B&B Tuesday Update 9/26/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/26/17


Written by Anthony

Sharon walks into Liam’s office and explains that she knows he is swamped and doesn’t want to take up to much of his time. Liam doesn’t want her to worry about it. She is still adjusting to the changes. She just wanted to thank him so much. The benefit plan he put into play has helped her family so much. They can now put money towards college funds. Liam is happy to hear that. She has put a lot of good years into the company. They shake hands and she leaves. Bill walks in as she walks out. Bill closes the door. Liam sits down. Liam asks what he can do for him. Bill informs Liam that this ends today. He has had enough.

In Brooke’s living room, Rick asks Brooke what Bill did for her to end her marriage. Brooke says that he is not the man that she thought he was or expected her to be. Rick admits that he is glad she is home. Katie shows up. She wanted to check on her in person. She notices she is not wearing her rings. Katie hugs Brooke.

Ridge asks Ivy how the collection is coming along. Ivy says good. She will have some new pieces for him by the end of day tomorrow. Ridge thinks that it hasn’t gone unnoticed that she has been putting in a lot of hours. Steffy says they appreciate it. Ridge notes that Quinn does as well. Ivy admits that she loves doing it. She asks how Quinn and Eric are. Ridge thinks that they are great. Ridge wants to keep working on putting the family back together. Eric has forgiven him. Steffy thinks that is great. Ridge feels the greatest news of all is that Brooke has left Bill. Ivy asks if Brooke has really ended her marriage to Bill. Ridge says she walked out on him. Ivy is shocked. This is all so sudden. Ivy asks what this means for Ridge and Quinn. Ridge is not sure yet. Ivy asks if they are good. Steffy says that they are. Ivy leaves. Steffy asks if Ridge is projecting. She thought the separation was temporary. Ridge says that Brooke took off her rings and is back at her house.

Katie wants to know what Bill did. Brooke doesn’t answer. Maya thinks it must be pretty serious. Rick is not shocked. Bill always ends up being Bill. Katie wants to know what he did. Brooke explains that Bill let her down in ways that she never imagined.

Liam thinks that Bill wasted his time coming here. Bill thinks that is his chair and his company. He will not blackmail him out of here. He will resign as CEO effective immediately.

Steffy thinks that is what married couples do. They fight and leave and then make up. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy saw what he and RJ saw. Steffy feels really bad for Bill. Ridge asks where this sympathy for Bill is coming from. Ridge wants to know what Bill did to make Brooke leave so soon.

Rick doesn’t think that Bill was ever worthy. Maya is so sorry these are the circumstances. They are happy to have her back. The two of them leave. Brooke sits down. Katie can see she is in a lot of pain. Brooke admits it is just upsetting. Katie knows that it is. Brooke knows she has her own feelings. Katie just wanted Brooke to be happy. She asks what Bill did. She wants to know what made Brooke leave. Katie reminds Brooke that she has a child with Bill. She has a right know what he really did. Katie begs to know what happened. Brooke thinks she does have the right to know what he did. Brooke thinks that the Spectra fire was just such a tragedy. Katie knows it was but she asks what it had to do with anything… Katie realizes what she is saying. She asks if Bill really had something to do with the fire.

Bill thinks that Liam had his fun. He admired Liam for a minute but playtime is over. Liam thinks that Bill is fooling himself. Bill will not be blackmailed by his own son. Bill will not be held hostage by him. Liam wishes he had another choice or even another father. Liam guesses that is where they are though. Bill wonders how long he is going to have to take this abuse. Bill said he was sorry. He wants to move forward. Bill reminds Liam this is his company. It was his first born child. He turned this company into the powerhouse it is today. He will not watch Liam run it into the ground. Liam guesses that unless he is good with prison he doesn’t really have a choice. Bill asks if Liam would really turn him into the authorities.

Ridge knows that Steffy is in an awkward position. Ridge thinks that if she wants to feel sorry then he is not going to hold it against her when he gets back with Brooke. Steffy wonders if he really thinks that will happen. Ridge doesn’t know. He does know that what Brooke needs right now is a friend. It be nice if he could have his family back together.

Katie cannot believe that Bill is responsible for the Spectra fire. Katie asks if he ordered it and hired someone. She thinks this is criminal. Katie thinks that someone could have been killed. Katie reminds her that Sally could have lost her life. Brooke knows. He wanted the land so badly. Katie thinks this is unbelievable. Brooke is scared at the lengths he will go to get what he wants.

Bill says how dare Liam do this after the lengths he has gone to give him everything. Liam doesn’t want this. Bill thinks he does. Liam respected him and looked up to him. Liam cannot believe he crossed the line and burned people out of their buildings. He is not happy that he let them get away with this. Liam says that they have better things around here. Bill understands that he has felt marginalized. He hasn’t been as respectful as he could have. Bill promises moving forward he will not be against everything. He cannot blackmail him out of his own company. Liam thinks it is karma. Liam wonders how Bill sleeps at night. Bill sleeps like a baby. Liam thinks that the skyscraper was stupid. He wanted it so bad. He would risk people’s lives. Liam bought the Spectra property and gifted it to Sally. Bill already knew that. Liam says Sally would pay him back. Bill thinks that this is stupid. She would have to be really successful to pay back in full. It is impossible. He thinks that Liam is so far over his head. Liam doesn’t think it is an investment. This is restitution for the dreams he shattered. Bill wants him to think for a second. There is so much time and money put into Spencer Tower. Bill cannot believe he wants to throw more money at a wannabe designer. Liam thinks she was making strides before him. Bill is taking control right now. Liam says that he makes the choices around here now. Bill tells him to call the police then. He dares him to. He is waiting him. Liam doesn’t want him to force his hand. Steffy walks in and asks what is going on. Bill says that he is calling Liam’s bluff. Liam doesn’t want Steffy to get in the middle. Liam gets text from Sally. She wants him to come over to Spectra. He has to go. Liam informs Bill if he ever does this again he will have security throw him out. Steffy stops him from trying to go after Liam. Bill has had it. He is at his limit. Steffy knows everything that has happened. She knows his marriage is over.

Katie thinks that this is unthinkable. She never thought that Bill could go this far. Brooke believed in Bill. She thought she knew everything about him. Then he does something like this. Katie thinks that Bill has a way of making you believe in him even when you know you shouldn’t. The two hug each other.

Bill assumes she heard the latest from Ridge. He imagines that Ridge is loving this. Bill asks if he deserves to lose everything. Steffy thinks what he did was wrong but she knows he regrets it. Bill knows he messed up. Brooke walked out. His wife just left him. He doesn’t know what to do. He is at a complete loss. Steffy knows he is not fine. She thinks it is ok. He is not alone. She hugs him.

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