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Written by Anthony

Steffy asks Liam in Bill’s office if he is really doing this. Liam thinks it is the right thing. Truth is always the right thing. Wyatt walks in saying he got Liam’s message. He wonders what is going on. Liam explains that some things need to be said. Wyatt assumes to him and he wonders if he needs to be nervous. Liam says it is about Bill. Wyatt wants to know what he has done now. Liam explains this is not going to be pretty. Caroline and Thomas walk in. Liam thanks them for coming. Caroline says that Liam didn’t really give them much of a choice. Liam thinks that they both need to be here for this. Bill walks in. He knows that it isn’t a surprise party because it isn’t his birthday. Caroline explains that Liam called them here. Bill sees. He wants to know what this is about.

Quinn takes a sip of tea at work and sits down at her desk. Ridge wants to know what is going on now. She is singing and smiling. Quinn explains that her husband is home and no one is shooting at her. Sheila has moved out. Ridge knows that is the best thing. Quinn feels that having Sheila out of her life is the best thing ever. She would dodge bullets every day of the week than see her again.

Charlie is looking at the security cameras. Charlies laughs at something he sees. Sheila walks over and asks if he sees anything interesting. Charlie demands to know how she got in here. Sheila wonders if he didn’t see her come in. Charlie asks if he can help her. Sheila never thought he would ask. Charlie reminds Sheila she is not supposed to be here. He knows she got the boot. Sheila says that he is going to help her get back in. She knows that Quinn still has feelings for Ridge. They are going to prove it.

Ridge hopes that Quinn is ok. Quinn thinks that with Sheila gone she is more than ok. Ridge means with Eric. Quinn thinks that she let things get out of control. She thanks Ridge for sticking up for her. His support means a lot. Ridge has no problem with it.

Liam feels that Bill knows what this is about. Bill is happy to have a private conversation with him. Sally walks in. She wants to know if she is late. Liam says he is right on time. Thomas asks what Sally is doing here and then asks Liam why she is a part of this. Bill says she is not and none of them are. So, they can get out. Liam says that this is all about Sally. It is also about Thomas, and Caroline. The lies his father tells. Sally asks if they are lies involving her. Bill tells Liam not to do it because he will regret it. Liam asks if Caroline wants to say it or should he. Liam tells Thomas and Sally that Caroline is not sick. She is not dying and she never was. Bill gives Liam a horrible look.

Charlie thinks that even if Quinn still has feelings, she is keeping them in check. Sheila doesn’t think that is fair to Eric. He has been through enough. He deserves so much better than Quinn. She feels that Charlie will help her get rid of Quinn.

Quinn has a second chance with Eric. She is not going to waist it worried about Sheila. Ridge is glad to hear that. Quinn suggests that he try to get another chance with Brooke. Ridge reminds her that Brooke is married to Bill. Quinn knows but he shouldn’t give up on what he loves in life. If he wants her then he should have her. She is living proof that you can have what you want.

Thomas wants to know if Caroline is not dying. Caroline starts to cry. Wyatt demands to know why they think Caroline is dying. Bill yells for everyone to get out. Bill wants Thomas and Caroline to stay. Caroline thinks it is over. Liam says that Bill wanted the land that Spectra is standing on so Bill thought that having Thomas out of town would make it easier. Sally thinks he has to be kidding. Bill says that he is and he is making fun of his cousin’s illness. Wyatt would like to know what is going on. Bill tells him to stay out of it. He is going to end up like his brother; jobless, homeless, and out of an inheritance. Steffy wants them to calm down for a moment. Thomas blows up. He is not going to calm down. He has been in New York. He left his job and girlfriend for his stupid tower. He thinks that Bill is a stupid Son of a Bitch. He left everyone when they needed him the most. Bill feels that his son needed him. Thomas thinks his son had him. He cannot believe Caroline went along with this. Caroline didn’t want to. She hated it. Thomas tells her to stop. This is insane. He cannot believe he is a part of this. He tells Sally he is sorry. Sally thinks it is all ok. Liam says it is not. It really is not ok. He tells Sally that his father went a lot further then they realize. Bill swears that he better not say anything else. Liam wants to know what else he has to lose. He is not going to stop until they know everything. Wyatt asks if there is really more. Liam tells them of course there is more. He says that Bill thought that shipping Thomas off to New York might take too long. So, he tried something more drastic. Bill tells them not to listen. Liam says that Bill wanted the property immediately. He wanted the building the night before her fashion show. Sally realizes what happened. She asks if he caused the fire. Wyatt assumed that was an accident. Liam doesn’t know. He asks Bill if it was.

Quinn shows Ridge something in a note book and says that this was kind of what she was thinking. Ridge thinks she gives good advice. Quinn thinks so. Ridge will not give up on Brooke. Regardless, of how unlikely he is to get her. Quinn wants to know why he would be unlikely. Quinn thinks that Brooke being married to Bill will work in his favor. He will shoot himself in the foot eventually. Quinn gets a text from Ivy. She is down in the supply room and there is a problem with a supplier who is blaming the entire thing on her. Ivy needs her bad cop. She thinks they make a good team. She just wants to know why she always gets to be the good cop. Ridge thinks she knows why. He suggests that he bring the co-CEO with her. Quinn thinks that is a good idea. She thanks him for everything.

Sheila doesn’t even think that Quinn and Ridge are hiding it. They are walking together. Charlie points out it is a business. They work here. Sheila sees they are waiting for the elevator together. Charlie knows every square inch of this building. There is no secret love nest. Sheila thinks they can stop the two of them before they do anything. Sheila suggests he stop the elevator. She stops it herself.

Ridge asks if Quinn is ok. Quinn says she is fine. Quinn pushes the alarm. Ridge suggests trying the call button.

Sheila tells him not to answer. Charlie asks what she is up to. Sheila doesn’t want them to get all them to get all the way to the steam room. They can betray Eric right her.

Sally reminds Liam that he was there with her when he found out the electrical wiring was bad. Liam knows it started out that way. He made the unfortunate choice to tell Bill about it and it inspired him. Thomas thinks people could get hurt. Sally wonders if he would really got that far just for some stupid building. Bill thinks it was a fire. They shouldn’t let Liam’s over active imagination get involved. Wyatt demands that he deny it then and say Liam is wrong. Bill doesn’t think that Liam has ever been more wrong in his life. Someone knocks on the door. Bill is glad that there are even more people here now. Bill asks if it is the granny or the tailor too choke him out. Liam opens the door to find Baker and two officers. Liam is glad that Baker got his message. Baker is intrigued and asks why he is here. Liam says to arrest his father. Steffy asks if he is sure. Baker wants to know on what charge. Liam explains arson. Bill is responsible for the fire at Spectra.

Ridge slams the door asking if anyone is there. Quinn pushes the alarm again. Quinn will call Ivy and let her know they are stuck. Quinn sees that there is no reception in the elevator. Ridge explains he left his phone on his desk. Quinn presses the alarm again.

Charlie doesn’t think they can do this. Sheila tells him to do nothing. He can tell Pam at any time what he did. She wants Charlie to just sit back and see why Quinn doesn’t deserve to be with Eric.

Quinn sits down. She thinks they are going to be here a while. Ridge guesses at least it is good company. Party in the elevator. Quinn thinks this is more like a forced break from work. Quinn thinks that this gives her a chance to say a few things. Quinn is grateful that Eric is back with her. She is not going to do anything to jeopardize that. She knows this will sound strange but she misses Ridge. Ridge asks if she does. Quinn misses their closeness. Keeping the secret was awful but it bonded them. They became friends.

Sheila thinks it is happening. Sheila gets out her phone. Charlie asks what she is doing. Sheila is gathering evidence.

Ridge doesn’t want to lose what they have. He will always be here for her.

Sheila begs Ridge to kiss Quinn like he has so many times before. It will be the kiss of death for her marriage.

Baker thinks that this is a very serious accusation. Bill thinks that Baker has to excuse his son. It seems he is still dealing with his concussion. Bill is sorry for wasting their time. Bill thinks to drag Baker in his delusions was not a good thing. Liam wants it to made clear that Bill admitted it. He said he had no regrets. He used the words fair play. Sally knows how much he wants the property. Thomas thinks that this is Bill Spencer convincing him that Caroline is dying. He believed it. He knew that he would want to be by Caroline’s side. Baker wonders if this is true. Caroline says it is unfortunately. Bill doesn’t think that has anything to do with arson. Baker feels that determining to make Spectra fail has a lot to do with it though. Baker wants to know what the reasoning was. Liam says that he wanted to put a skyscraper where Spectra stands. Bill never denied he did but to tie him to this unfortunate accident… Liam doesn’t think that anyone believed it was an accident. Bill cannot believe he gave Liam his name. Liam is proud to call himself a spencer. Just not the way that Bill calls himself a Spencer. Living by your own rules. He thinks that Bill worships that building. Liam feels that Bill is pathologically self-serving. He always hated it but pretended that it didn’t bother him. Liam doesn’t want to do this anymore. He thinks that Bill committed a crime and he deserves to pay. Baker asks if he is sure he wants to do this. Liam thinks that Bill is a liar. He used to be proud of this. He is embarrassed of him. He doesn’t have to worry though. While Bill is in prison he and Wyatt will rebuild this family and company. They will finally make the Spencer name mean something good. Baker asks if this is some disagreement between him and Bill. Liam confirms it is not. Baker wonders if he is prepared to testify against him. He asks if Liam understands the consequences. Liam does. Baker guesses they are taking Bill in. Bill begs Liam to fix this. He wants him to tell them that this is not true. He says please.

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