B&B Wednesday Update 9/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/20/17


Written By Anthony

Liam admits to Steffy in his office that he may have gotten a little heavy last night. Steffy claims that she did as well. Liam guesses they at least know who not to talk about. Steffy feels that Bill is an important part of his life. Liam doesn’t want Bill to be involved right now. Bill is an all or nothing kind of guy. Steffy leaves.

Brooke is in her living room. She takes a sip of water. She gets a text message from Bill. He is not going to stop texting until she is home. Bill calls Brooke. She doesn’t answer it though.

Bill sighs.

Katie and Wyatt are kissing in her kitchen. Katie says that the gardener is outside. Wyatt wonders if they ever come inside. Katie says they are not the housekeeper. Wyatt wonders if they are here. Katie promises that today is her day off. Wyatt doesn’t need Bill to find out about them right now. Katie suggests this could be a good thing right now. Wyatt thinks that something has to be going on right now. it has to involve more than just Liam and Bill.

Sally walks into Spectra. Workers are already halfway done with the reconstruction. Sally looks around. She starts to think of the fire. Shirley walks in with Coco, Saul, and Darlita. Shirley sees progress. Coco still doesn’t know how she pulled this off. Shirley knows it was Thomas. Sally already told her that Thomas is not coming back. Saul thinks he knows. The great and infamous Sally Spectra senior. Sally says that her aunt is on the islands playing with the boys. Plus, they needed the money from the sale to pay off other debts. Coco knows that their aunt will be very proud of them. A worker tells them that it is going to get pretty loud in here. Saul needs them to know they need the best wiring available throughout the entire building. Sally says it is ok. They are redoing everything. They just are focusing on this office right now then getting to the rest of the building. Saul thinks they need designs. Shirley wonders who is paying for all of this. Sally claims she has a new business partner. Someone, who has become very near and dear to her. That is all she will say.

Liam needs Jarret to keep the press release very simple. He asks Allison to get rid of the skyscraper model. She can send it to Bill’s house. They don’t need it here anymore.

Bill asks Justin if Liam is having a meeting. Justin says it is with Jarret and Allison. Bill assumes that he wasn’t invited. Justin is supposed to be going over the books with Wyatt. Bill wants a full report on that. Justin has his back. Bill is glad that someone does. Brooke left him.

Brooke asks if Steffy knows everything that happened. Steffy knows about the fire and Bill’s confrontation. Brooke reminds her that Bill punched Liam in the face. Steffy doesn’t condone any of it. Brooke asks why Steffy is here. Steffy reminds Brooke that Bill loves her. She shouldn’t leave him.

Katie hands Wyatt a cup of coffee. Wyatt thinks he has something stronger than coffee. He kisses Katie. Wyatt doesn’t know where he would be without Katie. He realizes that he would be pulling his hair out. The new Liam is pissing him off lately. Wyatt needs an appointment just to see him. Everything is upside down. Liam is running the company into the ground. Katie thinks that something is going on with Bill and they kill figure it out together.

Justin wonders if Bill told Brooke about the fire. Bill doesn’t keep secrets.

Steffy is trying to keep the family together. Brooke bets that there is more to this story she doesn’t even know. Steffy doesn’t think she is going to solve anything by leaving Bill. He already has lost so much. Brooke is just a little surprised that Steffy is defending Bill and not Liam. Steffy wants to support Liam but she agrees with Bill that Liam blackmailed him.

Liam is changing the benefits of the company. He is updating their healthcare plan. Maternity leave will be paid. An employee thanks him. Liam wonders if an employee wants to retire next month. George claims he doesn’t. Liam wants to keep him on then. Liam asks about another employee’s daughter. Liam is offering a ten thousand dollar grant to employees whose children meet the requirements. Liam thinks that Spencer is a family. He wants them all to feel that way. They all leave. Sally is listening in from outside. She walks in after they leave. Sally wonders if that was all for real. Liam has wanted to do that for a long time. Sally gives Liam a gift. It is her first sketch since the fire. She doesn’t know how to thank him.

Katie wonders if Wyatt is off to work. Wyatt guesses something like that. Wyatt wants answers. He is going to find out why Bill gave the company to Liam. They kiss before Wyatt leaves.

Justin promises that things will work out. They always do for him. Bill told himself that before he underestimated Liam. Justin thinks he has a lot of him in him. Bill thinks that Wyatt is the only one who could run Spencer in his absence. Bill thinks that Brooke knows he is a criminal. He would give ten skyscrapers to get Brooke back. That might not be enough.

Brooke feels that Bill is completely out of control. He probably has been more than she realized. Steffy points out that she knew what he was capable of. Brooke finds this odd. She thought she would be pushing for her to get with Ridge. Steffy asks if that is a possibility. She is fighting for her family. She wants to prevent a war.

Liam thinks that this design is fantastic. She thinks it is nice to have a silent partner who believes in her. She promises that this is their secret. She appreciates what he has done. She has never met anyone like Liam. Wyatt walks in. He asks what this is all about. He thought she was leaving town. Liam doesn’t think that this is her business. Sally says that she was just thanking Liam for giving Spectra a fair shake with the article he was going to write. Wyatt tells Liam he doesn’t know what is going on here but he plans to find out. Wyatt leaves.

Bill stands next to his fireplace.

Brooke looks at her wedding ring.

Bill looks at a picture of himself and Brooke in Aspen. He sits down on the couch and thinks.

Brooke sees a photo of Bill from their Aspen trip. The two start to think of their wedding together.

Bill starts to think of Brooke walking out on him and him calling after her. He puts the photo down.

Brooke is crying and smiling as she holds the picture of him in her hands.

Sally says it was hard not to say anything while her secret benefactor was being yelled at. Liam will handle Wyatt and she can handle Spectra. Sally is going to pay Liam back. Liam doesn’t think that is necessary. Sally thinks he is so generous. He restored faith in her. She doesn’t think anything will ever truly be enough. Steffy walks in while the two of them are hugging.

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