B&B Wednesday Update 9/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/27/17


Written By Anthony

Bill and Steffy hug each other. Bill is not really comfortable with anyone seeing him this way. Steffy thinks that it is fortunate it is just her. She thinks he is human and going through a painful time. It is ok to feel vulnerable. She wants him to go through this. Bill thanks her for listening. Steffy thinks that is why she is here.

Liam shows up at Spectra. Sally is glad that he stopped by. Sally takes him into her office and it is completely remodeled and updated after the fire. Liam is shocked she did all of this. Sally says it was with some help from some friends. It is a work in progress. Liam thinks it is incredible. Sally thinks it is getting there and it is all because of Liam.

Wyatt is shocked that Brooke left Bill for good. Katie guesses so. She took the rings off and the marriage is over. Wyatt thought they just got married. Wyatt thinks that what he did must have been bad. He asks if Brooke told him anything. Wyatt thinks that something is up. He thinks that Bill’s whole life lately has been putting up the skyscraper in LA. They both know that as soon as Bill wants something he will stop at nothing to get it. Then he takes time off and gives Liam the business. None of this makes sense. This all started around the time of the Spectra fire. Wyatt wonders what is wrong. Katie didn’t say anything. Wyatt just mentioned the fire and she had a look on her face. He asks if there is a connection here. He wonders if this is related to the Spectra fire.

Liam doesn’t think you can even tell that there was a fire. Sally thinks the building has a little makeup on it. Sally thinks the rest of the ship needs some work though. She feels that this is a fresh start though. Liam cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Sally cannot thank him enough for this.

Bill lose so much so quickly. His son and company. His wife walked out on him. Steffy doesn’t think he can just stop fighting her. Now she is gone. Steffy wants to do whatever she can to help.

Wyatt asks if Bill is responsible for the fire. Katie says that she had to learn this the hard way. He shouldn’t ask questions he doesn’t want to know. Wyatt just needs to know if he was involved. Katie doesn’t think that this is her place to get involved. Katie cannot talk about this with him. Wyatt hates that he has to put her in this position. Wyatt knows he caused the fire. He thinks that is the only thing that makes sense to him. Katie starts crying. She cannot say it. Wyatt knows all this is drama. He knows that this must be why Liam is running Spencer.

Sally says that the entire building needs to be up to code. She will not have bad luck happen. Sally is going to get the best insurance policy. This building has to pass inspection. Liam knows she has the money. Sally has a loan but she never realized how much it would cost. Liam asks what she needs. Sally says she needs an architect and a builder. A real builder, not just Saul and Darlita hammering nails. Sally asks if he has a jack hammer and nails. Liam thinks that he might be able to help her.

Bill knows that the Spectra fire was wrong. Bill believes that Liam blackmailing him was wrong. Steffy claims that Liam thought it was for the best. Bill cannot believe that Liam gave away the building. It cost him tens of millions of dollars. Steffy thinks some of this is a long time coming. Bill can understand him doing good. If that means having his son back then he can meet him in the middle. Bill doesn’t think that Steffy gives up. Steffy promises that they will heal this divide. Bill thinks that Liam is lucky to have Steffy. He thinks she is good at advice. He appreciates the support. Bill is lucky to have her as a Spencer. Steffy says that she will always be a Forrester at heart. Bill still thinks she is a wonderful person and not half bad to look at. He doesn’t know where Liam and him would be without Steffy. Steffy thinks that Bill and Liam love each other. They have a father/ son bond. Bill wants to overcome this as a family. Bill better get out of here before the boss gets back. Steffy wants to do whatever he can to help. Bill looks back at Steffy and smiles.

Sally would love to hear how Liam can help. Liam says that the firm that was going to build Spencer, he could introduce them to her. The only issue is that they are in San Francisco. Sally asks if they would be up for them. Liam thinks that it would be nothing to them. Sally doesn’t know what to say. Liam thinks she deserves it. Sally will pay him back. Sally thanks him so much. She hugs him.

In his living room, Bill is with Wyatt. Wyatt would have called… Bill doesn’t think he needs a formal invitation to say hello to his dad. Wyatt knows what is going on and wonders how he could do this. He cannot believe that he burned down Spectra. He put this together himself. He wonders why he always loses control. Bill wants him to take a number. Liam is pissed and Brooke walked out on him. He screwed up. Wyatt cannot believe he handed this all over to Liam. Bill did not hand him anything. He took it. Wyatt asks how. Bill says how does he think. Wyatt asks if he blackmailed him. Wyatt wonders if he is serious. Bill was forced out of his own company. Wyatt guesses this is why he feels so high and mighty. Bill is not letting him do anything. He has him on tape. He thought they were having a private conversation but instead he was being recorded by the little snitch. He shouldn’t have ordered Spectra to be burned down but he doesn’t deserve to lose everything including his wife. Wyatt asks if she will change her mind. Brooke cannot accept it according to Bill. He cannot change things. He thinks that Liam stabbing him in the back is unforgivable. He gave them both everything. He cannot believe he has been screwed over. Bill will hit Liam so hard that he will not know what happened. Wyatt doesn’t want Bill to do something he will regret. Bill will get Liam out. Wyatt asks why Liam doesn’t realize he would be putting Bill away for years. Bill doesn’t think he cares. Bill wants to know what he did to him that would make him act this way. Wyatt doesn’t know. He asks if Bill has heard about Liam’s new policies. Bill has heard everything including his stupid farm on his roof. Wyatt cannot imagine that Steffy is happy about this. Bill says that Steffy is trying to get them to reconcile. Steffy understands the bonds of family. That is exactly what Liam has done. He is going to regret it.

Sally starts to decorate her office. She looks around and starts to think about how she just thanked Liam. She smiles.

Steffy tells Liam that Bill is willing to work with him. He supports the changes he is making. Liam doesn’t believe that. Steffy wants them to sit down and speak. Liam thinks that Bill will take everything. Liam gets a call. Bill is on the line on speaker. Bill is sorry things got so heated. He is just calling to say that he understands why he is angry. Bill thinks that they could work together. They would be great together. Bill asks if they can stop with all of this blackmail. He wants to run Spencer as a team. Bill wants him to erase the tape. He knows he has it on his phone. Wyatt does. He places it for Bill. Steffy rolls her eyes in disbelief. Bill asks if there is anyone in the office with her. Liam says Steffy. Steffy wants them to just move on. Bill thinks that Liam has to destroy the recording and do it now.

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