B&B Tuesday Update 9/12/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/12/17


Written by Anthony

Liam looks at the papers that Bill just signed when Steffy walks into his new office (Bill’s old office). Steffy assumes that whatever was going to happen happened by now. Liam shows Steffy the papers. Steffy is in awe. Wyatt walks in followed by Justin and Jarret. Liam asks them all to come in. He explains Steffy showed up after he paged them all. Jarret wants to know what happened to his eye. Liam claims he was being clumsy. Wyatt asks what he was doing. Liam guesses something he never tried before. Jarret got a bruise like that once in a bar in Berlin. Liam says their duties are about to change. As of this morning Bill has resigned from Spencer.

Bill walks into his living room and thinks about his threats to Liam earlier. Brooke walks in. She asks if something is wrong. Brooke sees that he came home in the middle of the day. Bill decided he needed a change of everything but Brooke. He did what he said he was going to do. He took a leave of absence. He knows it sounds strange but work has been sort of riding him down. Brooke hasn’t taken a leave from her job though. Bill didn’t ask her too. Brooke has never known him to run from work. She asks who will run the company when he is gone. Bill explains Liam.

Wyatt doubts that Bill resigned. Liam says that Bill is calling it temporary. Liam says he is stressed. Wyatt thinks he got it wrong. Liam shows Wyatt his letter of resignation. He explains that he is the new CEO. Wyatt thinks that something is not right. Wyatt feels that their one and only plan is to make money. Liam has a better way of doing it. Wyatt thinks that this is Bill’s company and not his. Steffy suggests he talk to Bill about this. Wyatt is going to go talk with him. Wyatt doesn’t think that there is any way that he left the company like this. He doesn’t want Liam to get to comfortable in that chair.

Brooke thought it take decades for him to retire. Bill asks who said he was retiring. Brooke reminds him he just said that Liam was taking over. Brooke wonders if he trusts Liam. Bill used to. He doesn’t believe he can do the job. Bill guesses the fact is that Liam is running the company. Brooke wants him to explain this to her. Wyatt walks in and would like him to explain this to him as well

Jarret thinks that this is a huge opportunity. Jarret goes to leave and Liam asks him to tell Allison that he wants Bill’s things packed up and out of here. Liam asks Justin to shut the door. Liam has never trusted Justin. He realizes that he is the only other person who knows how to run the company. Liam could have him arrested. He imagines that Justin was involved in the fire. He asks what he will do with him. Justin thinks he can keep him on. Liam asks what it would take him to be loyal to him. Justin serves Spencer. That is how he made himself. Liam expects the same loyalty he gave his father. Justin will serve Liam starting today. Liam needs a smooth transition. Steffy thought that was a high wire act. Liam won’t have to act like that all the time. He thinks that he can do good things here. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam possibly thought this would go well. Liam thinks that most rough patches do go away. Steffy doesn’t want him to feel wounded. Bill will fight back.

Bill is not going to be challenged on every choice he makes. Wyatt assumes that Brooke had no idea about this either. Brooke knew that Bill wanted to take come off. Wyatt doesn’t think he even knows that that means. Bill reminds him he was a newlywed at one point. Wyatt asks why Liam. Bill guesses he was with the company longer. Wyatt thinks that they agree more on things. Wyatt wants to know why not him or even both of them. They work well together. Bill had his reasons. He doesn’t have to explain himself. He did what was best for all concerned. Wyatt asks until what. Bill gets a call and has to take this. This is how it has to be. He says to get out. Brooke will walk him out. Justin calls. Liam called a meeting. Jarret, Wyatt, and himself before Wyatt stormed out. Bill asks if he fired him. Justin says no. Bill knows he needs him. Justin explains he needed a loyalty pledge. Bill will be in touch. He hangs up. Brooke asks how he could speak to Wyatt that way. He was shocked that Bill was gone and going to be answering to his own brother. Bill knows he is not handling this well. Brooke wants Bill to take a trip. Brooke wants to help make Bill seem happier. The two start to kiss. Bill knows he can get himself right as long as he has her. Brooke wants to go for a couple of weeks or months. Bill says indefinitely. Brooke thinks that raises one red flag to many.

Liam says that Bill called him a traitor. Liam asks if he is stupid to think he could be proud. Steffy thinks that he knows that Bill always holds a grudge. Liam thinks that what matters is running the company well. Liam doesn’t think that fire bolts can touch him.

Brooke knows that there is something that Bill is not telling her. Brooke can tell it is something that he feels tender about. She is going to just shut up about it. Bill doesn’t want her to think that he doesn’t trust her. Brooke wants him to tell her on his schedule and not hers. She kisses him. Bill loves her. Brooke asks if this leave of absence is something he needs to do. Bill claims it is. Brooke says ok. Brooke heads to work.

Liam puts ice on his eye. He picks up a photo of Bill and throws it in a box. Wyatt walks in. Liam thinks that knocking is good. Wyatt doesn’t think that acting territorial makes him in charge. Wyatt says that Bill is not saying anything. Wyatt wants to know what he is pulling. Wyatt thinks this is something out of a costume drama. Wyatt thinks he is being stone cold. Wyatt wants to know how he got his bruise. Liam says he was being clumsy. He is being more careful now.

Steffy walks into Bill’s living room. Bill says that there is not much left of him to take a piece of. Steffy cannot believe he hit his son. He doesn’t know he is here. He shouldn’t have used his fits. Bill used his words. He didn’t listen to him. Bill assumes that Liam must hate his guts. Steffy thinks that something broke inside of Liam. There is a wall inside of him. Steffy guesses that Bill is watching videos in his leave of absence. Bill says that his father made him a video to watch after he died. He promised himself he would never be anything like him. He knows that promises are always broken. He is a bigger bastard than he ever was. Bill knows all about that wall. His life is spinning out of control and he cannot let that happen. Bill hit his son. He asks if Steffy will tell him he is sorry. Steffy thinks that they will all get through this. Steffy hugs Bill.

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