comes to Bill. Steffy reminds him that Bill has been exiled from his own company. It is wrong and dangerous. He needs to be very careful.

Charlie asks if Sheila thinks it is funny. The restaurant she is working at is almost right next to Forrester Creations. Sheila asks why that matters. Charlie points out that Eric goes in there a lot. Sheila thinks that it is a coincidence. Charlie doubts that Sheila will ever be Mrs. Eric Forrester again. She has zero chance.

Eric walks into the massage room. Mateo fixed it up. Eric thinks that Quinn will like it. He wants a word before he starts with Quinn. He has become important to him and the property. Managing his estate and home. Eric thinks that trust is important to him. If someone betrays him then they pay a steep price. He wants him to remember that. He better not cross him ever. Mateo understands. Quinn walks in. Eric wishes her a good massage. Mateo wonders if he is ready. Quinn is if he is.

Justin is not so sure about Sally Spectra and Liam. Bill thinks that he is playing the hero and damsel in distress. Bill thinks he is spending millions on employee benefits. Bill has lost almost everything. Bill will not lose Brooke. If he does then he sees big problems for him and Steffy. Liam is neglecting Steffy. You do not neglect a woman like Steffy and hang on to her.

Liam is serious enough to take Bill out of the company. Liam did him a favor and kept him out of prison. Steffy thinks he blackmailed him. Liam thinks that Bill is his own worst enemy. Steffy thinks that Bill is ruthless. Liam can handle his father. Steffy is not sure. He is suffering. She sees this ending in tragedy. Liam thinks that Bill came to see her again and got to her. Liam thinks that she is letting Bill get to her and it is scaring her. Steffy thinks his position has some legitimacy. Liam was talking to an employee the other day and it was the first time anyone called her by her name in thirty years. Steffy thinks that Bill has changed. Liam will not have him come back. Bill has enough money to buy a small country and make himself a dictator. Steffy knows that Bill will come after him. Liam has Steffy and that is all that matters to him. He hugs Steffy again.

Justin know the look on Bill’s face. He asks what Bill plans to do.

Steffy looks worried.

Sheila doesn’t think that Charlie knows her very well. Charlie doesn’t think that anything will split up Quinn and Eric. Sheila is going to be the best wife to Eric. It is going to happen. She just needs the right touch.

Mateo wonders if Quinn is ready for the treatment. Quinn is. Mateo drops oil on her back. He starts to rub her back and Quinn thinks it feels good. Sheila pops up in his mind with the promise of two hundred thousand dollars.

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