B&B Monday Update 10/9/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/9/17


Written by Anthony

Liam and Sally sit on the plane. Sally notes that the firm they are going to sounds fancy. Liam promises they are. It makes sense for Spectra to use them because Spencer already have them on retainer. Sally is ok with it. Especially, now that she knows Bill started the fire. She doesn’t know how to thank him enough. Sally mentions the kiss on the cheek earlier was totally innocent. Liam knows that. He is sure they will be friends for a long time but he and Steffy are going to be together forever.

Bill believes that Liam’s world will come crashing down if he doesn’t fix things. Bill will make sure of it. Steffy knows he is angry. He lost Spencer and his true love, Brooke. Bill thinks that if he loses Brooke then she needs to tell Liam that he is coming for him and hell is coming with him.

Eric asks Rick in the mansion living room if Brooke has said anything about why she left Bill. Rick explains that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Eric wonders what that means for Ridge and everyone else. Nicole walks in. She says hello in French. Rick heard she was in town. Nicole explains that it is just a light trip. She just came from seeing her parents. Eric wonders if Zende is with her. Nicole says that he stayed in Paris. Rick heard that he is doing a great job at International. Nicole thinks they both like it. Nicole asks where everyone is. Eric says that Quinn hurt her back so she is taking a steam.

Quinn walks out of the bathroom and Mateo walks into her bedroom. Quinn didn’t know he was here. She is in a towel. Mateo says that the steam room might take longer to fix than they thought. Quinn guesses she can take a bath then. Mateo wonders if she is alright. Quinn says that she threw her back out. Mateo explains that he also is a massage service.

Nicole wonders if Quinn is ok. Eric says that she went to see the doctor and they want her to take it easy. Rick is sure that she will be fine in a few days. Eric is sure that she will. He just wants to make sure that she gets all the help she needs.

Sheila stands in her room at the hotel and looks at her painting. She thinks about paying Mateo to sleep with Quinn.

Quinn seems shocked that Mateo is a massage therapist. Mateo explains that it is just on the side. Quinn forgot that he had mentioned he just got his license when they interviewed him. Mateo wonders if she got her back looked at. Quinn went to the doctor and they gave her a muscle relaxer. Mateo feels that will screw it up more. Quinn knows. Quinn asks if he will mind. Mateo isn’t sure that would be ok. Quinn doesn’t want to live with this pain. She asks if she can just lay on the bed. Mateo says sure. Quinn thinks he is a God sent.

Liam explains that the pilot says that they should be landing any minute. Sally asks if the contractors are really coming here on the jet. Sally thinks that sounds so VIP. Liam says that Steffy wasn’t so thrilled about them being here so he thought he would speed up the meeting. Sally gets it. She wants to keep it professional. Sally just hopes that Steffy realizes how lucky she is to have a husband like him.

Bill wants Steffy to admit that she wants to see Ridge happy with Brooke. Steffy does want Ridge to be happy. It is Brooke’s choice and she has no idea what she will do. Bill had to tell her. He wouldn’t leave his company under any circumstances. All because Liam blackmailed him. His son ruined his life. He better pray, it doesn’t come to that.

Liam looks at the plans for Spectra and loves them. He asks Sally what she thinks. Sally is just excited to have a legit building so she loves what they are saying. Liam wants to keep this as eco-friendly as possible. Liam is sorry for the change in plans. He imagines that they were disappointed with Spencer tower being canceled. One of them says that Bill had such a specific vision. Liam knows that Bill can dream a little big sometimes. Liam thanks them all so much. Sally thanks them as well. Sally wants him to pinch her. Liam thought it went well. Sally thinks that this is all thanks to him.

Bill has nothing but great to Liam. He was a little computer geek. He would have nothing if it wasn’t for him. Bill thinks that he talks a good game but he is a hypocrite. He has no idea how Steffy puts up with him. Steffy tells him to stop. He is her husband and she loves him. Bill feels that Liam has a funny way of showing love by flying off with another woman. Sally Spectra… Let’s her lead him around on a leash. Bill doesn’t think that Liam respects him the way he deserves.

Nicole is going to meet up with Maya and Lizzie. Rick is going to head home so he will drive. Nicole thinks it is great to see Eric. Eric wants her to give her best to Zende. Rick wants Eric to take good care of his wife.

Mateo normally uses oil. Quinn thinks that he can just go for it. He can use more pressure. Quinn honestly cannot feel anything. Quinn wants him to move the towel. He starts to press into her bare shoulders. Quinn starts to feel it. She is moaning. Mateo looks turned on and nervous.

Liam hands Sally a glass of champagne. Sally thinks that he clearly knows how to get things done. Liam is happy to help. It would be wrong if he didn’t. Sally has never had a man treat her like this. She feels that this came out wrong. She respects him and Steffy. Sally might not respect Steffy but she respects his marriage. Liam thinks that he is far from perfect. Sally thinks he is a prince and he is taken. If he wasn’t then maybe she could see the potential for more. He doesn’t have to worry about her trying to seduce him. She isn’t that kind of person. She knows he is completely faithful to Steffy and she would be a fool not to be faithful to him.

Steffy doesn’t like that Liam flew with Sally. Steffy is not happy that he wants to rescue her again. Bill has had zero tolerance for people like him his entire life. It takes money and leadership to change the world. You don’t do a warrior pose. You have to be a warrior. Liam doesn’t know how to do that. Bill thought that his building would have been the greatest gift to LA. He would have employed thousands of people and spent millions in materials. There would have been offices filled with jobs. Thanks to Liam it is all gone. People don’t want handouts. They want to earn a living. Liam is not helping his employees. They will all lose their jobs. He better not lose his wife.

Sheila promises her portrait that soon she will replace Quinn’s.

Quinn thinks that Mateo has found the spot. Mateo says that she is so tight her muscles are rotated. He wants her to relax them. Quinn thinks that he is really good at this. Mateo has heard his hands have eyes. Quinn thinks it is really good. Mateo remembers telling Sheila he didn’t think it felt right.

Liam thinks it looks like they are landing soon. Sally cannot believe he has done this for her. Liam has a company to run now and a marriage to get back on track. It has been a long rode for Steffy and him. He needs to make sure that nothing comes between them again.

Steffy doesn’t want this to get any worse. She thinks that they will get through this. Liam thinks that if Brooke doesn’t come home then it will be the final straw. Steffy reminds Bill that Brooke left on her own accord. Bill thinks that if Liam hadn’t backed him in a corner then this wouldn’t have happened.

Quinn thinks that Eric looks handsome with his haircut. Eric wonders how her steam went. Quinn didn’t take one. She thinks Mateo is mister fix-it. He worked on her back for a little bit. Quinn forgot he got his massage therapist license. She wanted to give him some cash. She forgot to ask how much he charges his clients. Eric is not so sure he knows how to feel about that. Quinn doesn’t want him to be silly. She thinks he should try a massage from him. It be great to have a massage table at the house.

Mateo tells Sheila that he was trying to fix the shower when Quinn said her back was hurting. Mateo thought she enjoyed it. Sheila thinks that this is perfect. Sheila thinks that this would benefit both of them. Mateo doesn’t want to break up a marriage. Sheila will not give Mateo the money until she is Misses Forrester again. Sheila wants Mateo to get Quinn to cross the line and he will be rewarded handsomely.

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