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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/14/17


Written by Anthony

Sally looks at Liam’s offer. Liam asks what she is still doing here. He thought she wanted to get back to work. Sally does. This is unbelievable. Liam believes that Sally should own the building. Sally does not want to bail out again. She is not a charity case. Liam doesn’t think she is. Sally is going to pay her back. Liam doesn’t think that she has to do that. Sally insists that whatever Spencer paid CJ is what she owes him. Sally owes her more than she ever thought.

Bill believes that Liam sees the world in black and white. Bill is willing to meet in the middle. Bill believes Liam has turned into a monster. Steffy thinks that Liam has good reason to think that Bill is one. Bill explains that he got a text that Caroline has stated she is cured. Steffy got a text saying that Thomas was staying in New York. Bill thinks that it worked out exactly how he thought it would. Steffy is not giving him credit. Steffy feels that Bill is going to have to make the first move. Bill can be reasonable and listen. He will compromise to a degree if that is what it takes. He doesn’t want to lose his son.

Sally would like to know if this agreement comes with a magic wand. Liam doesn’t think she needs magic for success. Sally explains that unless he knows someone who works for free her office is decorated in BBQ. Liam thinks that she should just borrow against the building. Not from a loan shark but from a legit financial agency. Sally doesn’t think that banks have faith in her. Sally cannot believe she owns a building.

Bill admits that he makes fun of all of Liam’s ideas. If there is anything that he can do to save his relationship than he will do it. Bill thinks that protecting the circus clown might be the worst choice he ever made. He will not lose his father over it though. Steffy suggests she can talk to Liam first. Bill believes that Steffy is putting herself in the middle. Steffy wants to make this a comfortable place to be.

Sally knows that Bill is going to go crazy when he finds out about this. Liam feels that what Bill doesn’t know what hurt him. Sally guesses that she is up for the challenge. Liam believes that Sally has done it already. Her previous collection was great. She cannot let setbacks doubt her own talent. All this is behind her. She just has to build her business. Sally really though that Spectra was finished. Sally thinks this all turned around thanks to him. Liam feels she has worked too hard to end up with nothing. He needs her to not tell anyone about this. Sally thinks that this is their secret. Sally leaves.

Bill walks into his bedroom. He starts to think of Liam’s threats. Brooke walks out from the bathroom. Brooke is putting some things together for their trip. She was thinking Mexico. Bill says they are not going to Mexico. Bill says that someday they will travel the world but this is not the time. Brooke thought he wanted to travel around the world. Bill knows what he said. Brooke knows something is wrong. She knew it the moment he stepped down as CEO. She wants to know what it is.

Darlita, Coco, Shirley, and Saul all walk into the Spectra offices again. Shirley wants to know why Sally had them come back here. Coco guesses that Sally wants them to say goodbye. Shirley says that Bill is going to blow up the building. Sally says that the reason this building has not been torn down yet is because the owner doesn’t want them here. Sally knows that Bill doesn’t own the building. This property is one hundred percent hers.

Liam looks at the skyscraper model. Steffy walks in saying she saw Bill. Steffy is worried about them. She says that Bill regrets punching him.

Coco asks if the building is really hers. Saul wonders how that is possible. Sally has documents to prove it. Shirley hopes she didn’t bribe someone at the records department. Sally wants to get Spectra back and running around. Shirley doesn’t think that they have the money. Sally is going to take out a loan. They can bring Spectra back to life. Sally knows it is a lot to ask but they can do it. It is like starting over from scratch. Darlita and Saul are in. Sally wonders about Shirley. Shirley feels the building is trashed. Sally believes that this is their future. Sally cannot do this without Shirley. Shirley thinks that her sister would never forgive her if she said no. So she is in.

Liam doubts that Bill feels terrible. Steffy is worried about Bill and Liam. Liam is not worried. He is not lying for his father anymore. He is not going to pretend everything his father does is alright. It is a relief to him. Steffy believes that Bill hates the way that he left things. Liam knows he thought he would get away with it. Not anymore. Liam gets to use his power to help people.

Bill is taking care of things. Brooke wouldn’t mind traveling but it didn’t make sense. She feels he is reconsidering now. Bill doesn’t want her to worry. Brooke knows that Bill doesn’t want to go on vacation. She is really worried. Brooke would like to know what is going on.

Steffy has total faith in Liam but this is not the time for him to be CEO. She knows what Bill did was wrong. Steffy feels that Bill is willing to compromise. Steffy believes that he lashed out. Liam thinks that he attacked someone. If you get in Bill’s way then he will take you down. Liam doesn’t think that Spencer should be run by someone like that. Steffy asks what if Bill is willing to change. Liam wants to make these changes himself. Bill can accept that he can change the company himself. Liam knows that wasn’t even on the table when she spoke to Bill. Fixing the relationship with him is a power move. Steffy knows he is disappointed. Bill is willing to find a way to work together. Bill thinks that Bill can make all the promises he wants. Liam is done with it.

Brooke feels if Bill really wanted a leave of absence they would be gone by now. Brooke is Bill’s wife. She asks if Bill is sick. Bill is not sick. Brooke feels he can tell her anything. Bill explains something happened in the office. Bill didn’t want to take a leave of absence. It was forced by him by Liam. He took it from him. Liam made him sign a letter of resignation. He blackmailed him. He is a hypocrite. To punish him he committed one himself. Brooke wants to know what is going on. She needs to know.

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