B&B Tuesday Update 10/3/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/3/17


Written by Anthony

Katie freaks out when she sees Eric walking into her living room. She wasn’t expecting him. Eric asks what is new.

Mateo better get back to work. He thinks that it was nice to meet Sheila. Sheila asks Mateo to come in. She has a little job for him where he can make some money if he is interested. Mateo wonders what kind because it would have to be nights or weekends as he is full-time here now. He says that Eric made him estate manager. Sheila thinks that is impressive. Quinn walks in. Sheila tells him not to let Quinn know she is here. She doesn’t like her at all. When he is done they can talk about their arrangement. Quinn asks if Mateo spoke to Eric about his promotion. Mateo thanks her. She thinks it is well deserved. She asks if he told his girlfriend. She is sure that she is so happy. Mateo explains they are not together anymore. Quinn is so sorry. She didn’t know. Quinn is sure that some lucky lady will find him irresistible. She loves all the organic additions to the garden. Mateo explains that if there is anything she needs to just let him know. Quinn will.

Eric didn’t mean to interrupt. Katie wants Wyatt to help her out. Wyatt says that she lost a contact. Eric wants him to give it up. He admits that it is a little surprised. He wonders how long this has been going on. Katie says since Monaco. This is very casual. Eric is not judging them. Eric wonders if Bill knows. Wyatt says no. Katie thinks that would be awkward. Katie doesn’t think they want anyone to know about this. Wyatt says especially Quinn. Wyatt wants to be the one to tell Quinn if and when it is appropriate. He asks if Eric can live with not telling her.

Mateo better get back to work. He has a couple companies coming to talk about the pool. Quinn cannot tell him how happy she is that he is maintaining the estate full-time now. Quinn is going to go upstairs and work. They accidently bump heads. Quinn is going to go upstairs. She leaves. Sheila walks back in. Mateo hopes that she is alright. Sheila thinks that if she is seeing stars it is not because they bumped heads. Sheila thinks that they can help one another. She thinks that Sheila should come talk to her about this after he is done. She gives him her address. Mateo thanks her. Sheila wants this kept between them. Sheila will see him later.

Katie guesses it is not their little secret anymore. Wyatt wonders if Eric can keep it. Katie doubts that he will tell Bill. Wyatt doesn’t want Bill finding out about this right now. Wyatt kisses Katie. Katie likes this. She is not sure that Quinn would feel the same. Wyatt doesn’t think that Eric was reassuring when they asked him not to say anything. Katie isn’t sure that Eric can keep a secret from his wife.

Quinn tells Eric she was looking for him. She kisses him. Quinn says that Mateo was very happy about the job. Eric thinks he has earned it. Eric was just dealing with some business. Quinn asks what is going on.

Katie hates putting Eric in this position. Wyatt is just not ready to tell the world yet. Wyatt does want to tell people but two people in particular are going to go ballistic if they find out. Katie suggests they reconsider this. Katie thinks that this has been fun and only ever supposed to be fun. Katie loves this. It is sweet and sexy but it is just an infatuation. Wyatt thinks that it is more than that to him. She is beautiful and sexy as hell but that is just the icing on the cake. They are truly there for one another. He asks if he knows how rare that is. She is driving him absolutely crazy. He kisses her.

Eric takes a little stroll and she automatically thinks that something is going on. Quinn points out that they do have an incredibly annoying neighbor named Katie Logan. She gets the impression that Katie looks out her window for daily Eric sightings. Eric promises that Katie has no interest in him. Quinn asks how he can be so naïve in that one area. Eric thinks that since Quinn came into his life he cannot even think of another woman. Quinn wants to rearrange some of the furniture in here. Quinn throws her back out. Eric is going to get some ice. He doesn’t want her to move.

Sheila unveils her finished painting. She thinks of her wedding to Eric. Mateo knocks on the door. She asks him to come in. Mateo sees the picture… He asks what the job she needs done. Sheila says that this is a job that can make a lot of money. She watched him with Quinn. She is a beautiful woman. She is sure that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help her out. Sheila wonders how Mateo ended up as the estate manager. Mateo applied and it pays pretty well. Sheila can pay better. His family will be able to live much better. Sheila thinks it is simple. He just has to work closely with Quinn.

Katie and Wyatt kiss. Wyatt admits they just got busted but it could have been worse. Katie guesses it could have been Bill. Wyatt isn’t worried. Katie doesn’t know what to do with any of this. She has been fighting feelings since Monaco. Katie is not judging this. He makes her feel beautiful and sexy and wanted. She likes it. They kiss each other again.

Mateo already works closely with Quinn. Sheila holds out a wad of cash. She says that there is a lot more where this came from. A hundred thousand. Mateo thinks that it would be incredible. Mateo is not going to do anything illegal. Sheila loves Eric. She was his wife once. She knows he is married to Quinn but if she was a good wife she wouldn’t be asking him to do this. She cheated with Ridge. Sheila thinks that Quinn has a thing for him. She thinks that his obvious charm can help him make a move. Mateo would be fired if he found out. Sheila thinks that this painting would look better above the mantle at the Forrester house. Sheila gives Mateo to take the money even if he doesn’t want the job. If he does though then there is a lot more where this came from. Mateo thanks her. Sheila thanks him. She thinks that Eric will thank him as well.

Eric thinks the ice pack should help. He asks if it is any better. Quinn thinks that it still hurts. Eric thinks that his wife’s portrait will always hang over the fire place. Quinn guesses so long as she is his last wife. Eric cannot imagine ever taking it down.

Sheial rubs her painting. She says she will be his wife again. She starts wickedly laughing.

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