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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/4/17


Written By Anthony

In Brooke’s living room, Steffy tells Brooke that she spoke to Ridge and Bill. Brooke really didn’t want to be in this situation again. Steffy guesses she hasn’t decided what she is going to do. Brooke says that Ridge wants her to go back to him. Steffy knows that Ridge is pretty confident in that. He would be even more confident if he knew what Bill did to Spectra. Brooke cannot believe he did all of this just for a skyscraper. Steffy admits it is crazy. Bill does too. Steffy asks if she is really going to go back to Ridge.

Pam chases Bill into the CEO office. She tells him he is not supposed to come in. Ridge says that he can handle this. Bill doesn’t want any lemon bars. Ridge asks how he can help him. Ridge is not getting him another message to Brooke. Ridge asks what Bill did to push Brooke away.

Sally explains that if they hadn’t shown up when they did the fire could have taken the entire building to the ground. Shirley feels then at least they would know what is damaged or not. Sally wonders what the inspector said. Shirley wonders which one. Sally asks what is wrong with the pluming. Shirley has no idea. Liam shows up. He says that Darlita was not at his desk. Shirley is sure she went running when she heard a Spencer was here. Sally wants her to calm down. Liam asks what Sally’s schedule looks like. He is going to San Francisco and he wants her to come with him. Sally is shocked that Liam wants her to go away with him. Liam says for a business trip. Shirley wonders what kind of business he could have with her. Sally says that Liam is running Spencer. Liam wants Sally to meet some people there. Sally wants Shirley to find out where Darlita ran off too. Sally says that the investment in Spectra is a secret.

Ridge feels that it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. Bill didn’t appreciate his stunt at coming over to get Brooke’s things. Ridge hopes he understands that he screwed up.

Steffy guesses that taking off her ring was one way to show Bill she was serious. Brooke couldn’t wear it. She made Bill take it back. Brooke wonders what Bill said. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge is going to pressure her. Steffy asks about Bill. Brooke knows he doesn’t want to lose her. Brooke cares about Bill. She loves him. Steffy asks if she is prepared to end her marriage to him then.

Bill thinks that Ridge is not hearing him. His marriage to Brooke is not over. Brooke is just trying to sort through things. She needs her space and he is respecting that. Bill thinks that he is hanging around like a bug. Bill feels that Brooke needs a man that will fight for her. He is not going anywhere. Brooke will see that and understand what true devotion looks like. He thinks that they will get through it. He is not going to let anyone get in the way of that.

Steffy understands that Brooke is drawn to her father. Brooke has a history with him. Steffy knows that they have a son together and Brooke wants to forget all the chaos that Bill has caused. Brooke doesn’t think that Bill needed to build the skyscraper. Brooke cannot be the only thing that stops Bill from doing bad things. Steffy feels that they all make mistakes. She thinks that is why they take vows. You acknowledge that things are not perfect. Brooke does believe that Bill is sincere. Steffy thinks that Brooke could lose Bill forever.

Sally assumes that Bill is hating this. Liam doesn’t want her to worry about him anymore. Liam wants Sally to see what the company can do for her. She needs to have someone do this. This is not a do-it-yourself renovation. Sally is trying to produce a fantastic collection. Liam wonders if Shirley can help her. Sally says that Shirley is trying to cut so many corners that the building won’t have any. Liam wonders about Saul and Darlita. Sally explains that Saul is convinced the ceiling is falling in on them and Darlita wants disco lights and mirrors on it. Liam thinks that this is why she needs professionals. Sally guesses she cannot say no then. Sally guesses she is going to have to brush up on her architecture lingo. Sally wonders if Liam loves running a publishing empire. Liam says that being in charge gives him the power to make changes. That he loves. Sally doesn’t think that Spectra would exist if he didn’t give them the leg up. Sally wonders why it seems that Liam really wants them to succeed. Liam feels that they do better when they all help each other out. Sally will repay him every penny. She doesn’t know how to thank him. It is really not cliché to say that she cannot thank him enough.

Ridge should have gone to get Brooke something she likes for dinner. Ridge will go now. Brooke doesn’t want him to bother. Ridge will call RJ at the office to get it delivered here. Ridge can tell that Brooke is stressed. Brooke is tired. Ridge wants her to take as much time as she needs. He doesn’t want to experience life without her again.

Shirley asks Sally if she is going to San Francisco with Liam. Sally says that it is a business trip. The firm already had an agreement with Spencer so they know the location. Sally thinks that Liam is just trying to help out. Sally thinks that it is sweet. Sally thinks that the boy is hot. Shirley thinks she is going on a trip the handsome and powerful Liam Spencer. Sally wonders how Steffy will feels about that

Steffy was honest with Brooke. She needs to know what will happen. Liam doesn’t think that Brooke needs to be told what Bill is capable of. Steffy wants Brooke to be aware of the stakes. Steffy wants Brooke to be sure of what she wants for her sake. Bill is not going to give her more than a few chances. Steffy wants to talk about his trip. She wishes she could go. Liam asked Sally to go with him. Steffy looks angry.

Ridge has learned his lesson. He is not going to let her down again. Brooke thinks if they learned their lesson they wouldn’t have to say that. Ridge wants her to tell him when he is ready. Brooke might be really old by then. Brooke could lose her memory. Ridge thinks that is a good thing. She would forget all the stupid things he did. Brooke is flattered. She guesses some things will never change

Steffy cannot believe that Liam is taking Sally to San Francisco. Liam says that the retainer is non-refundable. Sally needs help. Steffy thinks that Liam has given her to much already. Liam thinks that she needs help. Steffy guesses it has to come from him. Shirley knows that Sally doesn’t care about this business trip. If she does then she shouldn’t. Sally thinks that she is his wife. Sally doesn’t want to fight for her. Sally thinks that Liam is being generous. Sally thinks that Steffy is the most powerful woman around. Shirley can tell that Sally likes Liam. Sally thinks she is imagining. Shirley doesn’t think that Liam is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Liam is the one for her. She is sure of it.

Steffy gets that Sally needs help but wonders why it has to come from him. He has already done enough. Way more than Sally deserves.

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