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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/18/17


Written by Anthony

Bill doesn’t think that Brooke is leaving. Brooke has to. Bill doesn’t think that it will solve anything. Brooke reminds him that he had someone set fire to Spectra over a damn building. Then he punched his own son when he called him out on it. Bill regrets it. Brooke thinks he regrets getting caught. Bill regrets losing Liam. He will not lose Brooke. He begs Brooke to tell him that he still has her.

Steffy thinks that Bill regrets what he has done. Liam wants her to look at his face. He thinks that Bill can live with regret.

In the CEO office, Quinn tells Ridge that she and Ivy are on schedule. So, they should have these pieces to Ridge by the end of the week. Ridge thanks her. He doesn’t need her to over extend herself though. If she needs more time then she should take it. He wants her to be on track. Quinn thinks that they are on track. Especially, now that Sheila is out of their lives for good.

Sheila is in her hotel room wearing Eric’s robe. Sheila looks at the photo she took of Ridge and Quinn sitting in the elevator. She knows they will hurt Eric again. She will be there when they do. Sheila has an evil grin.

Pam is disappointed that Charlie added something he shouldn’t have. She will be up all night fixing his mistake. She will be ready to go once she takes this down to mail. Charlie wonders if he is still allowed over her house. Pam thinks that it will take a lot of stirring so she will need his muscles. Charlie’s phone rings. He needs to take this. Pam walks down the hall. Charlie wants to know what Sheila wants. Sheila asks if there are any developments. She assumes he is watching them for her. Sheila is depending on Charlie. They are going to take Quinn down. They will eliminate her for good.

Ridge suggests that Quinn head home. He assumes that Eric is waiting for her with a martini and a kiss. Quinn cannot help but feel a little guilty. She doesn’t think it is fair that she gets to be with Eric but he doesn’t have Brooke. Ridge thinks it is fine. Quinn thinks that Brooke misses Ridge more than he misses her. Ridge doubts that is the case now that she has become Misses Bill Spencer.

Bill is going to make this right. He will not let Brooke leave. Brooke believes this is too much. She asks what she has done. She didn’t want this life. The way he treats people. This is not her. She cannot continue to live this way.

Steffy feels they are talking about Bill. They cannot continue to write him off. Liam most certainly can. He is not looking the other way anymore. Steffy loves Mister Nice Guy. She doesn’t want him to go away.

Quinn believes that Ridge and Brooke have been through worse. Quinn thinks that miracles happen. Quinn thinks that he doesn’t even have to wait for one. He just has to wait for Bill to screw up again then all their flirtation will be forgotten. His relationship is better with Brooke than it used to be. Brooke will find her way back to him.

Brooke asks Bill if he knows what she gave up for him. Bill asks what she is talking about. Brooke had a whole life planned and she tossed it all aside to make a commitment to him. Bill thinks it is because she loves him. Brooke loves the idea of him. She loves the fantasy of him. A big strong man standing by her side. Brooke doesn’t want to deal with divided loyalties or worrying about Bill ending up in jail. Bill is sorry. Brooke asks how she knows he is not going to hit her next. Bill would never do that. He wants her to stop this. Brooke thinks that maybe she should stop them.

Steffy doesn’t want him to give up on Bill or them. Liam is bringing decency back to this company. This company might actually be respected for more than just its bottom line for once. The thing about having all this power means he can do something that Bill never had. Liam is not going to give Bill back his power.

Charlie walks over to Quinn. He asks if he has permission to speak freely. Quinn grants it. Charlie knows they have never been friends but he is in a lesser of two evil situations right now. Quinn asks if he can just get to the point. Charlie says it is Sheila. Sheila is still in town. Quinn asks how he knows that. Charlie does his research. Quinn asks if he knows where she is. Quinn tells him to text her the address.

Sheila doesn’t think it will be long. She will be hanging proudly at the Forrester estate.

Pam says Charlie she is ready to leave. She asks if Charlie is ok. Pam knows she shouldn’t have been so hard on him. Charlie says that is not it. Pam asks what is wrong then. Charlie had to write up an incident report.

Sheila can still smell Eric. The only man who has ever truly been good to her. She remembers Eric proposing to her all those years ago. Quinn bangs on the door. She knows she is in there. She demands she open the door now.

Liam knows that someone had to stand up to Bill. He is glad that it was him. Steffy doesn’t understand why he had to stand up to Sally Spectra. Liam doesn’t want Steffy to plead for Bill. He doesn’t want to hear that.

Ridge is in the design office. He thinks about Quinn saying that Brooke will find her way back to him. He thinks about all the times he has spent with Brooke since he returned from Paris.

Bill doesn’t think that Brooke means this. They fought too hard to get here. Brooke wonders where this has gotten her. A marriage to a man with no moral code. This man who has no issues with lying to his wife. She knows that he didn’t tell the truth. He wanted her to believe that he was taking a leave of absence. Bill did something wrong and there will be consequences. Bill will right all the wrongs. He promises that they will. Bill thinks that she is supposed to stand by him. Brooke suggests they weren’t supposed to do this in the first place. Bill asks if she means get married. Brooke really needs time to think about this. She needs to think about them. She needs to think about who he is as a man and who she is if she supports his horrific behavior. She wants to know when she can say enough is enough. Brooke walks out. Bill screams for her not to leave.

Quinn demands that Sheila let her in. They need to talk now. Sheila takes her robe off and hides the portrait. Quinn continues to bang on the door. Sheila opens it and asks what this is all about. Quinn asks why she hasn’t left town. She assumes that Sheila is waiting here for her to screw up again. Quinn tells her she is leaving town tonight. She has no business here. Sheila thinks she has no business telling her where she cannot live. Quinn thinks she is checking out tonight. Quinn pushes her again. Sheila told her to never touch her. The two start throwing things at each other. Quinn told her to get out of LA. Sheila wants Quinn out of Eric’s life. A maid walks in as Sheila is on top of Quinn in bed. The maid says she will come back later. The maid puts a do not disturb sign up. The two end up on the floor. Sheila gets off of Quinn. Sheila will get rid of Quinn but she will not do it this way. Quinn thinks she tried her best and she failed. Her marriage will always survive Sheila. She will never have Eric. Quinn storms out. Sheila laughs. She hasn’t seen her best. She will though. She definitely will.

Steffy thinks that she can be just as stubborn. Liam wants to know why he would want peace with Bill. He is the most greedy and self-absorbed individual. His mother kept him from Bill. That was the right thing to do. Bill doesn’t deserve to run this place and he will be damned if it is not him.

Brooke walks into the CEO office. She sits down on the couch. She thinks about earlier. She starts sobbing. Ridge walks in. He sits next to her. Ridge tells her whatever it is he is here. Brooke hugs him. Ridge tells Logan that he is right here and always will be.

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