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Written by Anthony

Steffy thanks Liam for driving her to work. Liam says that is fine. She asks if she will see him after work. She just doesn’t know what time she will be. Liam isn’t sure she can go to work today. Liam wants to hang out here. It just was weird seeing Sally in the hospital. Steffy knows that Liam doesn’t want to talk about it. She has a feeling though that he thinks Bill is responsible for the fire at Spectra. Liam knows he was because he told him.

Bill is on the phone. He cannot believe what one of his employees wrote about the fire. Bill says he is sorry to Brooke. He thinks that some mornings just start out this way. He kisses Brooke. Bill thinks that is better. Brooke thinks that this is big news. Bill thinks that a new energy drink or a rainy day makes news. No one is going to miss Spectra. Brooke knows that the Spectra’s will she imagines.

The doctor has Sally breathe for her. She thinks it sounds good. She wonders how the cough is. Sally claims it is gone. Shirley feels that she is lying. Sally says it is mostly gone. Sally asks if she can go home today. The doctor thinks that is fine but no going back to work. Shirley needs a miracle now. Thomas walks in with flowers. He asks what hurts. Sally says nothing now. The two hug each other.

Steffy is shocked that Bill committed arson. Liam thinks someone he hired did the job but yes. Steffy knows it was an electrical fire. Liam is sure that he got the idea for it. Liam says that that no one knows any better. Rick, Ivy, and Maya all walk in. Rick wants to know about the fire. Ivy heard that there was nothing left. Steffy says that Sally was lucky. Maya doesn’t think that Sally is her favorite person but this doesn’t seem fair. Rick thinks this is either karma or bad luck.

Bill is on the phone with Allison. She wants to know if he wants to send flowers to Sally. Bill doesn’t even know the woman. Bill tells her that Jarret can send his own damn flowers. Brooke sees that they don’t have insurance. Bill thinks that CJ is a half-whit. Brooke thinks it is hard to imagine that they will ever get back to business.

Thomas thinks that smoke damage is serious. Sally says that the doctors think she will be fine. Darlita thinks her hair still smells like smoke. Shirley thinks this was horrible but if it brought him home. Saul asks if he really is home. Sally wants to know if he brought her anything. Thomas says that he wonders if she could fit it in her pocket. Sally doesn’t know. Thomas says it is his love.

RJ tells everyone that Coco’s sister says that Sally will be discharged today. Rick guesses that settles if they are still sending a gift basket. Maya thinks they can send something to the home. Rick wonders what the card will say, “sorry for your loss?” Steffy thinks that “get will soon” will be good enough. Ivy wonders if the insurance will cover the rebuild. Steffy doesn’t think so. Liam says that CJ expected to sell the building so he never renewed the insurance. Maya guesses this is a total disaster for them then. Rick asks if they should be looking for someone to sue. Liam says it was an electrical fire.

Bill wants to know what difference it would make if Thomas here. Unless, the Forrester’s can withstand fire. Brooke knows that Thomas has resources and connections. He could probably set up shop somewhere else. Brooke thinks this is a human crisis. Caroline walks in. She says that Allison told her that he wasn’t busy. Bill thinks that Allison knows better than to say that. Caroline points out that she said that too. Brooke thinks that Douglas is so big. Caroline thinks that her being in town is a little up in the air right now. Thomas did come with her though. Brooke thinks that is nice. Brooke has to get going for work. Brooke is sure that Steffy would love to see him. Brooke leaves. Caroline thinks it is so nice to have someone treat her like she is not dying. Bill wants to know what she is doing here. Caroline explains that Thomas insisted. Bill doesn’t think this was part of the plan. Caroline doesn’t think that Spectra burning down was either. Caroline thinks that her terminal illness is fake and Sally’s injuries are real. She cannot keep Thomas away from her. He deserves so much better from her.

Thomas thinks that Sally will be just fine. Shirley explains that Sally was just about to go right into the designs. Shirley is so glad he is back. Coco suggests that Thomas and Sally might want some time alone. They all leave. Sally is not crying. Sally thinks that she is happy. Even, when everything she worked for and hoped for, at least she could think she still had Thomas.

Ivy realizes that all the people at Spectra are unemployed now. Rick guesses it is a real shame. Maya suggests they could hire some of their models. Steffy could hire some of their seamstresses. Rick thinks that people want to work. Brooke walks in. Maya says that she might want to brace herself if she hasn’t heard the news. Brooke says that Bill told her this morning. Ivy knows that Bill tried to buy that building. Brooke says that Caroline and Thomas are in town. Brooke can only guess where Thomas is right now.

Bill thinks that Douglas is a cute kid. Bill thinks that Douglas has a room filled with Will’s toys. Caroline wants her miracle cure already. She wants to be declared better. Bill finds it too soon. Caroline will tell him she lied. Bill asks how she plans to go along with that. She will lose Thomas and possibly Douglas. Death is a fact of life. Most people only get one shot at it. She is getting a chance to rehearse.

Thomas says that Caroline has good and bad days. She is emotionally not there though. Sally asks if Caroline seems depressed. Thomas says that Caroline doesn’t want to tell her mom’s about the diagnoses. It just means he is the only one out there for her. Sally thinks that is a lot to put on him. She is not trying to criticize her. Thomas wishes that Sally wouldn’t have ran into a burning building. Sally didn’t see the fire from the outside. They were ready for the show and happy. It wasn’t until they got off the elevator that they saw anything. She watched her designs go into flames right in from of her. This was supposed to be the fashion show that made her fortune. Now she doesn’t see a way forward. At least she couldn’t until he walked through the door.

Liam asks how Bill’s spirits are this morning. Brooke thinks that Bill was hardly heartbroken about the fire. Steffy doesn’t think it is shocking that CJ didn’t pay the insurance. Brooke doesn’t think this would have happened if CJ let him buy the building. Steffy guesses he gets to have his tower after all. Brooke thinks that this happiness Bill has won’t last long.

Bill wants to know what is going on with Thomas. Bill asks if Thomas has talked about moving back. Caroline says not to him. She doesn’t know about Sally.

Sally can sign her discharge papers at any time. The nurse says the doctor doesn’t want her to leave until they know her breathing is alright. Thomas could leave if she wants. Sally wants to ask him a question. She asks if he is back. She admires what he is doing for Caroline and Douglas. She was already in love with her. He now has an extra luster though. Sally wants to know how many men would have done what he has. Sally doesn’t think it is fair to answer another question with another question. Sally tries not to have expectations when it comes to him. Sally cannot help but think that he has been her champion. Keeping her out of jail even though that is exactly where she belongs. Or battling Bill Spencer on her behalf. She asks if that all changed when he left. She had her health. She hates to sound needy but she is. She needs to know if Thomas is back.

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