B&B Wednesday Update 9/6/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/6/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy suggests that she and Liam take the day off. Liam cannot. He thinks that this has to stop. Steffy thinks it has. Liam doesn’t think it has and it never will until Bill is stopped. It is one thing to lie about Caroline. It is another thing to burn down Spectra. Just to sink Sally to build a stupid skyscraper. The truth has to come out. Steffy thinks that what Bill did was awful and she doesn’t condone it but Bill is his father.

Justin wonders if CJ is on his way. Bill say that reception just called. CJ walks in. Bill asks him to have a seat. CJ guesses that they all know why he is here. This turned into a complete disaster. This is over. He is selling to Bill as promised.

Ridge tells Zende he is impressed. He thinks that these are bold and confident. Zende thanks him. Ridge feels that if he keeps working like this he will have a bright future ahead of him.

Nicole is playing with Lizzie backstage. She tells Lizzie that she should see the dress that Maya is wearing that Zende designed for her. Maya walks over and watches them play. Maya smiles. Lizzie says mama again.

Zende thinks he has been given an amazing opportunity. He thinks that he wants to make the most of it. Rick feels that he already is. Zende thinks he is still growing as an artist. Ridge thinks he is learning to trust his instincts. Zende is really excited about his future here and with Nicole.

Nicole says that she loves Lizzie too. She thinks that she is a sweet little baby. Maya says hello. Nicole hands Lizzie to Maya. She wonders if Lizzie had fun with Nicole.

Liam feels that Bill thinks that his conscious makes him weak. He is about to show Bill that it is strongest thing about him. Steffy asks what he is going to do. Steffy reminds him that he is a Spencer and family is important to Bill. Liam has leverage on Bill for the first time. He is not afraid of it.

Bill tells Justin that CJ is ready to sign. CJ sees that this is not the agreement that they discussed last time. Justin says that is slightly modified. Bill thinks if he is looking for five million cash he is not going to find it. CJ thinks that this purchase price is way lower. CJ reminds him the building is still standing. Bill thinks that he could have taken either of his offers. Now he will take what he gives him and be grateful.

Maya thanks Nicole for taking Lizzie down to see her. Nicole knew that she would want to see her since she was done. Maya does want to see her. Nicole walks over to a table. Zende shows up and kisses her. Ridge is impressed with his designs. Maya knows he is. He is a talented designer. Zende thanks her. Zende explains that Ridge thinks he is growing as a designer. Nicole thinks that is amazing. Zende thinks that he had a feeling things would work out. Zende is glad he has a shot.

Ridge thinks that Zende’s confidence is amazing. Steffy thinks that he is a bit over confident. Ridge asks what that means. Steffy is just thinking about something else. Rick has a phone call to take. He leaves. Ridge asks what Steffy is doing. Steffy says that it is Liam. She is worried about his relationship with Bill.

CJ understands that the five million is off the table and probably illegal. His mother and him thought he would honor his previous agreement. CJ doubts that he cares what the building looks like. He just wants the property. Justin feels that it lowers the price. Bill reminds him this is not a charity. It is a business. Liam listens at the door. Bill thinks that if he sees an opportunity he needs to take it. He made a mistake to not get insurance. If he wants to get anything then he needs to take what he is willing to give him. Liam walks in and tells him not to take the offer.

Rick knows that Maya didn’t say anything about the photoshoot. Maya admits that it happened again. Lizzie called Nicole mama. Rick thought that wasn’t a problem anymore. Maya doesn’t think it is. Lizzie is their child. Maya didn’t want to over react. It was horrible for them. Rick thinks it is ok now. Maya just cannot help feeling guilty.

Nicole feels that all of Zende’s hard work is paying off. Nicole is so proud of him. He is making a name for himself at Forrester.

Ridge asks what Bill did now. Ridge thinks that having Bill as a father would be horrible. It is good that Liam is nothing like his father.

Bill informs Liam he is in a meeting. Liam knows he is trying to buy the Spectra building. Bill would like to move on with it. Liam is not leaving. He thinks that there are some things CJ needs to know before he accepts the offer. Justin thinks that CJ and him should step out for a moment. CJ feels that he and Liam might have some things to discuss. Bill doesn’t think that he will say another word until he talks with his son. CJ and Justin leave. Bill asks what the hell he is doing. Liam is doing the right thing. He is tired of the laws. He is not going to allow Bill to cheat CJ and Sally out of a building because he needs a tower. Liam will stop him. He doesn’t care how he has to. He will stop him.

Maya doesn’t think that Nicole would try to take Lizzie from them. She is concerned about their attachment. Lizzie is too young for this to be explained to her. Nicole is a grown woman confused by her feelings. Maya thinks that it is important for Lizzie to know who her parents are during this time in her life. Maya wants to protect Lizzie. She doesn’t want that for Nicole either. Maya suggests that it might be time for Zende and Nicole to spend some time in Paris.

Nicole knows that good things are going to happen to them. Zende promises that they will.

Maya thinks that this would be an amazing opportunity for Zende to be lead designer. He and Nicole should focus on each other. They can focus on being father to their little girl.

Ridge bets that there are days that Liam wishes he was not related to Bill at all. Steffy knows he loves his father. Ridge doesn’t think he likes him very much. Steffy is worried by them. Bill has always been able to deal with Bill but she doesn’t think it will happen this time. Ridge feels that is good. Finally, he will stand up to the great big Bill Spencer.

Bill cannot believe that Liam is telling him what to do. Liam thinks that this is wrong. Bill knows he has issues and morals. Bill can respect that but he will not let it hurt his business. He will not say or do anything to compromise his property. Liam will do everything he can to stop Bill. Liam will not put Sally out of business. Liam used to respect Bill but this is not that. He lost perspective. There is nothing noble about what he is doing. Bill doesn’t want to hear another word. Liam is not going to keep his secrets anymore. Bill guesses he is not going to be loyal. Liam has a duty to protect the family. Liam demands that Bill take a leave of absence. Bill laughs. Liam says that he can either take a leave of absence or he will go to the police. Bill tells Liam he is fired and needs to get out of his building. Liam is not going anywhere. Bill is the CEO. Liam feels he has abused his power. He told that awful lie about Caroline dying. When that didn’t work then he committed a crime. He crossed his limit. Liam demands that Bill step down. Bill thinks this is his business. Liam doesn’t think anymore. They are entering a new era of Spencer with him at the helm.

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