B&B Friday Update 9/8/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/8/17


Written by Anthony

Liam play Bill’s tape again as he stands behind Bill’s desk.

Bill stands in his living room drinking. He thinks about Liam demanding that he take a leave of absence. Bill throws the glass at the fire place and the flame goes higher.

Steffy walks back into the design office where Sally is. Steffy wonders if she is really leaving town. Sally thinks that is the plan. Steffy wishes she would keep her designs. Sally wants them to be Steffy’s. Steffy thinks that they are hers and they are really good. Sally has no use for them and she owes Steffy. Steffy doesn’t think she owes her anything. She didn’t deserve the fire. Sally thinks they are actually a lot alike. They are both tough. Only Steffy’s bad ass ways pay off and hers don’t. She had it all and it came so quickly. It disappeared even quicker. Sally gets a text. She has somewhere to be. CJ wants to see her. Steffy wants Sally to wait. She thanks Sally for the designs. Sally says goodbye to princess Steffy.

Vivienne and Julius are now in the CEO office with Ridge, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole. Ridge explains it would be a huge opportunity to have Zende in Paris. Maya thinks that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Julius knows that Maya loved it. Ridge is sure that is why Maya came up with it. Nicole asks if this was Maya’s idea. Maya admits that she did. She knew that there was a position opening up at the International office and it would be perfect for Zende. She thinks that Nicole could work in the PR department. Ridge says that there is a lot to learn from their European friends. Vivienne hates to bring this up but she knows Sasha is modeling there. Zende may have made mistakes but he isn’t stupid enough to do this. He loves this woman more than anything. Julius asks how Nicole feels about this. Nicole has to ask if there is more to this.

Brooke asks Bill how his day was. Bill says it was from hell. Bill says that employees have no idea what it is like to build an empire. Brooke wonders if he tried to educate them. Bill tried but it was blinding. You don’t get a head playing by the rules. You make the rules and break them when you need to.

Liam sits in Bill’s chair. Steffy walks in. She tried his office first. Steffy wonders what is wrong. Liam says it is the end of an era. Steffy wonders what he means. Liam says that tomorrow morning there will be a letter of resignation on his desk which will now be his desk. Bill is stepping down from Spencer.

Maya doesn’t know what Nicole means. Nicole wonders about why she suggested this. Maya thinks it was an incredible opportunity. Maya thinks it is the adventure of a lifetime. Vivienne can see that something is bothering her. Nicole asks if she is still upset about her almost not signing the adoption papers.

CJ tells Sally at dinner that he cannot begin to tell her how nice it is to see Sally out and about. He is so glad that Sally is doing better. Sally feels it will take a lot more than smog to take her down. If those designs made it out on the runway she could have been in the LA fashion scene. Her big dream went up in flames. All because of some freak accident.

Bill had it right in the palm of his hand. Brooke guesses he will have to grab it again. Brooke thinks that he is so tense. She asks if this was a set back at work. Brooke knows that Bill has her and Skye. She will soon tower over everything in LA. Bill stands up and walks away.

Steffy wonders how Bill reacted. Liam guesses like the tough guy he is. He was yelling at him. Liam stood his ground. He has until 9 AM to turn in his letter of resignation. Liam will send him to jail if it comes to that. Steffy asks if he could really send Bill to prison.

Maya claims she is not upset. She knows it was a very difficult and emotional time and they got through it. She wanted what was best for everyone. Vivienne wonders if Nicole is comfortable. Julius wants to know how Nicole feels. Nicole thinks the idea is exciting but also intimidating. Leaving LA and her family and friends and Lizzie. She would miss all of them. She asks Zende how he feels. Zende knows it is a lot to process but he thinks it could be great to live in Paris. It sounds like a dream. He wants Nicole to think about it. It could be an adventure. Ridge asks if this is a yes then. Nicole says it is a yes. Vivienne says she is so happy for her. Julius needs Zende to look out for Nicole. Maya thinks that Ridge is right. She will not regret this. Maya thinks that she will have the time of her life. Nicole hopes so. Zende thinks it is a new beginning.

CJ asks if Sally is just going to leave town. Sally has nothing left here. CJ is selling the building to Bill.

Brooke still cannot believe that there was a fire on the night before Spectra’s show. She heard Sally’s designs were pretty good. She thinks that is sad. Years on the brink of success and now nothing. All while Thomas… Bill doesn’t want to talk about Sally or Spectra. Brooke wants to know what got him so upset at work. She wants to know what got him so upset.

Liam says that Bill got a building to be torched. People could have been killed. Steffy gets what Bill did. Liam think that Bill needs to pay. Liam thinks that Bill should go to prison. He doesn’t think that Bill would let send him to prison. So Liam is going to run the company. Steffy has never seen this side of Liam before. Liam knows that Bill hasn’t either. He better get used to it. Liam is going to take them into a new direction. Bill is going to sit back and accept it.

Zende asks Nicole is they are really doing this. Nicole thinks it makes her head spin just thinking about it. She knows he is going to learn a lot about fashion. Zende really thinks this will be a time in their lives they will never forget. The two kiss passionately.

Steffy asks if Liam is going to make changes to the company. Liam has wanted to for a long time. He is going to protect his workers. They will have childcare. Spencer needs to do better. Equal pay. Their impact on the environment is a huge issue for him. It will take a long time to unravel all Bill has done. Such as Skye. Bill is not taking the property anymore. Steffy saw Sally. She is leaving town. Liam guesses she is another victim. Steffy thinks that Bill is all about growth. Liam doesn’t think that profit is everything. Steffy cares about him and Bill and the affect this will have on their relationship. Steffy thinks that blackmail is a crime like burning a building. Liam already heard this from Bill. He doesn’t need to hear it from her.

Brooke thinks that Bill can talk to him. She wants to know what is going on. He can talk to her about anything. She asks if Bill really needs to drink before dinner. Bill continues to drink. Brooke wants to know what Bill is thinking. Bill is thinking of taking some time off to be with Brooke. They can travel. Brooke thinks he would go crazy in a couple of days. Bill wants to get away. He has two sons and Liam is president. Brooke thinks that he and Liam are very different. Brooke doesn’t think that makes any sense. Bill thinks that is what he needs to do. Brooke asks why he needs to hand the company over to Liam. Brooke needs to know what is going on here.

Liam thinks that this has gone on too long. Enough is enough.

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