B&B Monday Update 9/11/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/11/17


Written by Anthony

In his living room, Bill explains to Justin that Brooke is at work. Justin cannot believe what Bill just told him. Bill wants to know what kind of world they live in where Liam can force him out of his own company. Justin cannot believe Liam would do this.

Liam figured that Bill wouldn’t be able to put the actual works on paper so he did it for him. All Bill has to do is sign them. Steffy asks if Liam is really doing this. Liam feels it is time. Steffy doesn’t condone Bill but Spectra is not coming back. Bill is here to stay. Steffy thinks that Liam might ruin his relationship with Bill forever. She asks if that is alright.

In her bed, Katie starts saying ow. Wyatt asks if she is ok. Katie says his sword is poking her. Wyatt is sorry about that. Katie didn’t tell him to stop. Katie wonders if she has told him how happy that she is that he was so persistent. She wouldn’t want to miss a single second like this. Wyatt knew it would be like this. Katie cannot believe she wasted so much time with old guys. Wyatt thinks that there is a marketing campaign somewhere. Katie feels that this is all about her.

Liam cannot keep letting Bill get away with this. This quest for power has gotten out of control. He needs to be stopped before someone ends up dead. Steffy thinks that there will be major consequences. Liam is banking on Bill learning to respect what he did for a more humane future. It means a lot to him that Steffy is on the same page with him. They hug. Steffy gives a look of uncertainty.

Bill is not going to hand over his company to his trader son. All that tofu he eats must have rotted his brain. Justin thinks that Liam has not left him a choice. He needs to sign the company to Liam. He needs to suck up his pride and allow Liam to be CEO. Justin thinks the clock is ticking. He wonders if he is going to give Liam the company or are they going to get their affairs in order. Bill walks out.

Katie and Wyatt continue to kiss. Katie wonders if Wyatt ever wonders what would happen if anyone found out about them. Wyatt doesn’t think that they know what they are. He assumes they would hear a lot from a few people. Katie doesn’t think that Quinn would ever recover. Wyatt feels that Katie would need more than a telescope to protect herself. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill will be happy about this. Katie doesn’t think he is in a position to judge. Wyatt thinks he is on track to be heir apparent at Spencer. Katie thinks he would be a great CEO. Wyatt thanks him. Wyatt feels he is lot like Bill. Katie won’t tell anyone. The two start to kiss. Katie gets a message. It looks like Steffy is at the front gate. Katie is going to go find out what she wants. Wyatt want her to get rid of her. Katie runs down stairs. She asks if Katie is alright. Katie says she is fine. Steffy thinks that she is has been working at home a lot lately. Katie promises that she won’t neglect her responsibilities. Steffy thinks she has a guy over. Steffy knew it. She thinks that Katie and Wyatt are a great team. Katie thinks that the pleasure is all hers. Steffy wanted to give her a heads up. Something huge is about to rock the entire fashion industry. She wanted her to know because she is the head of PR. Katie asks what is going on.

Liam sits at Bill’s desk on his computer. Bill walks in. He thinks that Liam looks like a kid in that chair. It is way too big for him.

Katie feels that Steffy seems worried. Steffy is. She wants her to be prepared. This is going to rock the entire fashion industry. Katie cannot imagine what this could be. Steffy needs her to role with the punches at short notice. Zende and Nicole also will be moving to Paris. Katie can put out a press release. Steffy assumes she has kept her long enough. Katie asks if she can have a hint about what is going on. Steffy says that there is going to be a lot of media attention to deal with. Katie wants to be kept posted.

Wyatt is getting dressed. Katie walks in. She thought that was strange. Steffy wanted to warn her bout something but wouldn’t tell her what it was. Wyatt wonders what is going on.

Bill was gathering his thoughts with things he needed to say to him. Bill thinks that he owes it to him to listen to him. Liam guesses he can speak. Bill doesn’t think that Liam is a bottom line executive. Bill doesn’t think that is him. He understands it though. Bill thinks that this little coup is not Liam. Liam admits it goes against him. He cannot stop though because Bill cannot. Liam has a recording of him confessing to burning down a building. This is normal to Bill. Bill tries offering to let Liam be part of all the choices he makes in the future. He can be his conscience. Liam says no. He cannot talk his way out of this. He is trying to satisfy his ego and lust for pride. Liam cares about the little guy and he is in a position to do something about it. It will cost him the thing he cares most in this world about. Liam asks if he thinks that it gets a kick out of this. Liam is protecting and saving what Bill already built. Spencer needs a new leader. Bill asks if it is really him. Liam thinks it is. Liam already drew up the documents. All he has to do is sign. There is no choice here. He has to resign immediately.

Wyatt thinks that a bombshell move in the fashion industry is something that Spencer would love to cover. Katie was wondering when his work side would show. Wyatt asks if he can have first to press with this story. He thinks that Bill would be impressed with him. Wyatt assumes that Liam is not equipped to run the company.

Liam tells Bill he can either resign or he goes to the police with the recording. Bill doesn’t think he wants to do that. Liam doesn’t but he will. He asks if he should call Baker. He picks up the phone but Bill gets the pen. He signs the paper. He throws the pen at Liam. Liam is sorry. Bill knows he is not. Liam thinks he may not believe it right now but he is trying to do the right thing. He might even make him proud. Bill is just so proud. The only reason he is here is because he brought him in and gave him everything. He shows his gratitude by blackmailing him. Bill might have signed his paper but he is not resigning. It is a leave of absence. Bill will be back. He can enjoy his reign while it lasts. He will find a way around or through him. Liam guesses not today. Bill will leave him one word to think about in the meantime. Bill bunches him in the face knocking him on the ground. Bill stands over Liam calling him a traitor and the worst kind of hypocrite. To question his ethics and morals and using blackmail to satisfy his own. He thinks that Lia should know him well enough. He doesn’t get even with those who betray him. He destroys them. He says his son and leaves. Liam is having trouble standing up. He is breathing heavily. Liam has a weird half smile on his face.

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