B&B Monday Update 10/2/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/2/17


Written by Anthony

Quinn thinks that a piece of jewelry is inspired. She thinks that a piece that Ivy did is beautiful. She should stay away from the office more often. Ivy thanks her. She heard that things were also going well with her and Eric. Quinn assumes that Ridge told her that. Ivy thinks that Ridge seems very happy about family for the moment. Quinn admits that she is as well. Especially, about her marriage. She thinks that this is all behind them now. Ivy thinks that she seems happy like she is at peace. Quinn is. It doesn’t hurt that they have not heard from Sheila in a while.

Sheila is working at a restaurant. She is getting tips from one of the servers. Sheila thanks her for the tip. Someone else comes over and informs Sheila that she is doing an excellent job. It is hard to believe she has only been here a week. Sheila is glad that he is so happy. He thinks that their regulars have had nothing but great things to say about her. Sheila thinks that it is great to work here. He wishes for her to keep up on her good work. Sheila thanks him. Katie shows up and Sheila notices. She hides behind a bush.

Mateo asks Eric if he needs to see him. Eric thanks him for coming to the main house. Mateo was just helping one of the pool boys. Eric doesn’t think that this will take long. He has been very impressed with the work he has done around here lately. Mateo thanks him. Eric thinks it is time they discuss his future here. He is very happy with the changes he has made such as changing the pool to salt water. He thanks Mateo for all he has done. His wife is very much into organic solutions. She is just as impressed with him as he is.

Quinn is so grateful that Eric was able to see through Sheila. Despite, how generous and forgiving she is, the woman is dangerous. Ivy asks how she could be certain she is gone. Quinn agrees that she makes a good point. She just doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. If she does try anything again she will not get her fangs into her.

Wyatt walks over to Katie. He is so sorry he is late. Katie promises that she just got here. Wyatt guesses they should have gotten a reservation. Katie and him are flirting and Sheila picks up on this.

Mateo has all the gardeners using organic fertilizers. Eric can see that this not just a job for him. He can tell that he believes in this passionately. Eric explains that his family is very important to him as he imagines it is for him. Managing an estate this large is a big responsibility. To find someone he can actually trust is important to him. His family is big and while they don’t all live here they all consider this a safe haven. He likes all the changes around here. He appreciates his work ethic. Eric wants to make him the official estate manager. Mateo accepts. Mateo promises not to let him down.

Quinn should have stayed home with Eric. She thinks that Ivy is handling things beautifully here. Ivy tells her to stop. She might actually believe her compliments. Ivy is just happy that Quinn and Eric are happy. Quinn thinks she figured out Sheila’s plan. Sheila was clever about it. That is why she never believed her. She needed to keep Eric away from Sheila. Wherever, Sheila is, trouble follows.

Sheila continues to watch Wyatt and Katie. The server that was talking to Sheila earlier says that there will be another twenty minutes wait. Wyatt thinks that is ok. He doesn’t mind the company. Wyatt is dying to kiss her right now. Katie says that they don’t know who could be watching. Katie doesn’t think he could stop at a friendly kiss on the cheek. Wyatt suggests that they go to her place for sandwiches. Wyatt suggests they skip lunch altogether. Katie wonders if Liam fired him. Wyatt says that his brother asked him to run the company with him. He said his loyalty is with Bill no matter what he has done. He doesn’t want to talk about that now. Wyatt wants something to tie him over until later. Katie gives him a kiss. Sheila sees this. She gives an evil smiles while watching.

Quinn thinks that all the long hours that Ivy has been putting in cannot be good for her social life. Ivy explains that she is not going to say anything. Quinn thinks whoever it is she hopes it works out because she deserves to be happy. Quinn wonders about Wyatt. Ivy asks if Wyatt is dating anyone. Quinn doesn’t think so which worries her because she wants him to be with someone. Ivy assumes he could be keeping it quiet. Quinn says they always share things. If he was seeing someone then she would know.

Wyatt and Katie are kissing in her living room. Wyatt asks if anyone is home. Katie says it is just them. Katie promised him lunch so she should probably whip something up. Wyatt wants to just focus on them.

Eric is sketching and someone knocks on the door. It is Sheila. Eric asks what she is doing here. Sheila is not causing him any trouble. She asks if she can come in. Eric thought she left LA. Sheila assumes he means after he kicked her out. She says that there have been some changes in her life since then. She asks if Quinn is home. Eric explains Quinn is at work. Sheila can make this brief. Eric lets her in. Eric wonders what the change is. Sheila got a job as a waitress. It isn’t her dream position but it is wonderful. She wants him to know that she is doing what is best for her life now. She knows it is not going to happen over night. Mateo walks back in and informs him that he fixed his pressure shower. Eric explains he is head of keeping the house. Sheila explains that she saw something she never would have believed if she didn’t see it with her own eyes. Quinn’s son was kissing Katie Logan. Eric asks if she really saw Wyatt and Katie kissing. Sheila explains that they were waiting for a table. She swears it was true. Eric wonders why she is telling him this. Sheila doesn’t want to hide anything from him. Sheila assumes that Quinn doesn’t know. Sheila wonders if he will tell her. Eric proposes that it was a friendly kiss. Sheila thinks that it was a true kiss. Sheila left work to see Eric and they happened to be stuck in traffic next to her and on their way to Katie’s house. Sheila knows that Wyatt is. She suggests that he go see for himself.

Katie and Wyatt kiss passionately on the couch. Katie asks if he is positive he doesn’t want lunch. Wyatt thinks that this is all he wants right now.

Sheila goes to leave and Mateo is at the door. He asks if Eric is here. Sheila wonders if there is something he forgot to tell him. Sheila thinks that he will be right back. He is just next door. Sheila thinks that he is certainly handsome. He says it is a pleasure to meet her. Sheila thinks the pleasure is all hers. She smiles.

Quinn is so blessed to have Eric in her life. She wants Wyatt to have the same thing. She wants him to have a woman who makes him just as happy.

Katie is going to put some music on. Wyatt doesn’t like her taste in music. The two start to kiss to one of the songs he likes. Eric knocks on the door and tries calling her. Eric calls for Katie. Katie and Wyatt continue to kiss. Eric walks in as they are kissing and the two are freaked out.

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