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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/1/17


Written by Anthony

Sally understands that Thomas is dealing with a lot because of Caroline. Now he has to deal with this. She needs him though and wants him to be back for good.

Steffy doesn’t doubt that Bill is a complicated man. Just when you think you have him figured out. Brooke wonders if Liam is at odds with Bill about something. Liam asks why she would say that. Steffy knows that just a minute ago, he said that Bill would have his skyscraper built and he said it wasn’t a sure thing. Brooke wants to know if Liam knows something she doesn’t.

Bill realizes that this has been hard on Caroline. Caroline feels that this has been eating her alive. Thomas cares about his family but the moment he heard about Sally he couldn’t jump on a plane fast enough. She feels that says a lot.

Liam just learned that nothing in life is for certain. Brooke is not sure what could stop Bill’s plans now. She knows that if CJ hadn’t let the building’s insurance get canceled. So unless something unforeseen happens the building is happening. Brooke knows that Bill is determined to get this building built. He is a good man. When it comes to business and making things happen he can be ruthless. Liam thinks that is an understatement.

Caroline isn’t sure what Thomas is going to do. Bill assumes she knows something considering that he was on a plane with her for hours. Caroline asks how Sally comes back from this. Bill knows that Sally rescues people from success. Caroline wants to know what happens next with the fire. Bill gets a big dustpan and fast tracks his project. Caroline wonders what happens if they want to build with the insurance money. Bill says they don’t have any insurance money. Bill asks why Caroline is looking at him like that. Caroline wonders if Bill knows more about the fire than he is letting on.

Saul asks Shirley if Thomas is still in there with Sally. Shirley thinks it is a good sign.

Sally doesn’t mean to pressure Thomas. It is just that she has missed him so much. She wanted to see him so badly. She knows it is so silly. Thomas doesn’t think so. The time he has had to spend with Caroline. It is only possible because of how Sally loves him. It is no shock that he fell in love with her.

Brooke realizes that Liam doesn’t always support Bill but she is his wife. Liam asks if that means she supports Bill no matter what he does. Brooke doesn’t think they have a marriage like that. Steffy doesn’t either. Brooke thinks it is a shame that the only reason the building is being built is because of a fire. It isn’t Bill’s fault though. Sally’s bad luck is Bill’s good luck. Brooke leaves.

Bill cannot believe that Caroline is seriously asking him that. Caroline knows that Sally cannot just rebuild. Bill knows she cannot but if Thomas jumps in to be a superhero… She better get over to that hospital. Caroline knows that Thomas still cares about Sally. Bill knows if they aren’t careful, Thomas could be nursing Sally and her nonexistent company back to health. Then where would they be. Caroline feels the better question is where they would be. Bill says that the building’s wiring was shot. It almost went up in flames when Liam and Jarret were there for a fashion preview. It is a miracle that it hadn’t happened already. Bill did not torture Spectra. He asks if she is satisfied.

Sally fell hard too. Even if they were the most unlikely couple. Sally jokes that she taught him everything he knows about fashion. The redhead with big dreams. Thomas doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with big dreams. Sally worked so hard on that collection. She didn’t even know she could do it. She kept hearing Thomas say she could though. Thomas suggests she could start over. Sally guesses that is if CJ hadn’t forgotten to pay the insurance bill. She has no money to start over unless Thomas is here to stay. Thomas reminds her that Caroline is dying. He has to be in New York with his son.

Liam just came so close to telling Brooke right now. Steffy knows. She saw. Steffy thinks that telling Brooke would complicate things. Liam asks how he is supposed to sit back and watch this. He cannot let Bill just get away with this, this time.

Bill says his hands are clean. He doesn’t want her bringing this up to anyone again. He thinks she needs to be focused on Thomas. She needs Thomas back on that plane. That has been the plan. To make sure that Thomas is fully committed. Then she will have her recovery. She needs to keep doing what she is doing a little while longer. Caroline asks what happens if she cannot. Bill says that Thomas will be lost to her forever. Bill asks if she can live with that.

Thomas wants to be there for her but there is so much going on with Douglas. His son is going to lose his mother. Sally knows but she needs him. She is scared about the future. She cannot bounce back from this. Her company is gone and even if she had the resources to rebuild she has nowhere to restart. Thomas suggests that she can keep sketching. It didn’t take away her drive and passion. She is Spectra fashions. Thomas believes that without a doubt. He has to believe that. Sally loves him so much. The two hug. Then then kiss one another. Thomas cannot stay. Sally understands.

Steffy does not condone what Bill did but he is Liam’s father. Liam thinks that people could have gotten hurt. Steffy doesn’t disagree but he is Liam’s father. He asks if Liam really wants to do this to Bill. He could go to jail for a long time. He asks if she really wants to hurt his relationship with Bill, Wyatt, and Will possibly forever.

Shirley and Saul walk into the hospital room. They saw Thomas leave. Saul assumes he is leaving for New York. Sally confirms he is. Shirley doesn’t understand why he would leave at a time like this. Saul doesn’t think it makes sense. Shirley thinks that there is something she is not telling them. Saul just wants to help her. Sally knows but Thomas needs to be with Douglas and Caroline right now. She doesn’t know when she will see him again and it hurts. It hurts so much. Shirley thinks it will be ok. Shirley hugs Sally as she cries.

Bill is not forcing Caroline to go through with this. He is just asking if she is going to or if she isn’t. Thomas walks in with Douglas. Thomas asks if Caroline has the bag of wipes. Caroline does. Thomas is going to take care of this. Caroline wonders how Sally is. Thomas thinks she is good but Spectra is not he has never seen Sally like this. It is like her whole world is crashing in on her. He feels like she really needs her. He isn’t though. He is going back to New York with Caroline and Douglas. Caroline wonders if he is sure. Thomas thinks they could get back to the airport. Bill needs a moment alone with his niece. Thomas will see her downstairs. They leave. Bill thinks that Thomas wants to be with her. Thomas is going home with her and her son. Caroline doesn’t think that this charade is her. She is not Bill. Bill is not twisting her arm. Caroline thinks that this is manipulation. Caroline says that this is what it has been about from the beginning. It is all about this damn sky scrapper. She storms out.

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