B&B Wednesday Update 9/13/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/13/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy is not going to let this rip the Spencer family a part. She will do whatever she can to help repair things between him and Liam. Bill thinks that things spiraled out of control. Steffy has to think that Bill thought something might happen from committing arson. Bill guesses he didn’t think that his son would be one of them.

Brooke sits down in the CEO office. Ridge says that reading the article on the Spectra fire almost makes him feel bad for Sally. Brooke thinks it is so awful. Bill heard she was leaving town. She is out of the fashion business for good.

Sally stands inside the Spectra office. It is completely burnt down. She finds the remains of her aunts portrait. She says she is sorry. Coco, Saul, Darlita, and Shirley all walk in. A fire fighter follows and explains that despite the damage the building is sound. That is why they let her back in. Shirley cannot believe this is happening. Sally gets a call. Thomas is on the other end. Thomas has good news. It is actually great news. Caroline is in remission. Sally thinks that is amazing for her and him. She asks if he is coming home.

Ridge asks what is going on. He thinks that there is something she is not telling him. Brooke says that Bill is taking a leave of absence from Spencer.

Steffy cannot believe he hit his own son. Ridge was not going to stand there any just accept this. Bill asks if the redhead has won Steffy over as well.

Sally is just glad Caroline will be ok. She asks if he is coming back soon. Thomas says that he isn’t. He thinks that this time has changed things so much. Caroline has a second chance at life. He has a second chance at a stable family. He realizes his place is here with his son and Caroline. Sally has to go. She says goodbye. Coco is so sorry. She hugs her.

Liam sits in his desk and Allison walks in. She says that CJ is here for Bill. Liam will speak with him. CJ asks what happened to his face. Liam says that Bill took a leave of absence. Liam shows CJ the original purchasing agreement. CJ knows he pulled that. Liam is doing things a little differently. He is going to honor the original agreement. CJ doesn’t think he realizes the impact that this will have on him and his mother. He cannot thank him enough. Liam will have the money wired to him. CJ thanks him again. He leaves. Liam asks Allison to track down Sally Spectra’s cell. He needs to talk to her.

Sally puts her aunts photo back on the wall. Sally says that there is nothing left for them here anymore. CJ asks if Sally is absolutely sure they are out of options. Sally says there is nothing left. Thomas is not coming back. Spectra fashions is no more. Sally gets another call. Shirley bets that Thomas reconsidered. Sally answers. Liam would like to see her right away. Sally doesn’t think that this is a good time. She is in the middle of leaving LA for food. Liam wants to talk to her about that but not over the phone. He thinks she will be happy she came.

Ridge never thought that a control freak like Bill could give up his own company. Brooke doesn’t think that Bill has been himself. Ridge suggests he feels bad about something he did to someone.

Bill regrets what he did. He knows it was wrong. He thinks it was because of Sally. Steffy thinks he took something he had no right to take. Steffy thinks if he had any remorse he would start the healing process. It is all up to Bill.

Sally shows up at Liam’s office. She said she went to his old office but they directed her here. Liam is glad she came. He didn’t think she would. Sally asks what this is about or what the eye is about. Liam says he is fine. Sally says that she cannot wait to get as far away from LA as possible. Liam is hoping after they talk she will not feel that way.

Ridge doesn’t trust Bill and neither should Brooke. Brooke is married to him. Bill thinks that he should leave him and come back to him. He will make her forget Bill.

Steffy knows that Bill and Liam have had differences before but not like this. Bill cannot believe he threatened to have him arrested. Bill thinks that this is a crime. He knows he went too far but so did Liam. He is avenging what he did to Sally Spectra. Bill thinks that Liam has a thing for Sally.

Sally asks Liam heard about Caroline. Thomas called and said she is cured or at least in remission. She hopes he already knew that this time. Thomas called to tell her that he is staying in New York. She thought they were in love and in a relationship. She guesses he is gone too. Just like Spectra. She is going to head out because there is nothing left for her in LA. Liam would like to try and change that. Liam explains that Bill wanted to build his skyscraper on the Spectra lot. Sally knows. Liam says that Spencer owns the building. Sally asks if that is why he invited her here. Sally reads the papers. She asks if he is really giving the building back to her great aunt. Liam says that she is Sally Spectra as well. The building and property are hers. Sally is sure that Bill has something to say about this. Liam is in charge now. Sally is shocked she owns a piece of downtown LA. Liam thinks that things go deeper than she knows. He is trying to right a wrong. The building and property are hers.

Brooke thinks that Ridge is persistent. Ridge knows he let down Brooke. If he gets another chance he will be the husband she needed. Brooke thought that he was all she needed until he betrayed her with Quinn. She still wonders. Ridge says that there never was anything between him and Quinn. Ridge asks why he cannot be forgiven.

Steffy doesn’t want Bill to be ridicules. Liam doesn’t have a thing for Sally. She wants them to focus on saving his relationship with his son. Bill thinks the two of them go back a long way. He is not a meet in the middle kind of guy. Steffy doesn’t want him to lose these precious moments because he is going to regret it.

Sally doesn’t think that this can be happening. Liam thinks that it just did. He thinks he is the right thing to do. Sally just came from the building. It is still standing. She doesn’t know what to do. Liam thinks it will be a lot of work. She will have to borrow against the property to get started but she has friends and family. With support like that you cannot go wrong. Sally asks who knows about this. Liam doesn’t think anyone needs to know but them. Sally doesn’t deserve this. Liam thinks she does. More than she can realize. Sally asks how she can thank him. Liam wants her to realize her dreams. Sally will. She thinks he is the most amazing man. Liam says that this really does have to stay between them. She should go and tell the crew. They will be up and running before she knows it. Sally thinks he took the worst day of her life and made it the best. She thanks him.

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