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Written by Anthony

Bill doesn’t think that they should be father against son. Liam thinks that he deserves some credit for keeping him out of prison. Bill believes that threatening to put him in prison doesn’t really help. Bill wants him to erase the recording so they can have a meaningful conversation. Liam thinks that Bill’s motivation would change. Bill thinks that they would make a good team. Liam doesn’t think that he thought that before. Steffy wonders if that is fair. He made him president of Spencer. Wyatt adds that was before he made himself CEO. Liam asks how big of a crowed Bill has there. Bill explains that it is just Wyatt. They are family so he wanted to fill him in. Liam assumes that Wyatt thought that arson was good for business. Wyatt doesn’t agree with that but doesn’t think he is making things better with blackmail. Wyatt wants him to delete the recording. He wants them to act like a family.

Brooke asks what Ridge, RJ, Maya, and Rick are doing. She thought that they were at work. Pam was convinced they were all in some sort of horrible accident. RJ explains that Ridge wanted to get her stuff. Rick says that they already have her partially unpacked. Maya just hopes they are putting everything in the right places. Coco walks in with a flower arrangement. Ridge says they are from him. Rick welcomes Brooke home. Brooke thinks that this is really sweet of them. She never expected this would happen. Ridge is sure that she is glad to be home. Brooke thanks them all so much.

Wyatt thinks that Bill has messed up. He asks if Liam has ever made a mistake. Liam doesn’t think it was a mistake. It was a calculated attempt to build a business. Bill doesn’t think the Forrester building was ever worth fifty million dollars. Liam thinks that the purchase offer was made by him only a few months ago. Bill wishes that he would just erase the recording so they can start over. Liam cannot do that. Bill asks why not. Liam thinks that he has broken to many promises and what he is asking gives him license to keep doing it.

Wyatt will talk to Liam. Bill feels that they have his answer. He might be able to make peace with it if Brooke was here.

Steffy suggests that Bill was disconnected. Liam knows that he was angry. Steffy knows that he remembers but when they turned their backs on Eric and the wedding that was almost the end of the Forrester family. Liam points out that it wasn’t. Her family has Eric. His family is run be an egomaniac. Liam has a lot of stuff to do. Liam has an obligation to her and their future children against anything that man can do. She takes that seriously.

Coco tells RJ that it is really sweet what RJ and his family are doing for Brooke. RJ feels that is what Forrester’s do. Coco wonders what will happen now that she is no longer with Bill. Coco thinks it be crazy to break up and make up so much. RJ suggests they never break up then. Coco agrees. Rick asks Brooke and Maya how it went upstairs. Maya think that she approves. Brooke didn’t think that they had to go to all this trouble. Rick is happy that Ridge is helping them today. Ridge is just glad he doesn’t have to finish the tunnel he started to break Brooke out of Bill’s house. RJ knows that this cannot be easy but they are all glad that Brooke is home. It wasn’t the same without her.

Liam plays the recording to himself again. Wyatt is at the door. Wyatt explains that Allison said that he was expecting him. Liam sees he is here. Wyatt asks if it was a mistake for Bill to trust him and give him everything. Liam doesn’t think that shaming him will work. Wyatt asks if he doesn’t think it will work because he is morally superior to everyone. Liam asks what drives Wyatt. Greed and vanity? Liam feels that someone could have died. Wyatt thinks it does drive with him. Life is not a game show where if you are right then you get all the prizes. He asks if Liam forgets who he is and where he came from. Liam believes that will take a bit longer.

Steffy wonders why Bill’s housekeeper just asked if Ridge sent her. Bill explains that he was here today. He was picking up Brooke’s things. He told the maid to tell him that he was gone. Steffy is sorry. Bill is not going to hold Brooke hostage. He is not a squatter like Ridge. Steffy really did try to fix things. Bill knows she did and he appreciates it. Bill doesn’t think that anyone can get through to Liam if Steffy cannot. Bill thanks Steffy for being on his side. Steffy is on the side of putting this all behind them. Bill remembers when you are a kid that if you do certain things it will stunt their growth. Bill thinks he must have done something because he never fully grew up. He never felt he had to listen to anyone. No one ever had the right to tell him what to do. No one had the right to tell them that they owe him. Real life means owing someone something. Like how he owes Steffy.

Maya thinks that this lunch is fabulous. Coco explains that her grandmother owned a bakery so she knew how to make quiche before she could spell it. RJ thinks some of them should go back to work. Rick guesses they should go check on things. Brooke just wanted to say that she loves them all very much. Rick knows that Brooke didn’t desert them when she married Bill but this family was broken without Brooke at the center of it. Maya thinks that it is true.

Bill wonders if Steffy thinks that Brooke is going back to Ridge. Steffy honestly doesn’t know. Bill thinks that Steffy should go. Bill cannot stand himself this way. Steffy thinks it is ok to feel sad. Bill doesn’t think in front of someone. Steffy guesses they need a change of scenery. Steffy asks what was the last time he took his hog out of the road.

Wyatt asks if Liam doesn’t want to be his brother anymore. Liam asks how he can think that. Liam points out that he has forgotten who he is and where he came from. He left him out of his plans. Liam knew that Wyatt would sign with him. Wyatt doesn’t but unlike people, buildings are disposable. Liam never thought of him as disposable. Wyatt thinks that if he takes Bill out of the equation then he wonders what connects them. Wyatt thinks that Liam has his own sky way office with a view halfway to Japan. He has a Malibu beach house with a woman of his dreams and an electric car that is so good for the environment. He is not deprived. Liam sure has money but he wonders where it came from. Liam thinks that it came from taking smaller papers out of business and neglecting employee benefits and hiring lowlifes to start accidental fires. Wyatt doesn’t see him taking money out of his bank account to pay for it. Liam is is going to take Bill’s dirty money and do something good with it. Wyatt points out that it is through blackmail. Wyatt doesn’t think that purity exists. Wyatt tells Liam that he stinks just as much as the rest of them.

Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge had to stay. Ridge doesn’t think that he had to leave either. Brooke thinks it was so wonderful what they all did for her. Ridge asks if he could have the boxes so he can use them. Brooke asks if Ridge is moving again. Ridge thinks that some of the bad things about a hotel is that it is a hotel. Brooke thinks he is running away from something. Ridge is back at his loft. It just doesn’t feel like home. The only places that feel like home are his father’s house and here. Ridge is not trying to do anything. He wants to know what he can do to help Brooke. Brooke thinks that he is already doing it.

Liam likes Wyatt’s loyalty. The only person he has ever turned against his him. Wyatt will admit to that. For a long time they never thought they would see eye to eye. Liam asks if he was sitting in this chair that he would want Bill to comeback. Wyatt believes that the only reason that Liam was able to oust Bill was because of the training that Bill gave him. Liam wants to add the motivation. Liam couldn’t stand by and watch as Bill did this. Liam asks what happened to Thomas. Wyatt thinks that Thomas went back to Caroline because she is the mother of his child. He asks how that is Bill’s fault. Liam says that Bill told Thomas that Caroline had a fatal disease. Liam explains it was a lie. Thomas bought it though because Caroline was willing to go along with it. Wyatt thinks that this is crazy. Liam agrees. Wyatt thinks that what he did was wrong but Liam is wrong to commit blackmail. He asks why Liam cannot see this is wrong. Liam thinks that Steffy will stand by him unlike Wyatt because he is scared of Bill. Liam is doing good things. Good things are happening at Spencer. He wonders if Wyatt wants to be a part of that.

Steffy thinks that Bill is good on two wheels. Bill hasn’t been on a bike for over a year. Steffy asks how he is doing. Bill is ok. Bill is better. It was fun. Steffy knew it would be. It didn’t solve anything. Steffy thinks it pushes away the bad stuff for a while. Bill asks himself what is left. Steffy thinks his sons. Bill doesn’t have all of them. Steffy guesses his friends. Bill is not well stocked in that department. Steffy promises so long as she is around he is alright in that department.

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