B&B Friday Update 9/15/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/15/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke knows that Bill said that Liam is blackmailing him. Bill says his own son. Brooke is shocked that Liam forced him out. Brooke knows that Bill would never walk away. Brooke would like to know what Bill did.

Steffy feels that Bill did something wrong. If Liam is not careful though then he could lose Bill for the rest of his life. Bill is willing to meet Liam in the middle. Liam is not interested. Steffy knows he is angry. It is time they find a mutual understanding though. Steffy wants Liam to be willing to give a little.

Wyatt kisses Katie but he cannot stop thinking about what happened today. Bill stepped down from Spencer. He made Liam CEO. He went to go see Bill and he confirmed it. Liam is not fit to run Spencer. Katie thinks that is crazy. Wyatt knows. Liam has a brand-new business plan. Wyatt has worked closely with Bill a lot lately. He didn’t want a vacation. Katie knows that Bill never wanted to go on vacation. Wyatt thinks something is going on.

Liam wonders what Steffy is trying to do right now. Steffy is trying to keep this family together. Liam wants to know if she realizes how much he doesn’t want to hear his wife defending a liar and a cheat. He asks what happened if someone had been killed at Spectra or if he had knocked his head out. He loves Steffy but there is no forgiving Bill.

Brooke thinks that what Bill did was serious. Bill will fix things. Brooke wants him to stop blowing her off. She hates to ask but how did he just give up his leadership. She wants to know how he blackmailed him into making himself CEO of Bill’s company.

Katie can never imagine Bill leaving the company but she always imagined that Wyatt would be CEO. Wyatt was lead to believe that. He didn’t say it out right but they are so much alike. Katie feels it is true. Wyatt would like to know what possibly happened between the two of them. It doesn’t make any sense.

Steffy says that Bill regrets what happened. Liam thinks that Bill is using Steffy to get his company back. Steffy doesn’t care about the company. The two of them can do whatever they want with it. Liam is in charge now. Period. Power can get things done and he is going to hold on to the power. It is a new dawn. There is no place at Spencer for Bill.

Brooke wants Bill to explain how Bill was blackmailed out of his own company. Bill admits Spencer tower was something he wanted to build. He held the achievement in his head. No one was going to stop him. The building was going up no matter what he had to do. Brooke thinks the building was still going up. There was a fire. Brooke doesn’t think they deserved the fire. Brooke felt bad about what happened to the Spectra’s. She thinks it is unfortunate but he shouldn’t feel guilty about buying the property. Bill admits it wasn’t an accident. The Spectra fire wasn’t an accident. Brooke wants to know what it was then.

Wyatt holds his sword. When Bill gave it to him, it meant everything to him. There is so much symbolism in it. He had a father who accepted him. He had a family outside of Quinn. The more he got to know him the more he realized he was a Spencer. He knows that Bill loves Liam but they connected on a whole different level. Wyatt thought he was next in line. Wyatt knows that more is going on here. Katie agrees and they will figure it out together. The two kiss and walk over to the bed. They start to undress one another. Wyatt gets on top of Katie.

Liam asks why Steffy is looking at him like that. Steffy feels he is changing. Liam has to stop enabling Bill. It is a welcome change here.

Brooke thought the fire was horrible. Bill knows. Brooke thinks that Bill thinks that the building was deliberately set. She wants to know who hates the Spectra’s that much. Bill doesn’t think it was about hate. He just couldn’t wait any longer for them to fail. He ordered the fire. Brooke says no. Bill says that Liam knows and he blackmailed him. His own son betrayed him. He trusted him and he sets him up. If he didn’t resign he was going to the cops. Brooke asks if he really set fire to that building. Bill didn’t light the match but he ordered it. Brooke is in disbelief that he committed arson. Bill made sure no one was in the building. Bill had no idea they would run into a burning building. Brooke loved him for all his flaws but this criminal behavior. She wants to know how he could do this.

Wyatt holds Katie in bed. Wyatt feels that Katie has been over thinking things. Katie is along for the ride right now. Katie thinks that this is in the top five or six rides. Wyatt will have to do better. He gives her a kiss. Katie guesses top three. Wyatt likes being able to shake off the crazy with her. He is glad he has her. Katie thinks he can have her all he wants. They start to kiss passionately.

Steffy agrees that Liam should stand up for what he believes in. No one is saying he shouldn’t. Liam thinks that she wants him to just kiss and make up for what happened. Steffy thinks that Bill made a mistake and regrets it. Steffy thinks that Bill means it and is sorry about the fire. Liam doesn’t think that Bill has remorse in his eyes. Bill has been manipulating him for so long. Steffy gets why he is made. She is just worried about the way he is expressing it. Liam does not forgive him and he will not.

Bill is not going to stand here and make excuses. He shouldn’t have done it. Brooke thinks that this is the most disgusting thing he has ever done. Bill wanted to contain this situation. She asks why he didn’t tell her. Bill didn’t want her to get involved. Brooke thinks that what he does affects her. Bill hit Liam. Brooke cannot believe he hit his own son. Bill was being emotional. He was being kicked out of his own company. Brooke wonders where he hit him. Bill hit him in the face. Brooke asks who he is. He lied to her about all this. Bill has no intention of just sitting around. Brooke wants to know if he was ever going to tell her. Brooke doesn’t want to know. Bill wonders what she is doing. Brooke doesn’t want to be in this house. She cannot look at him. Bill knows he screwed up. Bill made a horrible mistake. He learned his lesson.  A very painful lesson. Bill wants to hear his a bastard but she cannot go. He might lose his son but he cannot lose Brooke. Brooke looks at him with deep anger in her eyes.

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