B&B Tuesday Update 9/19/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/19/17


Written by Anthony

Ridge asks Brooke what happened. He wonders if Bill hurt her. Brooke says that Bill did something horrible. Ridge cannot say he is shocked. He knows it was only a matter of time.

Bill is in his living room. Steffy walks in. She stalked to Liam and told him what he said. She tried to get through to him but Liam is to upset. Bill screwed up. Steffy knows that this is new territory for Bill but she wants there to be peace between them but Liam is not stepping down as CEO.

Wyatt walks into Liam’s office. Wyatt informs him that the next time he wants to see him he needs to ask him nicely. He is to never demand that he come back to this office. Liam asks where the hell he was. Wyatt was living his life. Liam reminds him he has not been here all week. Wyatt had a very pleasant day today. He wouldn’t change anything about it except this moment. Wyatt asks how this even happened. He wants to know how Liam got Bill to agree to all of this. Wyatt thinks that something is up. Bill is acting weird and all of a sudden Liam is sitting at his desk at his company and that is not normal. Liam says that Bill is taking time off. Wyatt doesn’t believe that this makes any sense. Liam is CEO and that is not changing anytime soon. It is not up to Wyatt.

Steffy wonders if Bill heard what she said. Liam is not stepping down. Bill heard her. Steffy asks what he wants to do. She wonders if Bill is ok. She knows that this is hard. Liam is angry but he is the only father that Liam has. She wonders if something else is bothering him. Bill tells her to forget it. Steffy thinks that he has to tell her what is going on. Bill explains that Brooke left him.

Brooke doesn’t want to hear anything negative about Bill from Ridge. She isn’t going back there. Ridge guesses that he must have really messed up. Bill suggests whatever happened must be for the best.

Wyatt is not buying any of this. Liam feels he is bitter. He is going to do good for the company and the world. Liam is going to raise salaries and benefits. Wyatt believes that sounds expensive. Liam thinks that some employees have been here for years and years. Liam believes that they have families to put through college. Wyatt doesn’t think that they have enough money in the budget. Liam is changing things up. Liam is not going to discuss this with Bill. He is calling the shots. Liam says the skyscraper project is not happening. The Spectra property is no longer available. Wyatt thinks that Liam is getting way ahead of himself. There is no way that Bill will be ok with this. Wyatt wants him to be smart and not piss of Bill.

Steffy cannot believe that Bill told Brooke. Bill doesn’t keep secrets from his wife. Bill didn’t expect her to walk out on him. Steffy thinks a lot of people could have been hurt at Spectra. Bill made sure the building was empty. Steffy wonders about the firefighters or the people outside. People could have died. Plus, what he did to Liam. Bill knows. He swore that he would never treat his child the way his father treated him. Bill would take it all back if he could. He just wanted what he wanted. Bill doesn’t know how to live his life any other way. Bill wanted it so bad. He didn’t care what it took to get it. His son will not speak to him and Brooke left him. He would do anything to get Brooke back.

Ridge feels that it might be a good thing to leave Spencer. Brooke didn’t say she was leaving. Ridge knows that she didn’t say that. He knows she had high hopes but he had to assume she knew that it wouldn’t work out. Brooke thought that they had the same values. Ridge wanted her to be happy. The two hug each other. RJ notices them at the door. Ridge is here for Brooke. He is always here for her. Later on, Brooke has left. RJ walks in. Ridge is impressed he is still at work. RJ asks what he is doing here. Ridge was just finishing up a few things. He asks if he wants to have dinner. RJ wonders if Brooke can come too. Ridge thinks that sounds great but tonight is not the night for that. RJ saw Ridge and Brooke a little while ago. He didn’t want to interrupt. He wonders if Brooke is ok. Ridge says that Brooke is not ok. Things were bad enough that Brooke needed to take some time away from Bill. RJ thinks that he and Brooke can get back together.

Brooke shows up at Liam’s office. She says that Bill told her everything. She is very sorry for what Bill did. Liam doesn’t think that there is anything she could have done about it. Brooke doesn’t blame him for taking over Spencer. Spencer is in trouble and Liam is the one with a moral compass. Brooke walked out on him. Liam wonders what this means. Brooke doesn’t know what she is going to do. She loves Bill very much. Liam cannot imagine what Brooke is going through. He sees why she had to walk away.

Bill cannot lose Brooke. He will not let it end this way. Steffy knows she will be back. Bill had to tell her the truth. Bill finally sees what he has done. He thinks it may have cost him what he values most. His family. Steffy will help him get through this.

RJ feels that this is Ridge’s chance to make a move. RJ knows that he wants nothing more than to be with Brooke. He can get through this. Ridge wants to see what happens. RJ thinks that they have crazy chemistry. RJ is rooting for them. He wants them to have good vibes. Ridge thinks that it be nice to be family again.

Brooke had to get out of there. Liam is sure that it was a shock. Brooke was blindsided. She is still stunned. She believed in him. She always saw the best in him. She never thought this would happen. Liam thinks that Bill is a criminal. He doesn’t even understand that. He doesn’t see how reckless he actually has been. Liam is not letting Bill anywhere near here or anyone he cares about. It is tough but that is the way it is. Liam respects Brooke for doing this. He wants Brooke to leave Bill. She deserves better. Brooke thinks that this could be a dangerous situation. Bill takes revenge seriously. Brooke knows that Bill will not take this lying down. He is going to come after Liam and it is not going to be pretty. Liam doesn’t think that there is anything else he can do to hurt him.

Steffy has never seen Bill like this. She thinks he is human. The most she has ever seen from him. Bill thinks it hurts like hell. Steffy knows that Brooke will come home. Bill thinks that Liam is lucky to have her. After everything that Liam has put her through he is not sure he deserves her. Bill touches her shoulder.

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