B&B Friday Update 10/6/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/6/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy knows that Bill loves him. So, does she. He lit this match and now he has to watch it burn. Bill remembers when he told that to Steffy years ago before they started to kiss. Steffy asks Bill what is wrong.

Wyatt cannot believe that Liam is going on a trip with Sally Spectra. Liam thinks that it is a business trip. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam is thinking about the consequences. He doesn’t want Bill as his enemy. Liam is not just doing what is right for the company. He is doing what is right for the family. Wyatt doesn’t know what else to say to Liam. Liam really does appreciate the concern but there is nothing that Bill can do to him.

Saul wishes he knew about the meeting. He could have helped get things together. Shirley thinks that Sally has everything he needs. Sally is not going into the meeting alone. She is going with Liam. Saul is confused as to why Sally is going with Steffy Forrester’s husband.

Katie walks into Liam’s office. Wyatt asks how she knew that she was the one person that he wanted to see right now. Katie had to drop some proofs off to the photo department. If he is busy she can swing on by later. Wyatt wants Katie over here right now. Wyatt says that Liam is going on a trip with Sally. Katie can think of a couple of people who will not ok with that.

Steffy thinks that Bill is looking at her strangely. Steffy wishes that she knew what Liam was up to. Bill thinks that this is incredible disrespectful. He would never have treated Steffy that way.

Sally and Liam on the plane. Sally wants a minute with Liam. Liam has been thinking about this. They have a unique opportunity with the Spectra property. They could either modernize or start all over. Sally is grateful with all Liam has done. She really doesn’t think she could go to San Francisco with him. He has done too much already.

Wyatt is just worried about Liam. Wyatt wonders what Bill is without Spencer. This company has been in his life longer than they have. If you bring Brooke into this it doesn’t make it any easier. Katie knows that Bill doesn’t like to be left. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill does difficult. He just shakes it off. Wyatt wonders why Liam would risk all this to be the savior of Sally.

Saul wants to know why Sally would do this. Shirley thinks that Sally has a thing for Liam. Saul doesn’t think that is true. Shirley wants Sally to go for it. Saul reminds her that Liam is a married man. Shirley has been around long enough to know that marriage is not always permanent. Liam is going to realize how lucky he is to have Sally.

Steffy doesn’t want Liam going with Sally. He has done enough already. Bill thinks she is preaching the choir. Bill wishes he could fix things. Steffy tried to get through to Sally to stop being a victim and fix her own problems. She made it clear that she shouldn’t be flying with her husband.

Sally doesn’t think that there are words to express the generosity from Liam. It is way more than she ever expected. Liam thinks that what Bill did to her is not ok. Sally doesn’t think it is his job to fix it though. It is no secret that Bill has been out to get her. She thinks it is kind. She suggests that she just go back home and live a simple life. Liam doesn’t think she wants that. Sally thinks that this is all way too much.

Katie knows that Wyatt and Liam don’t see eye to eye. Wyatt loves him but he frustrates the hell out him. He always has to see the greater good and he is watching that slip away. Wyatt is seeing him pave his way to destruction. He comes roaring out intent on revenge.

Bill doesn’t recognize his own son anymore. Steffy knows nothing is more important to Liam than rebuilding Spectra. Not even his wife. Bill thinks that Liam is an idiot. Steffy is trying to be a friend and all she does is talk about herself. Bill doesn’t know where he would be without her friendship and support. He appreciates her more than he knows.

Liam wants to help Sally. He needs to. Sally asks why. Liam thinks that this meeting will help her so much. It will make Sally whole. She has to let him help her. Liam wants her to do this. Sally thinks that she has worked too hard for this and then all of a sudden Liam was there to give her a second chance. She wouldn’t have the building if it were not for him. Liam thinks that Sally would be so much farther along without Bill. Sally doesn’t think that Bill started the fire though. It was a terrible accident. She assumes it was an accident. She wonders what else it could be. Sally knows he says he keeps wanting to right a wrong. She knows that Bill has been trying to get her from the beginning. She asks if Bill had Spectra burned down. Sally cannot believe Bill was responsible. Liam admits that Bill did the fire. Liam couldn’t let him get away with it again. Liam wasn’t given much of a choice. Liam had to make it. He is sure that she wants to call the cops right now but he needs her not to say anything. Sally realizes that this is why Liam is in charge of the company and why they are even on this trip. Liam thinks that Bill did something disgusting. Sally cannot believe this. No one has ever done anything like this for her in her entire life. He has been a God sent to her. She hugs and kisses him.

Wyatt points out that Eric never said he would keep their secret. Katie thinks that he will. She is sure that Eric will give them warning if he does. Wyatt is going to need a lot of help with that. Wyatt knows that Bill’s reaction is nothing as bad as what he will do to Liam.

Bill would be a lot worse off if it were not for Steffy. Steffy cares about this family and Bill. Steffy has no word from Liam. He would text if he was not on the jet right now. Liam is a different person. She doesn’t even know her husband anymore. Sally is taking advantage of him. Bill knows that this is hurting Steffy. Steffy thinks that her husband is giving Sally all these gifts. Liam should know she cannot stand Sally. Bill thinks that to come after her is one thing but he should be lucky to have her. Steffy doesn’t feel like a prize. Bill thinks she is a grand prize. Bill has always known Steffy is a prize. She should never forget that. Bill thinks she is married to a mouse. Bill is sorry. He is at the end of his rope. Liam will not do anything. Bill will have his revenge.

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