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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/25/17


Written by Anthony

Bill doesn’t want Brooke to do this. He knows that she is angry and disappointed but he knows she is not ready to give up on their marriage. Brooke wonders if he is the man she married. Bill thinks that they can get through this together. If she needs more time then she can take it but she cannot take off her ring.

Ridge thinks about coming back to Brooke after leaving her on their honeymoon. He remembers proposing to Brooke with Stephanie’s ring. Eric walks in. He wants to talk. Eric wants to set something straight. When he came to his hotel to see him, he came out of guilt and concern. He was already furious with him. Then he had the nerve to suggest going home to be with his wife. He found that condescending. So he told him that he wasn’t his son anymore. He wanted to him to feel the same way he felt. So he lashed on. What he said was hurtful and untrue. He is every bit his son and there is nothing he can do to change that.

Wyatt tells Katie he didn’t even see Bill. He found out a little bit of information. Apparently, Liam bought the Spectra building for fifty million dollars and gave it to Sally as a gift. No one knows about it. He doesn’t understand how Liam is getting away with this. He doesn’t understand how Bill is not doing anything to stop it. Katie says that Brooke and Bill are separated. Katie doesn’t know why. She wouldn’t tell her. Wyatt wonders if it has anything to do with what is going on between Liam and Bill. Katie thinks that it certainly has to do with Bill. Katie thinks that everyone is acting so strangely. Katie doesn’t know how it happened but something is going on. Brooke is devastated.

Eric admits that his entire life he has been doing things for their family. Ridge admits everything he said about him was true. Eric is sorry. Eric doesn’t want to rehash anything. He wants to move past this. Eric cannot be completely happy. Eric thinks that there is bad luck between them. He wants to make things whole between them. Ridge promises that they are alright.

Bill thinks he let his ego overcloud his judgement. Brooke thinks he committed a crime. Bill doesn’t think that this changes their devotion. He knows what he did was greedy and selfish. When he put the ring on her finger it was forever. Brooke looks at it.

Wyatt thinks that Bill obviously did something bad enough to make Brooke want to leave. Katie says that Brooke doesn’t even want to talk about it. It doesn’t seem possible. Wyatt knows like Bill leaving Spencer or leaving his tree hugging brother in-charge. Katie thinks he is an idiot. Wyatt knows. He knows they are not being upfront about what is going on here either. It isn’t their business though but there is also a lot going on they don’t know about. Katie suggests it has been going on for a while. She wonders if they have really missed all the signs. Wyatt knows they have been preoccupied. Katie works with Brooke and sees her at the office. Katie is sure that Brooke knows about this. Katie has to wonders what this might mean for them. If Bill has disappointed her then she would understand if she went back to Ridge. He is the love of her life.

Ridge says that Brooke left Bill. Eric asks why she was so upset. Ridge has no idea why she was so upset with an egomaniac. Eric doesn’t think that is what Brooke needs to hear. Ridge knows. He is just excited for the opportunity. RJ walks in. Ridge was telling Eric about what Brooke is going through. RJ says that she needs time to think. She doesn’t think it was over with Bill. RJ thinks that Brooke is meant to be with Ridge. Brooke always loves Ridge.

Brooke has not forgotten their wedding day. He said that she was essential to him and the most important thing in his life. Brooke doesn’t think she taught Bill anything. He takes what he wants regardless of the consequences. She asks if he would have gone ahead with things if people were in it. Bill wouldn’t have. Brooke knows he through Ridge out of a helicopter. She asks how different hat is. He hasn’t changed at all. Bill is a passionate and driven man. He knows he went to far. This will never be more important than she is. Brooke thinks he could have gone to jail. He was more invested in winning the prize. She loves him but that part of him terrifies her.

Katie has just been afraid for her sister. What happened hurt her. She has only ever wanted her to be happy and Bill makes her happy. She knows what he is capable of and she is afraid he will hurt her. Brooke is more than just a sister to her. She took care of her when their father left. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill will lose her. Katie doesn’t think that Bill is incapable of not hurting Brooke. Ridge was saying the same thing this whole time. He is a constant presence in her life. They always find a way back to each other. Katie thinks it is only a matter of time before Brooke finds her way back to Ridge and RJ.

Eric feels that they will always be there for Brooke. She has taught them a lot about gentleness. Ridge thinks that Brooke has a big heart. She has her limits. They will have to wait and see with Bill. RJ thinks she belongs in the Forrester family.

Brooke feels that this hurts her. He set fire to a building because it was in his way. Bill thought that it was run down. Brooke points out that it was a building where people work. He never thought about them. He only ever thought about his big beautiful sky scrapper. Brooke thinks that this is what she is scared of. She doesn’t want this in her life. She thinks that the man with morals turned to black mail because of him. He punched him right in the face. Brooke wants to think about the life she wants to lead. This is not what they promised each other. Bill will not take her ring back. He is sorry he scared her. He swore he would never do that. It will never happen again. He loves her. Brooke says goodbye to Brooke. She will always have their memories. They will always be precious to her. She hands him the ring. Bill walks out. Brooke starts to cry.

Katie and Wyatt are kissing on the bed. Wyatt asks why relationships have to be so complicated. Katie asks if he has ever had one that has not been. Wyatt thinks this has been easy. Katie thinks that is because no one knows about them yet. Wyatt thinks he should lock the door. Katie promises no one will find out. Wyatt thinks that Katie had to control them. Katie likes being in control. It makes her feel safe. She didn’t know about them. Wyatt is daring her to be spontaneous. Katie will show him spontaneous. The two start kissing.

Brooke stands by her fire place. She thinks about her wedding to Brooke and their trip on the hot air balloon. She looks outside. RJ walks in. RJ asks what happened. Ridge is there. Ridge asks if they broke up. RJ thinks it will be ok. He isn’t the only one who thinks that. Ridge promises that she will be ok. He is sorry that this is hard. He promises whatever comes next that he is here. He loves her. He will always love her. The two hug each other. Brooke cries into his shoulder.

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