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Written by Anthony

Steffy wonders if Liam honestly thinks it is ok for him to go on a romantic getaway to San Francisco. Liam doesn’t think that there is anything romantic and she would know if she came with them. Steffy doesn’t think it is romance. She doesn’t want Liam to be played by her. Liam doesn’t think that is going to happen. Steffy has literally told him that she is her arch rival. Liam thought that was a figure of speech. Liam wants to know what this has to do with him. Steffy thinks that he is her husband. Liam feels that he has a plan right now that is greater than either of them. This is separate from his obligations to her as a husband. This has nothing to do with her.

Sally asks Shirley if they agreed to stop stealing from Forrester. Shirley reminds her that Sally agreed. She is still on the fence. Sally thinks that it extends to the Forrester husbands. Shirley thinks that Steffy will dump him sooner or later. It is in her genes. There is no reason that she cannot put her big in early.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s living room. He wonders if he just doesn’t answer the door anymore. Bill doesn’t answer the door or even answer his mail. To many slimy reporters trying to get to him that way. Bill thinks that they smelled blood in the water from his in-son. Bill keeps shredding things. Bill wonders if he checked up on him. Wyatt is just glad that Bill has a new project. Bill just thought before he went to his needle printing class that he would destroy a few tax records that were too dangerous for the office. Bill is never going to be blind sided again. Bill asks if Wyatt has seen anyone today. He sees no one. Bill asks if he has seen Brooke. Wyatt hasn’t seen her. Bill thinks she is staying away for appearance sake. Bill wishes he could have left Spectra alone. He should just have let things happen.

Sally cannot believe that Shirley is asking her to do something so amoral. Shirley wants her to just let it happen. Liam has asked her to get away with him. Sally reminds her that it was to a meeting. Shirley thinks that Sally is beautiful and lights up when Liam walks into the room. Steffy is a cold fish. Shirley wonders how she can have respect for someone with zero respect for her.

Steffy doesn’t like this. Liam just told her not to take it personally. Steffy thinks that he has done everything he can to help Spectra succeed. Liam thinks that those days are over. Steffy guesses since it has been a few months since the last time they did it. Steffy wonders when this is going to be enough for him. Liam has been patting himself on the back for being this enlightened CEO with a conscience. He wants to think what it actually takes to create a change. He feels that this wasn’t enough. Liam saw what Sally was about to unveil. It wouldn’t have put Forrester out of business but it would have changed things. Liam asks what kind of restitution it would be to hand Sally this smoking pile of ashes. Bill payed a huge retainer for architects. The tower is not going to see the light of day anytime soon. Liam wants to give Sally what was stolen from her. Steffy reminds Liam that Sally didn’t own the building. He is giving her something she never had. He will never make a dent in changing things. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam owes Sally or her. It is Bill.

Wyatt looks at a book with Ivan the terrible. Bill was looking for things involving father child litigation. Wyatt cannot believe. Bill couldn’t sleep one night. Wyatt sees that mister terrible murdered his son. Bill is sure he was provoked. Wyatt tells Bill that Liam asked him to help run Spencer. He is not going to do that for Liam or Bill. He is much better being a disturber of the peace. Bill loves Liam but if he doesn’t quit this nonsense he will make sure that Liam wishes he didn’t know his name.

Liam is on the phone with Allison. He will be at the meeting.

Sally doesn’t always want to be who Shirley wants to be. Shirley explains that Steffy tricked him into marriage the first time. Then deserted him and ran off to Paris the second time. That is just one of the many things that her dedicated followers posted. Steffy walks in. She is here to help Sally learn how to use the word no.

Liam is looking at a story that he wishes was written from the perspective of a girl involved. A reporter says that Bill is not a fan of human interest stories. Wyatt walks in. He once told him that the readers like beauty, fear, sex, and food. Liam wants to see a companion piece about the doctor. Liam asks how Marsha his daughter is. He didn’t realize that he knew her name. He explains that they were able to get her help. He thanks him. Liam says of course. He leaves. Wyatt guesses that he is going to make the employees love him and then fall off the cliff with him. Bill says hello. Liam is sure that is a lie. Wyatt thought of a way for them to be useful. Wyatt wants to start scouting perspective sights for the Spencer tower. Liam thinks it will never happen. Liam thinks that it is wasteful and pointless. Wyatt thinks it will create hundreds of jobs. They are into a lot for the construction firm. Liam has Sally going with him to talk with them so she can use them instead.

Sally tells Shirley to go with Darlita and use the scanner. Sally assumes that Steffy is angry with her. Sally says that nothing is going on with Liam. Steffy doesn’t think that. She wonders how much she is willing to let others do for her. Sally knows nothing about renovating an old building. Steffy tells her to hire a contractor. Sally intended to do that. Steffy is sick and tired of people taking advantage of her husband. She says she is a CEO then she needs to act like one. Spectra is her job to fix not Liam’s. Sally has never asked Liam for anything. She did one ask him for a fair review but she thinks that Liam is aware of all the bad things that Bill did to her. She cannot blame the fire on Bill obviously though. She is trying to make up for all the misdeeds. She keeps telling Liam that this is too much but Liam wants her to say yes. Steffy wonders if she would accept a diamond neckless then. Sally wouldn’t. Steffy explains to her that the building cost Spencer tens of millions of dollars. She justifies taking that. She calls herself a business woman but she acts like a sugar baby using men. She wonders about the millions of dollars that Thomas gave her. Sally didn’t know that the line would burn. Steffy wants Sally to give back all the gifts and loans. She will have nothing same as before. Sally thinks that it is so easy for her to take the moral high ground when she has never dealt with adversity. Steffy really thought there was more to Sally.

Wyatt cannot believe that Liam gifted Sally a building. He gave her twice the amount it was worth already. Liam wants them to rework the design for a small fashion house. Then they have something to offer Spectra other than saying they burned down the building. Wyatt asks if he told Sally that Bill burned down the building. Liam didn’t. Wyatt asks if everyone is Liam’s family now because he obviously has no use for his actual family. Liam asked him to help run the business. Wyatt thinks he asked him to help kick Bill while he is down. Wyatt is good. He wonders about his wife. Wyatt doesn’t think that she is too happy about him taking this trip with Sally. He wonders if he wants to lose her or if he is just plain stupid.

Bill asks Steffy what is with Liam. He used to listen to Steffy. Steffy thinks the first year he would go in the opposite direction. Bill was always on her side. Bill has known her longer. Steffy knows that was true. Bill knows he was a self-righteous brat back then. It should have been a warning. Steffy informs Bill that he is taking Sally to San Francisco To meet with his architects to work on her building. Bill would never have done this if knew all this would happen. Steffy thinks that Bill lit this match and now it is going to burn. Bill remembers when he told Steffy that before kissing her passionately years ago. Steffy wonders what is wrong.

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