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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/29/17


Written by Anthony

Bill thinks that Steffy means that. Steffy does. As long as she is around Bill has a friend. Bill guesses that he better keep, her around then. Steffy thinks he should. Bill appreciates what she did. Steffy needed that bike ride as much as he did. They are helping each other out. Bill didn’t think she did so bad herself out there. She is a motor cycle mama.

Liam thinks that Bill’s way of doing things is wrong. They got used to looking the other way. They excuse every terrible thing he did. He didn’t mean to lie, cheat, and steal. He is tired of pretending that is normal. Liam wants him to run the company with him. He asks what Wyatt says. He asks if they should do this.

Brooke thanks Ridge again. Ridge asks for what. Brooke means moving her home out of Bill’s. Ridge thinks it is his favorite hobby to move her back home after a marital mishap. He asks Brooke what Bill did. Ridge suggests that it might help to talk about it. Brooke has talked and talked and talked. Ridge suggests that she talk to a friend and not the guy who screwed up. Brooke thinks that this is really difficult for her. She needs to process it. She wants to make the right choice for herself. Ridge will support any choice that brings her home.

Wyatt laughs at running the company together. Liam thinks that the Spencer brothers in charge is the way it should be. Wyatt thinks that he is serious right now. Liam thinks that they make a great team. Liam is going into this blind. There is a lot he can learn. Liam doesn’t think that this is about Bill. It is about Spencer and running it the way it should be run. This is a new era. They are at the top. There is nothing stopping them.

Bill hands Steffy a beer. Steffy asks if they are enjoying a cool beer after an afternoon ride or are they just getting drunk. Bill can only speak for himself. An afternoon ride. He wonders who would ever think. He is supposed to be at work making money. Steffy is sure that Bill will work things out. She asks if there is any way to be more than just confident.

Brooke asks if Ridge is looking for something. Ridge is just remembering how much more room she has here. It makes his loft look really small. Brooke thinks it is good for one person. Ridge asks if she knows anyone in the area who is looking to rent a room. Brooke think sit might be too soon for that. Brooke knows what he is implying. Ridge thinks that it is too soon for that. Ridge just wants to be the person she can lean on. Brooke thinks that he will have to visit her here more than at work because she is cutting back her hours. Ridge doesn’t think she can do that. Brooke wants to work part time. Ridge thinks that she is a full time Forrester. She always will be.

Wyatt wants to know if Liam has really thought this through. Wyatt thinks that this is Bill’s world. Neither of them are ready to take over the company. Liam wants him to speak for himself. They have plenty of experience between them. They will figure things out as they go. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is a club they are running in high school. This is a multi-billion dollar business. There could be consequences if they fail. Liam doesn’t think they will fail. Liam has run the numbers. Wyatt thinks that buying Spectra and gifting it back to Spectra is a huge gamble. Wyatt feels that some gambles are for a good cause. Wyatt thinks that Sally is not a cause. Wyatt will not be Liam’s right hand man. His money is on Bill. He has a feeling that payback is going to be a bitch.

Steffy wonders if they will ride tomorrow. Bill says his schedule is wide open. They have a date for tomorrow. He calls her motor cycle mama again. Steffy is not so sure if that is the best nickname for her. Bill realizes and is so sorry. Steffy thinks that it is fine. Steffy admits they have been trying to get pregnant. No luck though. Bill would like to be able to see their children. Steffy doubts that there will be any tension between them then. She is not even pregnant yet. Bill thought he would do the grandparent thing with Brooke at his side. Steffy feels that if Brooke doesn’t come back to him then it is her loss. She can guarantee that the next woman to come in his life will make him forget that Brooke ever existed.

Brooke thinks that Ridge makes it sound so easy. She is just supposed to throw herself into her work and then her troubles will just go away. Ridge thinks it worked for him every time he lost her. Brooke wonders if Forrester really needs her. There is a lot of young blood there. Ridge thinks that the company is what it is because of four people. Eric, Stephanie, himself, and Brooke. The new people know they have their jobs because of them. He asks where they would be without the belief formula, or he men’s line, or Brooke’s bedroom. To this day it is still the best-selling line they have had. She belongs with them. Ridge doesn’t care what Bill did. It doesn’t matter. He was given the most amazing gift and threw it away. He is not happy but he is grateful that he showed his true colors. Ridge thinks that they share a lot of stuff. Their worlds are the same. Ridge thinks that Brooke is Forrester Creations. She should never forget that.

Liam doesn’t think that Wyatt can go through life worrying about revenge from Bill. Wyatt cannot and he will not. As long as he doesn’t put his stamp of approval through with Bill he won’t. Liam wants him to do the right thing. Wyatt doesn’t think that blackmail is the right thing. Wyatt thinks that Bill was wrong but he regrets it. Liam doubts it. Wyatt wishes that Liam had a little regret in his voice. Liam doesn’t though. Wyatt has never seen Bill this angry before. He will get back at him and he can count on that. Wyatt can bet that he will hurt him in ways that he will never have imagined.

Bill wants to know how forgiveness comes so easily for Steffy. Steffy wouldn’t do this just for anyone. Steffy knows that he is not a jerk in real life. She thinks he is a teddy bear or maybe a grizzly bear. The Spencer’s wouldn’t be who they are if it wasn’t for his leadership. She will not let the family implode on itself. Bill wants a woman as smart and beautiful in his family on his side.

Brooke admits that Forrester is her home. They both know it. She just wishes that there was something she could sink her teeth into. Ridge says that she could do lingerie. Brooke thinks that Steffy is doing just fine with that. Ridge says that she is co-CEO. She is busy and she would be happy if Brooke took over again. Ridge thinks that Brooke enjoyed the attention a little. He feels that Bill took that from her. Ridge wants Brooke to find her space again. Ridge would love to see her dressed up in that stuff again. He thinks it inspires him. Ridge wants her around. He wants her passion around. Not just in the office. Brooke needs some time. Ridge just sometimes feels like they have wasted enough time already. He was foolish and reckless. He has learned his lesson. He wants her to come home. He always figured it would be the two of them in the end.

Liam gets that Bill is hurt and might lash out. He can handle whatever Bill throws at him. Wyatt is worried about Liam. He is in a fantasy land and doesn’t make any sense. Bill will never be proud of him for blackmailing him and taking all his money. He wants him to listen. He needs to listen to Steffy. He needs to back down and make things right with Bill. He doesn’t want Bill as an enemy.

Steffy doesn’t think that Bill can keep up. Bill can more than keep up. Steffy thinks that things will work out between him and Liam. Steffy thinks that Brooke is the woman worthy enough for Bill. If not then someone else will cross his path.

Liam appreciates Wyatt’s return but he needs to calm down. Bill can consider him an enemy but there is nothing left that Bill can do.

Bill thinks that today has been just what he needed. He holds Steffy’s cheek while saying this.

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