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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/5/17


Written by Anthony

Bill begs Liam not to go through with this. Liam wishes he had gone to Thomas and Caroline the moment he found out that Caroline wasn’t sick. Caroline knows she should never have gone along with this. Bill says that this is enough. He hatched a plan to get Caroline back with Thomas. He would do it again with no regrets. Liam asks if he would have Spectra set on fire again. Bill never said that. Liam says he said it to his face in this room. Bill thinks that those are lies. Bill demands he tell them that none of this is true right now.

Sheila begs for Ridge and Quinn to do it. Charlie doesn’t think that they will. Sheila can see how close they are. They will kiss. Charlie doesn’t think that they need to. Those pictures might be damaging enough. Sheila thinks it is disgusting the way they look at each other.

Quinn admits that if she has to be stuck in an elevator she is glad it is with her best friend. Quinn admits she will be getting hungry really soon and that won’t be good news for him or anyone. Quinn wonders if anyone is paying attention around here. They both press it at the same time.

Sheila begs for Ridge to kiss Quinn. He knows he wants to. She demands that he kiss his father’s wife. Charlie thinks that this is going nowhere. It is time to let them out. Sheila decides when they get out.

Liam could lie and say he made a mistake. He isn’t going to do that though because it is not true. He is standing up for what is right. Justin walks in. Bill says that going forward all questions will be directed to his lawyer, who is so on top of things he didn’t even have to call him. Justin says he was by Liam. Liam asks if Justin wants to tell him. Justin explains that if Bill is under arrest then the president assumes the office. Liam will run this place fine while Bill is in jail. He will make some changes and steer the company into a better way. He will finally get the company involved in charity. Bill says he can enjoy this for however long it lasts. He tells the police to take him in. He wants to get back by the end of the day so he can undo whatever Liam does. Wyatt doesn’t think Bill understands. He is not coming back. Steffy thinks that he got caught. Baker guesses it happens to even the smartest of criminals. Liam will not let his family or legacy be run by a criminal. Liam is calling the shots and will be for a very long time.

Charlie attempts to press the button again but Sheila tells him not to.

Ridge knows what Quinn said earlier about missing him. He likes that. It was nice. Ridge misses who they were together. She is with Eric and that is all that matters. If they cannot be friends any more than so be it. Quinn thinks they can make the friendship work. They have a bond she doesn’t want to lose. She doesn’t want to see the bond he has with his father suffer anymore. She will help fix things with Eric. She just needs him to see that Eric needs to forgive him too. They are friends after all.

Sheila thinks that Ridge wants her so bad.

Bill decides he is not going anywhere. If they have questions they can ask them right here. He is not going to give Liam the opportunity to run this company for even one second. Baker wonder if Bill really confessed to Liam. Liam confirms that he did. Baker is afraid it way past simple questioning then. Bill thinks that Liam could me misinterpreting things. Sally says that for what it is worth, Bill has a history of attacking her company she will gladly testify to that. Bill thinks that Sally is the character witness. The case is closed. Baker has heard more than enough to warrant an arrest. Baker reads his rights. Bill screams that Bill do the right thing. Liam thinks that this is the right thing. Bill wonders if he realizes what Liam is giving up. Liam thinks that there is a new generation of Spencer now. A better one. Baker asks if Bill understands. Bill does. Bill asks if Liam thinks that he is better than him. The son that turned up out of nowhere. The computer geek that he tried to make better. Liam thinks he is better. Bill gave him the keys to the kingdom and this is how he repays him. He will not get away with it. Liam thinks he just did. Bill says that he is no son of his as he is escorted out. He screams for Liam not to do this… Liam is awoken from a day dream. Steffy asks in her office if Liam is really going to go through with this. It could go down just like that if he does. Bill could be hauled off and never forgive him. Liam thinks he deserves it. Steffy asks if he really wants to put Bill in jail or if he could go through with it.

Quinn asks how no one could hear them. Ridge is sure that someone is fixing it right now. Quinn is going to fix things with Eric. Ridge thanks her. Quinn needs him to fix things with Brooke. Ridge doesn’t want her to worry about him. Quinn asks how she cannot. Quinn screams for someone to open up. She begs for this to get moving.

Charlie pushes the button. Sheila asks what he is doing. Charlie thinks that is obviously as far as they are going to take it.

Quinn and Ridge leave the elevator. Quinn is going to go and find Ivy and let her know she is alive. Ridge is just going to let someone know about the elevator.

Charlie says that Ridge is almost here. She might want to hide. Sheila does. Ridge walks in and says that there is something wrong with the elevator. Charlie got the alert. He is sorry it took so long to get back here. Charlie thinks it was unfortunate timing with him and Quinn. Ridge asks who said anything about Quinn.

Caroline walks into Bill’s office. He tells her that she better not try to knock over his beautiful Skye again. Caroline came to say sorry. She may have thrown a bit of a tantrum. She says that Thomas is at Forrester and saying goodbye to Steffy. She cannot face Liam right now. Bill better not say anything.

Steffy doesn’t think it is worth losing his relationship with Bill over Sally. Liam doesn’t think it is just for Sally. It is for him. It is time his company isn’t just about greed and power. Thomas walks in. He wanted to say bye before he leaves. Thomas hopes that they got a chance to see Sally. He doesn’t know when he will be back. Steffy thinks it sounds like he is leaving permanently. Thomas thinks that being a family sounds right. He is grateful for the time they have together. Liam asks about Sally. Thomas is doing what he has to do and Sally knows that. Thomas wants to be here for her. He needs to be with his son. That is too important. Steffy asks him to text him when he lands. Liam wants him to wait a minute.

Ridge didn’t mention Quinn. Charlie doesn’t think he had to. Ridge needs him to call the company and have him look at it. Ridge leaves. Sheila thinks he almost gave it away. Charlie should have. Sheila needs Charlie to get ready for his next assignment. Sheila wants to show Eric the person that Quinn really is. Then finally after all these years she will be his wife again.

Caroline thanks Allison for watching Douglas. Allison had no problem with it. She tells Bill that CJ is on line two. Bill goes to answer the phone. Bill asks what he owes the pleasure. CJ wanted to speak about the property. Bill heard about the fire. He has finally convinced his mother to sell the property. Bill says he will transfer him back to Allison and they can see if they can work something out. CJ thanks him for his time.

Steffy thinks that Thomas has a plane to catch. This is Thomas’s choice. Thomas thinks that when it comes to his son and his mother that is the right thing. Steffy insists that it is his choice. Steffy says goodbye to Thomas. She closes the door. Liam asks why she stopped him. Steffy thinks he is happy. Steffy thinks the truth accomplishes nothing. She knows that Liam doesn’t want Bill in jail. Liam doesn’t but he went too far. Steffy knows but he is his father. She reminds him that Liam is a Spencer. Liam thought being his son meant something to him but now it isn’t alright. He wanted a clone to follow his orders. Liam cannot do that. He is not his father and never will be. Steffy wants him to do him. He needs to think long and hard though. He needs to do the right thing. She isn’t sure that Liam would be able to live with himself. Liam knows he has power for the first time in his life over his father.

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