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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/7/17


Written by Anthony

Bill wonders if Liam smoked something before coming in here. He wonders if Liam knows what he is asking him to do. Liam is not asking. Bill thinks that this is his business and his money. Liam thinks that if he is lucky then he might be able to keep it. This is all over a stupid building. Liam feels that is the way things are sometimes. Liam is not going to let him normalize things. Liam demands that he step down and take a leave of absence. Liam will take over here.

Ridge doesn’t think that Liam should be afraid of his father. Steffy feels that Bill is pretty intimidating. Ridge feels that Bill is an over grown bully. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam will stand for that much longer. Ridge assumes that is a good thing. Steffy is not sure.

Nicole is really proud of Zende. He is really coming into his own as a designer like the rest of the family. Zende thinks it is an honor. Zende feels the pressure is on. Nicole cannot wait to see where the future leads them.

Rick wonders if Maya really wants to send Zende and Nicole to Paris. Maya wonders if Rick doesn’t think it is a good idea. Rick is just surprised. Maya points out that everyone has been talking about strengthening the international office. This would be an amazing opportunity for Zende. Rick knows that this is about shipping Nicole to Europe to keep her away from their daughter.

Zende already has ideas for the spring line. If Ridge lets him collaborate. Nicole cannot imagine he wouldn’t. Zende asks if Nicole is going to be his lead model. Nicole is his lead everything. Nicole will get on the runway for him anytime. Only for him though. Zende thinks it is a great feeling to know that everyone has his back around here.

Maya believes that it would be a new and exciting adventure for them. Maya feels it would make some much needed distance between Lizzie and Nicole right now. She doesn’t like Lizzie calling Nicole mommy. It is very upsetting. Rick thinks she is right. This would be a legit career move for Zende. They have to run it by Zende. There is one more issue. Sasha is living and modeling in Paris. Maya knows that Zende is one hundred percent devoted to Nicole. Maya wants the best for them. She just wants the best for them as well. Maya wants to talk to Ridge and see what he thinks.

Steffy feels that Liam wants to use his position to do something good in this world. Ridge doesn’t think that Bill will allow any of that. Steffy thinks that Bill has a lot to gain by listening to Liam.

Bill believes that Liam has a lot of nerve. He could appreciate that under different circumstances. He over stepped and crossed the line. The only person taking leave of absence is him. He is fired. Liam doesn’t think he can do that. Bill tells him to get out. Liam didn’t want to do this but he will call the police and tell them what he did. Bill doesn’t think he has it in him. Liam wonders if he knows how many years you get for arson.

Steffy thinks that Liam wants Bill to be better. Ridge doesn’t think that people change. People like Bill Spencer. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam wants to be pushed too much. She just doesn’t want Liam to ruin his relationship with Bill. Ridge thinks he needs to lower his expectations. He will live through life disappointed. Steffy has to get back to work. She has a conference call. Rick and Maya walk in. Rick says that they were just coming to her and Ridge to talk to them about something. Steffy says that Ridge can handle it. Rick wants to run something by Ridge. Maya knows how well Zende is doing as a designer. Rick feels he did a great job in Monaco. Rick has been working at International for a long time. He wants to send Zende and Nicole to Paris.

Nicole can already see their future. They are going to be back here getting ready for his first full showing. Reporters and buyers will be here buying for him. Zende wouldn’t have it any other way.

Liam has always respected him. Bill thinks he has a strange way of showing it by threatening him with jail time. Bill never thought he would hear that from his own son. Liam wants him to stop lying then. Liam actually went back to see the code that was used for the fashion show at the summit. Spectra won. He knows Bill said it was a tie but Spectra won. Bill reminds him it was for charity. Liam has no words for what Bill did. Only shame. Bill guesses they are done here. Liam asks what Bill wants. He has so much. He has billions of dollars. He wants to know what Bill could possibly need. He wouldn’t even let Spectra win a fashion show. Bill admits they won. He wonders if he is happy. Bill doesn’t want to hide anything from him. He came up with some good ideas. Bill will not be blackmailed by his own son.

Steffy gets off the phone and Sally shows up. Sally wonders if this is a good time. Sally knows she is busy so she won’t be long. She just wanted to say goodbye.

Maya thinks that Paris is best place for fashion. Ridge thought that Zende was working out here. Rick feels it be a great fit for Zende to be at the International office. Zende could stay on if things work out. Maya feels that Nicole could be great in the PR department. She could be the got to person for marketing in Europe. Ridge thinks that Nicole is her sister. Maya thinks that it be a great opportunity. Ridge will see what Zende and Nicole has to say about it.

Steffy wants to know what Sally means by goodbye. Sally is leaving town. It shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise. Sally has no idea where she is going to end up. She knows LA is over for her. She thinks it is time for her to figure out what is going on with the rest of her life. She just wanted to say sorry for all the trouble she caused Steffy.

Liam is not blackmailing him. Bill guesses it is hard to say the word out loud. A little to unsavory for him. Liam could call Baker right now and he would be arrested on the spot. Bill thinks that he has probably dreamed about this. Bill wonders if he thinks he hasn’t been heard around here. Bill gave Liam more charity. He doesn’t think that they can trace the fire back to him. He only told him because he is his son and he loves him. He trusted Liam. He asks if that was a mistake. Bill will give him more transparency. Bill had Justin find someone to set fire to Spectra so he could build his tower. That is it. He asks if he is happy now and they can move on. Bill admits he did it. Liam guesses they can move on. Liam is emailing something to himself for safe keeping. Liam plays back a recording of what Bill just said. Liam asks if he really has no evidence. Liam got him.

Ridge explains to Zende and Nicole the situation. He thought that Zende’s designs were great. He needs Zende to be careful. He cannot stop learning. He thinks that there is an opportunity that has come up and he thinks it would be good. Zende wonders what it is. Ridge asks how Zende and Nicole would feel about moving to Paris. Ridge says they can work at International.

Sally knows that she has been nothing but a pain but she would like to give her a little parting gift. She hands her some of her sketches. Ones that weren’t burnt in the fire. She wants Sally to have them. She can do whatever she wants with them. Steffy cannot do that. Sally wants her to have them. She stole all her designs. Sally wants her to have the last of hers. Sally doesn’t know what to say. Sally has been nothing but a royal pain. She thinks in some other world they could have been friends.

Bill cannot believe he recorded their conversation. Liam doesn’t think Bill does business but criminal activity. This needs to stop now. Bill asks if he is going to tell him this. He feels that Liam has lost his mind. Liam thinks that Sally has talent and drive and Bill took it all away from her. Bill asks what it is with Liam. He isn’t strong to save Sally. Bill thinks that Liam has a thing for her. Liam thought that there was some compassion in Bill but there is none. Liam thinks that Bill has put their family in trouble. Liam is CEO until further notice. Liam demands a memo on his desk saying he is stepping down right away. This is his office now. He will protect whatever is left of this company. It is time for new leadership and that is him. Bill thinks he has lost him mind. Liam says he has until nine AM. If he is a minute late then he is calling the police. Tomorrow Liam is the new CEO of Spencer.

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